By: Richard F. Masker, Conspiratologist, uSA, Inc.

September 12, 2005 Coeur d’Alene, Idaho Republic

In the early 1950’s the FBI raided several Jewish led Communist cell groups on the East Coast of the United States. In the office safes they discovered priority terror lists of 32 Socialist objectives to be accomplished by Jewish Supremacists and their Gentile Stooges who had been planted in top positions in our new “Liberal” Zionist occupational government.... things such as relinquishing the Panama Canal, promoting massive U.S. racial /civil unrest, rioting and lootings, debauching the Nations youth and promoting foreign wars, etc.

During my early conspiratology research years (1970’s) I read these lists with great interest and it became very clear to me how to identify the subversive hand of Jewish Communism around the world.

Now the year is 2005 and I will attempt to make a new and simple updated list for the young Conspiratological Investigators of today.

If you have ever wondered why your grandparents and most of the modern world has hated and despised Jewish Communism, here is the answer. By these 25 deadly fruits ye shall know them and their terrorist stooges. This variety of truth is very difficult for most persons to accept.

Remember that the Jews have long determined that to build a new society (social, cultural and economic racial order) on a new foundation, they must first destroy by subversion, propaganda, bloody violence, Jewish Racism and financial revolution the old society which they design to replace. To accomplish this they have become the very masters of deceit, disguise and deception. They are the vaudeville deadly parasitic masters and have learned to “Blend In” to their host populations. From a Law Enforcement perspective, I have listed here the main M.O.’s (Methods of Operation) used by this special “Chosen” predatorial people. In their own writings the Jews proudly and arrogantly admit to these crimes against international humanity.

Let us imagine for the next few minutes that you are a Jewish Supremacist and you are following your handy dandy reference manual for “Jewish Unconventional Warfare Techniques.”

The following 25 methods are only the basics of the Jewish Zionist New World Order subversion. It is easy to verify this conspiracy when one simply looks around at our society, examines its history, news and total insanity then you can fill in the details for yourself. Be not afraid!

Keep in mind that today Zionist Treason Governs America. Our people are being totally controlled by and International Race of psychopathic criminals and pathological liars. This control is conducted by a process called Ancient, Asiatic, Subversive, Gradualistic unconventional warfare. So the hour is late and the time is NOW for action by courageous persons regardless of their ethnic/racial origins. Conspiratologists are NOT hateful Anti-Semitic Racists, we are simply Master Educators and “Truth Mongers” and we have a multi-ethnic Gentile world to politically deprogram.

“Now for something totally different” lets pretend that you’re a genuine Jewish Supremacist activist and this is what your Manual tells you:


1. Gain total control of all banking and money by establishing our own (Jewish controlled) central “Federal Reserve” Banking System, (The FED). At the same time devalue by inflation and then deflation the established existing “Lawful Money.” Replace gold and silver with worthless paper currency and instruct our own banksters to hoard the precious metal for ourselves for when our tyrannical New World Order is established among the Gentiles Goyim cattle.

2. Along with this, a deadly new “Income Tax” code must be secretly passed that confiscates the labor and wealth of the Gentile “strangers” with ruthless and shameful efficiency. Gentile Goyim must be hired and trained to operate and enforce, under Jewish Illuminati supervision, a new tax code that rules the “Human cattle” through rigid fear and hateful intimidation. The Old dejur Constitution is to be secretly incorporated and rendered useless under our new corporate Defacto law. The subversive power of our fictional “Strawman” will allow us to put all finance under absolute Jewish Corporate Law. The Marxist Communist Manifesto is to be fulfilled in totality.

3. Use our own newly created wealth of the nations to purchase and secretly control all elements of communications, such as Radio, Television, Newspapers, Magazines, Satellite Computer Networks, etc. With this control we will maintain an absolute iron fisted complete dominance over all entertainment, news, education, science, Religion etc. After we have mastered absolute control over the World Wide Web, then the global mentality of nations will be solidly in our subversive, totalitarian hands.

4. With the Money and Media under our Jewish subversive domination, we can then take total control of Politics, Police, Military, Foreign Policy and the Environment. Law Enforcement and the Courts must be one of our first and highest priority targets for ruthless control. With it, all opposition can be silenced. Our corrupt corporate Puppet Judges and Attorneys can swiftly punish and destroy the anti-Semite Haters and awakened White American Racist Patriots. We will place our fellow Jews and our paid Shabees Goyim in every position of Education, Banking, Commerce, Law Enforcement and political influence possible. The top leadership in government must be in our hands. We must always operate in total secrecy so that the Goy never discovers our treason operating from behind the scenes.

5. Begin a global propaganda program to condition the masses to mentally accept those subversive causes we promote. Example: Liberalism, Socialism, Feminism, Gay Rights, Diversity, Religion, Multiculturalism, Spiritualism, Supernaturalism, Occultism, UFOism, Satanism, Affirmative Action, Social Security welfare, Firearms legislation etc. Always use the “Big Lie Propaganda” technique. The Goyim are so stupid they will believe anything we pound into them. Use every method possible to weaken, degenerate and destroy the existing White Western Civilization without the Goyim animals ever awakening and fighting back. Use the old “divide and conquer” method by setting up a two party political system. Blacks against Whites, Gays against Straights, Liberals against Conservatives, Catholics against Protestants, etc. We have perfected the Hegelian Carrot on the stick propaganda routine to a high degree of effectiveness. Make sure that everyone hates Jews to prevent the masses from awakening to the fact that Jews created the myth of Christianity as a subversive (love all humanity) weapon to destroy White Gentiles. Rely on Jewish, Soviet Psycho-politics - today known as Political Correctness (PC) - to act as our cornerstone for the subversive use of massive propaganda. Always remember our subversive motto: “By way of deception thou shalt do war.” Aryan total Genocide is our goal and White Northern European extinction guarantees our victory.

6. With the Media under our control, we can then begin a propaganda hate campaign to attack any particular racial or political class that could prevent us from accomplishing our Jewish conspired One World Socialist Government called the New World Order. In the case of the “Jewish International,” we Jews have selected the White, Northern European, Gentile Race for selective extinction as mentioned above. This is the race that has the most intelligence, aggressiveness, resources and sense of responsibility to stop our one-world plans. Combined with this is the matter of establishing the modern “Welfare State.” We know that the loyalty and support of the masses will not come to us by moral support, so we can only purchase their loyalty by establishing the Social Security “Privilege contractual consent agreement.” Everything under our new corporate UCC Constitution must be by consent of the enslaved Goyim. Besides, the masses though fear, will never bite the welfare hand that feeds and cares for them. We must become their “Uncle Sam-stein” security blanket.

7. Establish our own global Crypto-spy and espionage network called the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), also the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) along with the Israeli Mossad (Israel’s Secret Service). By this time we will have infiltrated and politically controlled the “New Zionist Occupational Government” (ZOG) to the extent that all Law Enforcement such as the FBI, CIA and local County, City and State Police are under our PC propaganda control. These agencies will support our liberal and subversive objectives because of the enormous subversive and all pervasive envelope of our global fear and “Terrorism” propaganda campaign that will dominate society. We will always rule the Gentile with our money and by abject fear.

8. Institute global wars to decimate the White populations and weaken and empty the enemy’s national treasury. Make sure that our Marxist paid political stooges in positions of leadership “borrow” enormously from our Jewish Banksters to put their Nations in outrageous debt to us. Ensure that our controlled, White Gentile countries like America and England always use their technology, blood and money to conduct wars against our deadly Arab and Gentile enemies in the Middle East, to protect and safeguard our holy Israel. Wars are also a money making endeavor, so use our Arms Industries wisely.

9. At this time we should secretly subvert the Aryan Constitution and place the masses under a new and subversive, contractual, defacto, Corporate (commercial) Constitution called the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code). Now their new Fictional Nation will be totally governed by corporate law and not one person in a million among them will ever smell a Jewish Conspiracy or suspect a thing. The Common Law of personal rights will be replaced with corporate “Strawman” and debt usury privileges under our domination by consent or by conquest of the ZOG governed. It does not matter which. If undetected, Jewish Zionism will always triumph in the end.

10. Destroy or control all means of free speech. Pass “anti-Hate Laws” to silence all criticism of our subversive activities. Declare “Anti-Semitism” and “Holocaust Denying” a crime and then pass legislation to punish offenders. Make “Holocaust Denying” an international crime and “Anti-Semitism” a social blasphemy punishable by imprisonment and heavy fines. Never allow any form of Jewish criticism to exist in Goyim society. Always promote pornography, filth and smut but use every method imaginable to censor and control the “World Wide Web” Internet. Control “Free Speech” on a global scale by our United Nations crime syndicate authority and police actions. With our control of the Courts and our traitorous purchased politicians we will make reporting our crimes against universal humanity a crime in and of itself. We will disguise these laws under “Civil Rights” protection. We will organize “Human Rights” subversive organizations on a global scale to confound the Goy and bring them to our socialist enslavement cause.

11. Breakdown age old social mores against racial destruction, such as promoting abortion within our targeted group. Have our paid, traitorous politicians pass legislation to make abortion, same sex marriage, miscegenation and mix race adoptions legal. We have made enormous strides in regulating and controlling the sexual behaviors and laws of our enemies. Always target White society, they are our most dangerous enemies if awakened from their slumber. To destroy our most deadly White enemies genetically means their extinction is forever.

12. Destroy the youth of the targeted nations by promoting all forms of drug addiction, Jewish versions of Sex Education, educational “Anti-Racist” White Hate propaganda, Pornography, Homosexuality and sex perversion on television, movies and in magazines, etc. Start the propaganda at a very early stage in their development with innocent looking children’s programming. Use every means to pervert and devolve the targeted White Gentile youth society. This is a very high priority issue for our global movement.

13. We will be the leading promoters of adult and child pornography, perversion and filth in every form of communications and education, such as magazines, video’s, DVD’s, CDs, movies, etc. We must be relentless at White social devolution without getting caught at it. Always stay hidden and obscure.

14. Destroy the genetic intellectual creativity of the White enemy population by promoting gross interracial breeding through Pluralism, Rape, Miscegenation, Racial Diversity and forced Multiculturalism. Never allow the Whites to promote eugenics by White Nationalism, selective breeding such as Sperm Banking and “Master Race Eugenic Technology.” Only use these super techniques among our own “Chosen” Jewish racial nationalistic community. Jews must always breed up and never down among the Goyim, degenerate animals. Hollywood is our most profitable breeding grounds. Remember how mountains are eroded low, “Little drops of water and little grains of sand, run away together and destroy the land.” By this gradualistic reality we can devolve the nations of the Gentiles slowly and profitably.

15. In support of item 13 above, sponsor all avenues of Non-White child adoption among the White population, while opening up their boarders to hordes of non-White foreigners. Flood their nations with non-White, alien peoples who will hasten racial miscegenation, rioting, chaos, welfare, anarchy, revolution and White, genetic extinction. Take advantage of every natural and man-made catastrophe to relocate massive numbers of non-Whites into established all White communities. This will bring White society to a state of highly accelerated, final and total racial and genetic destruction.

16. Create social and economic stresses that will promote less White marriages and the breeding among the more productive White populations. Just the reverse will occur among the less responsible and intelligent non-Whites. Instill highly effective barriers against healthy White families and wholesome relationships between White men and women. Massive divorce through sexual perversion, drug and alcohol abuse, low employment and financial oppression is our major goal in destroying mainly all-White families.

17. Create organizations and movements that will alienate and polarize White men and women. Flood the nation with demonizing harsh Anti-White man propaganda and condition the non-White populations to look down on and hate Whites as Devil like and degenerate exploiters of humanity. “Kill Whitey” must be the battle cry of the endless hoards of non-Whites. While at the same time always place non-Whites in authority positions over Whites and enhance their image to be on par or above that of Whites. In Cinema and advertisements, make sure that Negroes or other non-Whites are superior leaders, doctors, crime fighters, politicians, sensitive lovers, educators, etc.

18. Build high level and wealthy organizations such as the Bilderberg, Club of Rome, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, etc., to act as a Gentile diversion, focusing away from the true subversive, Jewish Conspiracy leadership organizations such as the World Jewish Congress, (WJC), The Jewish Anti-Defamation League (ADL), etc. Everything we do must be conducted in solid secrecy and outside the knowledge and vision of the gullible Gentile masses.

19. Develop a solid wall of “Orwellian double speak” or “Politically Correct” terminology. Always accuse our enemies of doing to us (Jews) what we are actually and secretly doing to them. The terms Racists, Bigots, Hate Mongers, Neo-Nazis, Fascists, Anti-Semites, Holocaust Deniers, etc., can always be used to silence our enemies by using slander in our “Controlled Mass Media.”

20. The advertising industry must be in our hands. Advertising is a very powerful and dynamically useful instrument in invading the television households with our constant, subliminal, “Big Lie” propaganda, subversive message. The simple and innocent minded purchasers will never suspect a thing until long after it’s too late to complain about anything. Goyim are easy to manipulate, gullible, and stupid animals.

21. Use every means of The Law, force, intimidation, extortion, bribery, threats, violence and propaganda to stifle and oppress our awakened and creative patriotic, vocal enemies. “You can fool some of the people all the time and all the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time,” so we must be highly skilled at dealing with those pesky few when their voices are heard among and above the masses. This is where our control of the Media, Law Enforcement and the courts is highly useful to our global, subversive aggression. Again, silence all opposition by whatever means necessary, but never get caught at it in the process. Always direct the blame back upon the Gentiles.

22. Keep our many Jewish film producers busy in the process of dehumanizing White culture and racial /social mores. Make multitudes of blood and guts filthy smut movies with ample amounts of horror themes, violence and degraded perverse sex and killing. Always make killing White women acceptable and priority number one. Always portray White Men as the evil, Anti-Semitic, racist, dirty, unshaven, immoral, foul mouthed, dull and simple-minded predators of all non-White, totally innocent humanity, especially in advertising commercials. Just as with the children, White men must be brought to low self-esteem and devoid of aggressive pride. This is our first priority procedure for destroying our enemy’s warrior class. We must do everything possible to break down honored and cherished White cultural/heritage beliefs such as protecting and honoring White Women and Race, maintaining the sacredness of the dead and elderly, securing natural realistic beliefs and holding marriage and children as the foundation of a racially pure and morally superior society. Drain the White society of all traces of Honor, Kindness, Charity, Chastity, Benevolence and love for one another. All this must be destroyed. It must be replaced with anarchy, obscenity and vulgarity, occultism, genuine hate, chaos, superstition, miscegenation, Satanism, Religious Fanaticism, and violent, bloody, social revolution, etc. Leave no stone unturned that could undermine and weaken the White Northern European Goyim society. Only after this is achieved can we enslave the non-White working animals and usher in a new and glorious era of pure Racist, Jewish Supremacism under the international banner of our ruthless and global, New World Order totalitarian regime.

23. Overwhelm the Gentile populations with massive quantities of Junk chemical foods, alcohol and medicines. Our Doctors and scientists are developing all manners of biological, chemical and radioactive poisons to cull the flock to weaken and kill our Goyim enemies. Population control by famine, disease, Fluoridation, plagues; wars and terrorism are paramount in our New World Order objectives. By these many methods we can exterminate our enemies by the millions while our people are seldom exposed. With proper advertising and marketing techniques, the enemy will gleefully poison themselves and their children to death and make, under our design and engineering, their hellish society vulnerable to our wide range of ills and diseases. Use every means to discourage the use of vitamins and good nutritional supplements. Just as we have done since Babylonian times we can conquer our enemies through devalued nutrition. By this method we can control the very minds and bodies of our host populations. A slow grinding away at their numbers will eventually destroy their total racial existence.

24. Always flood the propaganda machine with multitudes of Pro-Zionist enriching images. Never allow Jews or our sacred Israel to be vilified or demeaned in any fashion. Establish our own organizations to “hunt down” and punish Anti-Semites and Neo-Nazis. Keep our prosecutions on schedule so our propaganda will always be seen and heard by the Goy masses. Make sure that Anti-Semitism is always present among the targeted host nations. Above everything else, if we are to continue to proclaim that we are “God’s Chosen,” we must maintain our false image of being the most persecuted holy people. We must pretend also that we are the most kind and innocent Race on Earth.

25. Lastly, we must establish and maintain a government and media of absolute fear. By the power of our “Great Destructive Idea” we will inhibit each awakened personal conscience among the Goy to fear swift and sure retaliation against them for even the slightest slip of the tongue or action against us. To say or do anything to expose our will to rule and control society will bring immediate and fearful sanctions by their employer. They will be conditioned to fear alienation by their religious congregation, Church and even their “God.” They will fear our all-pervasive media. They will fear their own parents, family members and friends. They will fear fellow students, teachers and our liberal Educational Systems. They will fear snitches and informers in their communities and at work who can report to our Zionist terrorist ADL/JDL and other Jewish watchdog organizations. They will fear our spy’s in every walk of life. They will fear our corporate legal Police State system and our courts and judges. They will fear our new comprehensive “Hate Crimes Legislation.” They will learn to fear all liberal police and military authorities. We will rule these global cowardly animals by pure Zionist fear. Only the very racially loyal, honorable, wise, responsible and courageous risk takers among them will challenge our wrath. These are the enemies we must directly concentrate our destructive energies against.

These are the methods we will use to subdue the Earth and its treasures. This we will do, using the sacred code of our fathers who have ruled generations of Gentile Goyim before us for over 3000 years. By way of these 25 methods the future destiny of the world is in our hands.


This is only a very brief outline of the basic methods and mentality of demonstrated International Jewish, Zionist, Marxist, Communist, Illuminist and Politically Correct control of the masses. Remember, that to a Jew there are only two types of humanoid animals on the earth, the true “Chosen” human Jews themselves and the global “Strangers“ or the damnable Gentile population, the “Goyim” cattle or “beasts of the field.” Be brave, read the Jewish Talmud and understand it’s true subversive and religious meaning. Remember that the vast majority of world Jewry are Atheists. The Jewish religion is called Judaism.

Now back to the reality of NOT being a Jew. Always stay loyal to your White Aryan Nationalist cause, fight the good battle and never EVER give up. Here’s to the best of luck in your research and your eternal struggle ahead. If you verify that there are any deceptions or non-truths in this article please contact me and I will gladly correct them at once.

Check out the priority reading list at our website. Start your education NOW to become a Law Enforcement / Military Consultant. You will discover that being a super-educated Conspiratologist criminal investigator, political deprogrammer and lecturer is challenging and highly rewarding. Totally avoid any forms of violence or unlawful activities, but don’t forget “White Pride - World Wide.” Always be a positive brave example among humanity. To all of you budding Conspiratologists, many happy trails of discovery and adventure.


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