It is no surprise why the vast numbers of Jewish media controllers and their broadcast media networks are flooding America daily with solidly anti-Nazi, anti-Arab and anti-White European HATE propaganda. The powerful liberal Judeo/Marxist and Neo-Bolshevik instruments of propaganda which they control are sensing the explosive rise of awareness of the multicultural grass-root masses to their most deadly and darkest keep secret in conspiratorial modern times, the commercial enslavement and collateralization of all humanity under the Jewish criminal New World Order global governance extortion and enslavement racket.

The victims of World Jewry and their NWO plan are awakening in enormous numbers, especially after the recent Israeli planned 9-11 USA, D.C. Federal Zone (ZOG - Zionist Occupational Government) terrorist attack against the World Trade Center. The Zionist controlled media around the world are attempting to keep the masses brainwashed and pacified by massive doses of constant pro-Israeli, and pro-Marxist diversionary propaganda. This is also the reason why the administrators of the Zionist D.C. Federal Zone are now planning another Mossad directed war against “Terrorism” and all anti-Israel nations that won’t submit to Jewish domination.

So what does all this have to do with global, commercial mass enslavement you ask? The answer to that is that the secret nature of the Jewish applied laws of commerce as encapsulated in the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) is now exposed to the public. The avenue of awakening of the “Useless Eaters” (or the Gentiles) to the most deadly and destructive enslavement conspiracy on earth has now been accomplished by way of the Aryan created International Internet. Now with the cracking of the commercial code in cyber-space, the masses are forced to face the deadly truth behind the World Jewish Conspiracy in real-time reality.

The following is a quick thumb-nail sketch of how it works in America.

The Global Jewish Banking System gets control of America by way of gross indebtedness and then threatens foreclosure on the legitimate de jure National Republican Government. When the government can’t pay back the loan on time, the Kosher Banking syndicate proposes a special “New Deal” and such a deal it is. The parasites then demand a congressional legal maneuver to secretly accept all the human population and their future generations (children) of the “host” nation as collateral against the newly bankrupted nation. All the citizen flesh and blood working bodies, their labor and mental future creative productivity, along with the billions collected in tax revenues are planned out and confiscated by the world Jewish Tribe of “Gentile-herders.'

All this Gentile genocide conspiracy is accomplished by using the parents and their new born babies’ Birth Certificates as property receipts and collateral, then issuing government warehouse inventory serial numbers - Social Security Numbers. These newly born “Securities” then become non-negotiable instruments that are traded among the Chosen Tribe as valuable global “In-House” currency. All lawful money (gold and silver) currency is confiscated from the slaves and only newly printed “Paper Debt Certificates” are issued as Federal Reserve Notes, or “Legal Tender” which is fiat monopoly money and now our Constitutional Republic has been turned into a corporational de facto fictionalized “Federal Government Dictatorship.”

A fictional corporation can only conduct commerce with another artificial fictional entity and “instrument,” so, for the Alien Banksters to conduct business with you or your new born child, they have chosen to create a “Straw Man” corporate third party dummy middle man to act in your behalf with you as its surety. This creature of commerce is created out of nothing, just like the phony paper money. Now you know why your government created war-name is in all CAPITAL LETTERS. This is not you, but your Straw Man that they are dealing with. As a real life, red blooded, breathing human being, they can’t touch you, but they can criminalize your Straw Man every day of YOUR life, and you pay your Straw Man's penalties.

The finishing touches on this deadly criminal act is that their servants, the criminal “Law Makers” or (Shabees Goyim Gentiles) develop what is called the “Law of Presumption” to allow them to legally “Presume” that you and your child are “Chattel Property” that belongs to them, that is, until you wake up to the scam and rebut it in law. Again, remember, that your Straw Man is their everlasting surety or debtor and the ZOG is the eternal creditor. The Jews and their Gentile Servant creditor always win, and you, the legal Gentile slave debtor, always lose. This is all done under “Color of Law” and under “Legal Presumption” (invisible contracts) without your knowledge or consent. This is what makes this scam a total criminal fraud.

Are you starting to get the picture Mr. and Mrs. America?

Recently congressional Representative James Traficant spilled the beans in congressional session and is now serving time in the ZOG prison for “Truth Mongering.” Read his speech at www.conspiratology.com under Special Articles. Also, go to www.the-patriot.org or www.bbcoa.com/users/crimebusters . The really hot site for learning is www.jewwatch.com.

The authors of the new book “Cracking the Code” have discovered that for the “Goyim,” you and I, there is a very powerful recovery or remedy to this system of deception and criminal Gentile enslavement. It is called “Redemption-in-Law.” This is the big news that is sweeping the world by way of the non-Kosher controlled Internet. This is the “Good News” that is scaring International Jewry half to death.

A quick comment about the word “Goyim” - In ancient times before gold or silver coins were invented and used as a commercial medium of exchange, or “money,” the people of Europe used cows as a measure of wealth and exchange. This was called a “Pecuniary Interest” because Pecuniary means cows. Now you know why the Jews call Gentiles “Goyim” because in Yiddish, Goyim means “Cattle.” To the Jewish New World Order gangster cartel, the globe is inhabited by billions of “Goyim Cattle” or Chattel Property to be herded, bought and sold, milked, butchered and used on the Commodity exchange. Welcome home, Folks.

So, there you have it. The Judeo/Marxist “Democratic” liberal system has confiscated YOU as debt redemption property (Maritime Booty,) but under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) you can go back and redeem your Straw Man and take total control of him once again. You can also legally redeem (reclaim) your Birth Certificate and Copyright your family name. This means you can reclaim your Constitutional Rights and privileges under Historical Common Law which you/we all lost under conspiratorial deceit by way of the War Powers Act of 1933. This is the Crack in the Code that the Chosen Tribe are terrified that you will discover.

You have now been introduced to the NEW KNOWLEDGE, or the dreadful 'Good News' that is sweeping the Nation over the Internet. Now that you have been warned, warn your neighbor. Be strongly advised that now is the time to educate yourself, get positively involved, and get prepared for the potentially deadly future that is rapidly approaching our “Global Village.” Remember that the enemies of our people are not going to sit on the fence or lay down and play dead. They have unspeakable counter measures planned in the event we should discover that their TREASON GOVERNS AMERICA. This is the enormously bounding power surge that is behind the wave of massive Anti-Semitism that is coming down the pike. All of this is having deadly and catastrophic ramifications for our society. This conspiracy has turned our beautiful, tiny little blue planet into a genuine Jewish created penal and slave colony. The time for action is now and the hour is late.

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