By: Richard F. Masker, Conspiratologist

Attention to all Government agents, Politicians and Law Enforcement!

The World global Internet has now firmly established that the time is NOW to throw-off your mantle of treason and security and go to battle for your own people, the American People. Your damnable PC treason must stop RIGHT NOW!!

The entire WORLD is now awakening to the massive crimes against global humanity by International Jewish Supremacism and the criminal State of Israel, the American Politicians and all intimidated Law Enforcement of “The West.” Zionist Treason Governs America and the world knows that to be a real and actual fact of subversive warfare.

This Association is only one of hundreds of free speech voices around the world that are demanding that our Zionist / Mossad/ ADL intimidated and controlled politicians allow Schaffer, Philpott, Smith, Preisser, Griffin and hundreds more, to testify against the treasonous 9-11 commission. We demand to hear from the “Able Danger” witnesses and Sibel Edmonds, in full public disclosure.

This concerned, kind and loving advice is that you DO IT NOW before the angry global revengeful mob demands it of you. Get my drift?

At this point our Zionist Jewish Supremacist Controlling (Neo-Con) Political leaders in Washington have been directly responsible for the willful murder of over 100,000 innocent Iraqi civilians; have allowed the deaths of over 2500 American Troops; have invaded sovereign foreign Nations at will with impunity, with Syria, Iran, Jordan being next; and have continued to lie and deceive the entire White Western World with a phony fabricated propaganda war against “Islamic Global Terrorism” all at the subversive demands of the tiny “Jewish State” of Israel by Ariel Sharon, the real “Butcher of Beirut” who is the military Intelligence front hit- man for the Zionist New World Order Government. If this crime by the Jews is allowed to continue, Israel will have us subdue all the Moslem Nations surrounding Israel, so they can run their planned oil pipeline straight to Kuwait to supply their New World Order Government in the near future. Remember that the real brains of this enormous conspiracy, the World Jewish Congress, is never mentioned by our Jewish Controlled global media. Gee, I wonder Why?

Get the hearings and the real fact finding commission under way NOW before the Revolution begins and there is real bloodshed, rioting and killing in the streets of our ONCE great homeland called America. Stand up and face your responsibility and do your duty. Stop your Aiding & Abetting of these Nuclear powered Zionist Killers and ZOG Traitors who are illegally occupying our government. Do something NOW to MAKE THINGS RIGHT WITH YOUR own People. Expose and prosecute the real criminals and their crimes while there is still time. Don’t be bashful, shy or FEARFUL. Start right at the top of the criminal heap with the un-President of the Corporate United States, (the butcher of Baghdad.) NO! My voice is not another act of “Terrorism,” but a sincere act of compassion and warning from ALL peoples of the world to YOU.

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