by Richard F. Masker, Conspiratologist

I am frequently asked by Police, "Why do judges dislike having the U.S. Constitution mentioned in their Courts?" and "Why do we have so many enslaving "State Codes" in taxation, home and auto ownership and thousands of other controlling enforcement policies of government?"

My answer is simply that our Constitution no longer has that much power, influence or "Jurisdiction" in our courts. The system of law that our Founding Fathers established has been secretly REPLACED by an alien Communistic and destructive form of law. To understand the Conspiratological process of exchange of judicial powers, let me start at the beginning with simple terms, and remember that many things are absolutely true even though you refuse to believe them.

PRINCIPLE NUMBER ONE: As you read this, somewhere a criminal (burglar) is casing a residence with the intentions of breaking in and stealing the contents. It's at night and he tries the front door, but it is locked and the door is solid oak with heavy hinges and sturdy locks and fixtures. Besides, it is too bright from street lights, etc. So, he goes around the side of the house to check the "Backdoor." The backdoor is light and flimsy with weak lock and handle, etc. The lighting is very dim and no neighbors can see the criminal act. The criminal is much safer entering the backdoor and finds the crime easer. In political subversive technique this is called the "Backdoor component."

PRINCIPLE NUMBER TWO: The Hegelian Principle: When a child tries to get away with something he will always find a simple, but reasonable excuse for doing it. International criminal secret societies and subversive movements are no exception.

Look at your hand. How many fingers are there on that hand. Five, Right? Well there are five steps to the completing the subversive nature of the Hegelian Principle. See Note.

1. Determine a subversive OBJECTIVE against the people.

2. Concoct a reasonable, but phony justification for it.

3. Use your "Zionist Controlled Media" to relentlessly pound into the mass mentality the need for your subversive OBJECTIVE.

4. Get your Zogite paid and treasonous political stooges in government to sponsor legislation that the "the people demand" to solve THEIR problem that you have created against them.

5. Then incite the masses to insist that your paid legislators pass laws that will make your fabricated OBJECTIVE a reality.

EXAMPLE: You want to disarm the populace. Use your subversive media to convince the populous that "Guns cause wars, kill people, cause crime and are dangerous." Then convince the populous that legislation is needed to outlaw guns for the SAFETY of the populous. The Liberalized, brainwashed populous will then demand legislation that outlaws guns. Bingo: The conspiratorial gangsters have disarmed their enemies right in their own home town with the overwhelming consent of their enemies. Wah-Lah! "It's the Law." (Australia Knows)

The very same process has been used to establish laws on ABORTION ON DEMAND---FLUORIDATION OF WATER SUPPLIES---AFFIRMATIVE ACTION FOR "MINORITIES"---INCOME AND PROPERTY TAXES--BLACK CIVIL RIGHTS and "THE WAR AGAINST TERRORISM." The list is endless, but the Judeo/Marxist traitors always win because the Christian Gentile Goyim are so brainwashed, naive and gullible that they never see the tyranny and subversion in their midst, especially when the enemy control's the "Universal Communications Media." See and go to "Who Rules America" on front page and click-on a new adventure in learning.

Now let's put the "Backdoor technique" together with the "Hegelian Principle" and see how the grand conspiracy technique works in real practice. Here is a typical example.

In 1848 Karl Marx (Levy) a Jew by birth and son of a Rabbi who was latter to become known as "The Father of Communism," published his infamous, "COMMUNIST MANIFESTO." Article two of the Manifesto called for the immediate establishment of "a heavy graduated and progressive income tax." This was a sure way of confiscating the wealth of a nation enemy and using the money to establish a new system of law, so as to gain control of all laws under a new system of JURISDICTION to be used to get around the old Constitutional System of government. But, where is the "Backdoor" to get in?

With the encroachment of Jews and hard-core Communists in the U.S. legal system, in 1894 Congress voted into law and established a progressive income tax. But remember, Article 10 of the Constitution forbade any form of DIRECT AND PROGRESSIVE taxes (including Property Taxes) to be laid against the people. So, the next year (1895) the tax was denied by the U.S. Supreme Court.

This didn't go well with the Zionist Plotters and they had to look for a BACKDOOR, and as time passed, the people forgot about the 1894 slip-up.

The Constitution did not allow any form of a Central Banking System, but in 1913, on the eve of the Christmas Break, when only their hand picked paid-off politicians were still in their voting seats in Congress, the traitors passed the Federal Reserve Act and later the 16th Amendment to the Constitution which "allowed" direct taxation. The mattoids and Zogites conditioned the masses to accept this "New and Progressive" law because they used the newspapers to propagandize the people into allowing this by way of the HEGELIAN PRINCIPLE. "The War demanded it."

Every Police Officer must remember the motto of the Israeli (Jewish) Secret Service, The Mossad, is "By Way of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War."

The International Jews have made it very clear that their deadly enemies are ALWAYS the entire gentile multicultural world, the "The Goyim."

It has recently been discovered that the 16th Amendment that supposedly allowed Direct Taxation, in reality was never legally ratified by the needed several States, but was criminally announced to be passed by Philander Knox, the then Secretary of State. The New World Order was solidly in place.

What this means is that the Federal Reserve Banking System (FED) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) have both been operating illegally and criminally since 1913. Just imagine how many White Americans have committed suicide under the hands of the ruthless and illegitimate IRS.

The Jews have, by deception, stolen all the Gold and Silver that backed our entire money system. They have installed, by deception, an enormous controlling Banking System, and again by way of deception, they have inflated our national debt into the stratosphere and paid for the undermining of our original Constitutional dejour Common Law legal Jurisdiction. They have replaced it with a Defacto Corporate Admiralty-Maritime criminal Legal System with its own GOLD FRINGED flag of jurisdiction. All level of government is saturated with these Ultra- liberal Judeo/Marxist stooges. TREASON GOVERNS AMERICA!

That is how the Jews found a BACKDOOR to secretly take over America and why the Judges tell us to never mention the U.S. Constitution in their courts. The original Common Law is still alive and well, even though most Americans are unaware of this fact. As a sovereign citizen, we still can reserve and claim those rights under the original Common Law jurisdiction by just proclaiming our sovereign status. The two most important words you need to know in determining your rights is "Status" and "Jurisdiction." Your Status determines your Jurisdiction. The State can now change your status to fraudulent Fiction Citizen, so as to drag you into their Corporate Defacto tyrannical JURISDICTION. If you fail to claim your sovereign STATUS then you are denied your rights under Constitutional Common Law. It's just as simple as that.

Our people came from Europe where they were under constant slavery and taxation. They paid the king to use his land. They paid the king to use his "Official" grain mill. The fruits of their labors required a heavy tax paid to the Jewish tax collectors who worked for the king. Everything They had belonged to the King or the Lord of the Manor.

Take a look at the very first "Declaration of Independence" for the original Thirteen Colonies and get the shock of your life with respect to the hell they had to endure under the Damnable King of England.

When these valiant White people came to North America they were determined to establish their own government where they were THE JURISDICTION, where they called the shots and were in charge of the Law and the Courts. This is the legal system problem that the Jews had to overcome and destroy.

In 1651 the governor of New Holland (New York,) Peter Stuyvasent, tried to stop the first 16 Jews from entering the New Colonies, but the Jewish owners of the Dutch East India Company in Holland forbad him to do it and that led to the "Great Destructive Idea" entering this young colony and began the decay of this new and precious nation even before it hardly got started.

So, today we have two jurisdictions in government. One, the Communist Defacto "Legal System" that is built on the platform of depriving all Americans of Life, Liberty and Property. The other invisible, but still Legal Dejour Constitutional Common Law Legal System that is "Of the People, By the People and For the People" and ensures every White U.S. Citizen the RIGHT to Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness and Property.

The problem for the Jews with this two component system is that they can't outlaw or destroy the Constitutional Common Law without totally destroying the core authority of the U.S. Constitution and if that happened the people would smell a rat and rise up and destroy the parasites that are infesting the "Land of the Free and Home of the Brave." At present the enemy is trying to kill the White Race by genocide so they can eliminate the White mind power and resources and warrior aggressive natures that could stop their One World Government (the New World Order) in its tracks.

I have taken us around Farmer John's barn, but I hope this helps Law Enforcement in understanding the danger they face in upholding their oath of office to the Constitutional Common Law while enforcing the criminal Corporate Law System. Stop and read your Oath, NOW!!! The security and destiny of precious White American Families lies in the hands of the servants and enforcers of the State and Federal Laws. That means You. Good Luck, Do what is right and only serve the valiant, the honorable and the courageous. Knowledge is power, so stay smart and remember that the Jews are the "Masters of Deceit."

Note: George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Philosopher (The State and the Destiny of the World, 1816)

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