By: Edgar J. Steele

Suppose that, within America, existed an organization whose leaders defrauded, lied to and stole from their followers. Suppose that this organization's leadership had taken power illegally after years of honest and responsible leadership. Furthermore, suppose that this organization killed and maimed some of its own followers and lots of the followers of other organizations. Finally, suppose that this organization not only preached the overthrow of America, but actively and violently worked toward that end.

What would we do? What should we do? Of course: we would jail its leaders, dismantle its organizational structure and seek redress for the wrongs it had visited upon anybody, whether within or without the organization itself. Finally, we would ban the organization itself. After all, we have described an organization far more criminal than anything ever devised by the Mafia.

This organization actually exists in America today.

The KKK, you ask? Aryan Nations? Militia movement? No. Those are pansy organizations, by comparison. As you undoubtedly and cleverly have deduced from the title of this piece, that organization is the Republican Party.

What? Come on. The Republican Party? What are you smoking, you tinfoil-hat-wearing lunatic? Yes, I can hear the muttering all the way up here in Idaho from the cheap seats in Florida. The Republican Party. That's what I said: Republicans.

I can prove all that I have said - and more...much, much more, unfortunately.

Illegal Elections

Not just one election, but two. Count 'em: two. The mad little dictator on Pennsylvania Avenue never has been elected legitimately to the Presidency. Much as it pains me to say it, we should have had Al Gore and/or John Kerry in the Oval Office.

But for the intervention of the political hacks occupying Supreme Court benches, Bush would have lost Florida in the year 2000. Even after all the provable fraud of that election, he would have lost on recount had not the Supremes stepped in.

In 2004, it was Ohio, the state that stole the 1960 election and gave it to an undeserving, if better-qualified, John F. Kennedy, that once again distinguished itself as the single most corrupt election machine in the country, blocking thousands upon thousands of Democrats from voting altogether, electronically switching vote tallies from Kerry to Bush and engaging in a host of other illegal and unethical tactics designed to throw the edge to Bush. New Mexico's close race also provably was thrown to Bush. The Government Accounting Office itself has lined up and authenticated a great deal of the 2004 vote fraud proof, but few seem to want to look at it.

"Well," you might say, "if true, that was Bush's people, not the Republican Party." No, the relationship goes the other way: Bush's people dance to the party's tune, a tune called out by others on still higher (and bipartisan) levels.

Here's a punch-line quote from a singularly arresting article detailing how the 2004 election was rigged, written by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. : "The Strike Force -- an offshoot of the Republican National Committee -- was part of a team of more than 1,500 volunteers from Texas who were deployed to battleground states, usually in teams of ten. Their leader was Pat Oxford, a Houston lawyer who managed Bush's legal defense team in 2000 in Florida, where he warmly praised the efforts of a mob that stormed the Miami-Dade County election offices and halted the recount. It was later revealed that those involved in the ''Brooks Brothers Riot'' were not angry Floridians but paid GOP staffers, many of them flown in from out of state." ("Was the 2004 Election Stolen?," Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Rolling Stone Magazine, June 2006)

Lies, More Lies and Yet Still More Lies

Remember Iraq's now-disproved "Weapons of Mass Destruction?" The "Yellow Cake" uranium that never existed? Saddam's illusory germ-spraying model airplanes? Lies to justify a war against an innocent and defenseless country. All lies. Proven lies, proven to have been told intentionally. Admitted by many, including mouthpiece and ex-Secretary of State Colin Powell.

What's the lie du jour? Why, that we must continue killing Iraqi women and children because we already have forced so many of our own children to yield up their lives in that particular Arab hellhole. Huh? Hey, don't ask me. That's Bush logic for you.

Afghanistan's opium harvest will set records this year, though its trafficking had been obliterated by the Taliban. But we threw the Taliban out of Afghanistan. Why? Because 18 ragheads with boxcutters and half a course in flying Cessnas allegedly flew three jumbo jets with high-speed precision that most pilots admit they could not match into pin-point collisions with buildings. Yeah, right! Those buildings then caught fire and burned at temperatures impossible to reach without demolition charges, thermite bombs or cutting torches, and certainly not with jet fuel. What's more, those buildings then proceeded to collapse at a speed equal to free falling debris - impossible for the pancaking collapse lie and possible only with extensive well-planted demolition charges.

Why, even a building untouched by planes (WTC #7) caught fire in the same way and was "pulled," to borrow the owner's term, with admitted preplanted demolition charges! Do you suppose the building in which you work has demolition charges preplanted throughout it? Perhaps WT7 had to be "pulled" because it had been earmarked for the jetliner shot down by that unmarked white jet over the Pennsylvania countryside - you know, the "Let's Roll" jet that supposedly plunged into the ground, yet still left that 5-mile debris trail possible only after an extended explosive breakup. Then, of course, there are those inconvenient eyewitnesses to the actual attack, numbering well over 20.

The economic lies we are being told concerning GDP, employment, inflation, debt and too many other things are reminiscent of the Russian 5-Year Plans of the 1950s. But, then, it seems to be the same crowd now telling the same lies here in America, after all. When even the lies no longer work, they simply stop reporting statistics altogether, as with their refusal now to report the most significant figure concerning money in circulation: M3.

Yes, Democrats participate in these lies, but Republicans control the White House, both houses of Congress and the Supreme Court (thanks to the addition of Judge Alito).

Stop - You're Killing Me

The Republicans lied us into Afghanistan and Iraq and they lie to keep us there. Did you know that the most seriously wounded soldiers get immediately airlifted out of Iraq and to Army hospitals in other countries, principally Germany? So long as they still have a pulse when they leave Iraqi airspace, if and when they die they are not reported as part of the over 2,000 "official" war dead. Reasonable estimates of American deaths due to the current Middle-Eastern war approach 10,000 now. Maimed? A great many more.

How many Iraqis have died? Hundreds of thousands. Millions, possibly. In the end, however, all of them will die because of this unprecedented American aggression. Can you say "radiation," boys and girls?

The stories now emerging about ever more atrocities committed by US troops, our children, are simply heartbreaking. The mounting evidence about troops machine gunning babies, little children and women in their own bedrooms as they cower in fright at the menacing American invaders now has become incontrovertible in its weight. Our children have become war criminals. How did we allow this to happen?

The final tally on all sides will be uncountable. From the same people (Republicans) who brought you Gulf War I via Bush the Elder comes Gulf War II's legacy: a lingering, slow death by cancer for everybody stationed and living there, due to the tons and tons of depleted uranium dust exuded from exploded munitions, now swirling in the air throughout the Middle East.

Usage of uranium weapons constitutes a criminal violation of both international and U.S. federal law. Not only are they illegal, they comprise a genuine war crime, not to mention being a general crime against all of humanity. The half life of the radiation now being picked up by jet streams and rained elsewhere in the world is a mind-boggling 22.5 billion years. America quite literally already has nuked the Middle East, not to mention herself. What on earth have these morons been thinking?

Fraud on a Global Scale

Money. As always, it's all about money. On behalf of their true international financial elite masters, the Republicans are doing anything, including the murder and mayhem just discussed, to keep the dollar backed by oil. It is, you know. So long as we exercise hegemony over the Arabs, they meekly follow our demands that they take dollars for their oil, dollars borrowed from...the international financial elite, of course.

Meanwhile, "WhirlyBen" Bernanke runs the US Mint's presses in three shifts and creates money so far out of proportion to the growth of the economy that words fail to afford an adequate description, the very definition of monetary inflation, inexorably leading to price inflation. Where? Everywhere, of course. You really think that gas went up only 2% this year, the level claimed for inflation by the corporate Marxist-fascists running America today? Really? Honestly now, is there anything you have bought recently that didn't cost noticeably more than just last year? As Groucho Marx might say, were he in Bush's place: "Who you gonna believe, your eyes or me?" Problem is, an incredible number of Americans actually seem to believe these dopes, despite evidence to the contrary all around themselves.

Republican cronies get richer and the poor get poorer. Soon, there will be no American middle class. All by plan, of course. Debt now is at an unrepayable level, which requires destruction of the dollar through the coming hyperinflation. Guess it will have to be replaced by...the Amero, of course, which will be used by the new North American nation being forged from Mexico, Canada and the economic ashes of America, enroute to the one-world nation of the New World Order, already one hundred years in the making. Then we and our kids get to do this all over again, enabling a switch to the Globo. Second verse - same as the first.

Overthrow of America

The coup that began with the assassination of JFK (come on, please tell me that you don't still believe Oswald did it!) is coming to fruition now, enabling the economic leveling of the world through the artifice of NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT and other alphabet-soup monstrosities designed to create equality among all nations by moving most Western nations' factories, complete with most better-paying jobs, to emerging nations while simultaneously allowing their offal to flood those same Western countries and take the lower-paying jobs that remain.

Lessee now, $35 per hour, including benefits, times ten 10 cents per hour times 150 countries...divided by 160 countries total...that's...ummm...yep...$2.28 per hour. Will that work for you? $2.28 an hour? It better, because that's where you and your children are headed, right along with Pancho. Only Pancho sees it as a radical improvement.

You don't like it? Too bad, because there are a lot more Panchos than you and, with amnesty, the Pancho vote will rule before much longer. This is what the elite mean when they refer to "equalization" and "harmonization" among nations. Oh, you didn't know that? Maybe you will pay better attention from now on. If you have or foresee a reason to learn to speak Spanish, thank a Republican.

Speaking of Pancho and the tens of millions of his countrymen (10% of Mexico's total population) in America illegally today, with millions more flooding in every year: In fifty years, Pancho's kids will be electing every single politician at every single level of this country. Go ask the Whites in South Africa how that is working out for them these days. No, it is the same thing. Exactly the same thing. When the White European Boers first settled and cleared South Africa, literally no Black Africans lived there. They came from middle Africa later, attracted by the prosperity created by the Boers. Sound familiar? It should.

Republican Tyranny Grows by Leaps and Bounds

Ask yourself the following questions, all of which have come up under the current Republican Administration of America:

If all the illegal domestic telephone eavesdropping isn't to prevent terrorism, then what is it for? Not counting 9-11, which clearly was a false-flag operation when the evidence is viewed with any reasonable level of thoughtful scrutiny, there have been NO acts of terrorism perpetrated upon American soil.

Since the Republican Congress and the Republican Administration are forging ahead with full "guest worker" amnesty, despite opposition by nearly 90% of Americans today, there will be no illegal aliens before much longer. If the huge concentration camps being built throughout America right now by Halliburton are not to hold illegal aliens, then who, exactly, are they designed to imprison?

Why is it necessary to have laws making it possible to jail American citizens indefinitely without charges or trial?

Why must the government have the right to search your home without a warrant, even in your absence and, even, without telling you after the fact?

Why do we need cameras on every street corner?

Why do US spy satellites now spend twice as much time over America than over other countries?

Why are Americans urged to spy on one another and report anything that looks suspicious, in a play straight from the Marxist playbook of post-revolution Russia?

Why are children questioned in schools concerning their parents' habits and avocations?

Whom is the burgeoning American police state designed to subdue?

Why must Holocaust Deniers (those who tell the simple truth about a grossly-exaggerated historical event) go to jail while child rapists walk free?

Why does the government have the right to send our children to their deaths in order to secure cheap oil for the already wealthy and, more accurately, to secure Israel's safety? Why aren't Israelis dying to secure their own safety?

You know the answers already, of course. You just don't want to face them because, if you do face them, then you will feel compelled to do something. And you never do anything first, do you?

Ban the Republican Party

Ok. Let me say it first, then: The time has come to ban the Republican Party, arrest its leaders and put them on trial for their various crimes, then turn them over to an international tribunal to answer for their war crimes, Nuremberg style. And, while we're at it, let's arrest and try all the members of congress, each Supreme Court Justice, everybody in government service above a certain GS rating and all flag-rank military officers...on conspiracy charges, if nothing else.

Now we're cooking!

You say you want a second American revolution? I don't. I want a second French revolution, only here in America as well as other criminal Western regimes, replete with public guillotines and heads on pikes for all convicted terrorists...after fair trials, of course, not to mention affording the "suspects" the same constitutional due process protections they have shown the rest of us in recent years. We must be punctilious in advocating only the application of existing law, after all, else we run the risk of being accused of sedition. That's why, before trying torture advocates Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz and US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, we will want to consult with them regarding the best application of torture during questioning of all other terrorist "suspects." This is what is called "working within the system," of course, and they can't complain since it's their own system.

Hey, it's a beginning. You make or suggest the next move.

You think the Democrats are equally culpable? I almost completely agree, but the fact is that all this sordid madness occurred under Republican stewardship. You could have thought up yellow stickies and become fabulously wealthy, but you didn't, did you? Somebody else did. Well, the Democrats could have done all this, but the fact of the matter is that the Republicans are the ones who did it. The Democrats' crime consists mainly of not stopping the Republicans. But, then, neither did you or I.

Regardless, we've got to start somewhere.

New America. An idea whose time has come.