By: Richard F. Masker, Conspiratologist

As a 30 year Conspiratologist, I make it my duty to observe the many ways that Jewish Supremacism contaminates our society, especially the many ways we are trained and conditioned to turn against ourselves to maximize our own cultural, racial, legal and social devolution.

Those of us who are historically inclined become sickened and outraged by the many ways that the Jewish, Communist regimes in Europe, in their continual struggle for global world domination, have butchered so many hundreds of millions of innocent people, especially White people. The magnitude of Jewish depravity and inhumanity is very difficult to imagine by any civilized, educated and cultured human being, regardless of their genetic background.

It has been my direct observations that America today is under its second gradual assertive stage of government indoctrination and brainwashing of its employees. This represents an unspeakable evil conditioning of White government employees against their very own racial community.

My career was served as a Municipal Government Superintendent. I was required to attend multitudes of Affirmative Action Seminars, Minority Sensitivity Training Sessions and numerous Minority Rights Employee Policy classes. I was the victim of enormous amounts of “Politically Correct” indoctrination and pro-Liberal, neo-Marxist propaganda. It’s only a miracle that I emerged from all this anti-White government “Hate” education without becoming a serial killer or member of “Murder Incorporated.”

Being subject to years of this dark government propaganda has rendered many Aryan employees without guilt, shame, embarrassment or conscience. I survived the “Monster Mill.”

When you are identified by government as a “Rebellious Dissident” or a “Patriot,“ you can expect direct harassment from any number of government agencies with the harassment never ending. Harassment is part of the government’s job description and employees are compensated handsomely for attempting to punish and destroy you mentally, economically, physically, spiritually, politically and emotionally.

After the Jewish ADL gets through “training” our police at local, state and federal levels, our police are instantly transformed from compassionate, patriotic “Peace Officers” into “Law Enforcement, anti-Terrorist thugs.” They are trained to sniff out a “Neo-Nazi, Hate Mongering, anti-Semitic, White Racist Bigot” and without hesitation instantly take the appropriate action. When the City Mayors, County Commissioners, Police Chiefs or FBI District Supervisors are totally liberalized, it makes persecution of “Patriots” legal and sanctioned. This is called democratization or “Liberalizing” of government employees and it becomes enforced “Homeland Security Assurance.”

When the elderly White person demonstrates a “Clouded History” of “Racist” tendencies or political activism and then applies for Social Security Disability benefits, they can expect the IRS to “discover” (actually create!) some obscure unpaid “back tax” and then slap a 15% levy on their monthly disability check. If they are not exactly “Politically Correct,” the State medical program will find some vague “loophole” excuse for denying them their qualifications and benefits.

These highly compensated and trained government men and women are untiring, ruthless, merciless, persistent and totally unyielding in the performance of their “duties.” If there is any question about how legal it is, they can always hide behind and quote the State or Federal Jewish doctored “Code Law” which they claim to be their protective shield against prosecution.

An unknown factor is how many thousands of innocent people have committed suicide under consistent IRS harassment, hounding and persecution. How many millions of man years have been, or are being served and wasted away in prison by innocent, White patriotic Americans in the name of “protecting government” and “combating terrorism?“ How much hard earned citizens’ property has been confiscated in the name of “Judicial Justice?” How much aggressive, Jewish Racism will eventually be inflicted to combat White Defensive “Racism” in preventing White genocide and extinction?

Many have family members who are employed by government. To see them in the super market or at the library, they look and act like any other normal, honest, loyal and productive White citizens, but the moment they go to work they are magically transformed into the typical, sinister, gulag, concentration camp guard mentalities.

During the Stalinist Era, the Jews developed the science of massive brainwashing techniques to a fine art. Today, just as with the parents and their school children, government employees don’t have a clue as to what degree they have been conditioned to serve the Jewish New World Order, global Master State. They have been systematically programmed to be ruthless henchmen of second-stage, totalitarian government. Just question Uncle Sam Goldstein and find out what will happen to you. We must unite and abandon the Jewish, fictional, multi-cultural Federal Corporation and restore the organic, White, Constitutional Republic.

No, I’m not making all this up. This is not a figment of my imagination, because I have personally experienced this phenomenon many times in my life. I have also interviewed many victims who have endured much more government hate and persecution than can be possibly imagined or described here. I have witnessed the ruined lives of both adults, children and their families. I have long lost count of the destroyed marriages, crime, drugs, alcohol, suicides and child abuse, etc., caused by our own government “Public Servants” in the performance of their “Duties.” I have personally witnessed the government bulldoze family farms and homes into the ground simply out of hatred and revenge for White patriotic activism.

A patriot family will work a lifetime to pay off their precious home only to have it confiscated for minimum, unconstitutional unpaid back property taxes. Some counties will even sell the home on the front Courthouse steps to the highest bidder and keep all the remaining equity for themselves. That equity should go back to the family that labored for it, but wait a minute. Did the home really belong to the family who “lost” it or was the County the real, secret, corporate owner of it? But, there’s not really a Jewish conspiracy to confiscate our property, right? Or is there?

That can’t happen here in America, you say? Well, it can and does happen here every day, but the Jewish “Controlled Media” refuses to report it to our populace.

Somewhere in this huge mess, the government employee prostitutes seem to have forgotten their sacred “Oath of Service” to “Support, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies both foreign and domestic.” Jewish global Supremacism has long demonstrated that it is a truly deadly and destructive domestic enemy of all freedom loving humanity.

So, what is our Congress doing about it? Nothing! Why? Because they are part of the Zionist controlled problem, not the solution. If police are hired to “Protect and to Serve” then why not our Congress and other government employees?

What’s wrong with this picture? Just see if you can convince your President to stop by your protest rally and explain it to you and your gathering!

Our people need to restore a non-Kosher, civilian version of the long abandoned (1975) “Un-American Activities Committee” and demand that government enforce military and police action against the Jewish deadly threat that embraces and confronts our nation and its people.

Many highly honorable and loyal government employees have abandoned their positions and left government service because of the massive, destructive, liberal, pro-Zionist brainwashing they have been forced to endure. Due to the enormous threat of constant Gentile (Goyim) defection and whistle blowing, “abundant” numbers of Jews are annually placed in key strategic positions in our Jew World Order government.

The current “War against Terrorism” was triggered by our treasonous, Zionist, Mattoid government. Their treacherous 911 operation was staged to incite the Moslems against the United States, so Jews could use our White, racial blood, money and technology to protect criminal Israel from being attacked (nuked) by their “terrorist” Arab world neighbors. One can’t help but ask, “how many non-Jewish Federal employees participated in this treasonous genocide, but refused to go public with the true facts?”

Remember that our Government is a genuine alien occupied, Jewish, Illuminist controlled government. ZIONIST TREASON GOVERNS AMERICA. It’s just that simple.

The time is long past for American peoples of all ethnic groups, religions and political beliefs, (especially Whites) to Wake-Up and Take America Back. The hour is late and the time is now!

Remember that no other success in life can possibly compensate for our failure to save our Nation and our people.

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