By: Richard F. Masker, ICA Conspiratologist

Our precious Northern European Civilization is now at its darkest and most desperate hour. This is a humble attempt to plead for leadership and sacrifice from deep within our White global society before we are washed away in history only to become an extinct species as is being planned by our enemies from within. Who among us will stand tall and speak the truth?

Never before has our White Civilization been so weakened and diseased by internal malignancy designed and administered by our ancient global enemies, the Jewish Supremacists and their paid Gentile Goyim New World Order accomplices. The instrument of their crimes is their deadly "Great Destructive Idea" as contained within their "sacred" and "Holy" Talmudic Kabala. Sound the war cry and awaken our people to the absolute fact that Zionist Treason Governs America!

Internal Treason and conspiracy have dissolved every sector of our leadership. Our Constitutional Laws and Rights are totally dominated by intimidation, extortion, cowardly deceit, bribery, hate, fear and pernicious propaganda. Our Nation has been transformed into a vicious (MCA - Military Commissions Act of 2006) "Terrorist Police State". Our Banking and money is a total fraud. Our racial heritage, culture and traditions are being perverted and destroyed. Our minds are being collectively programmed, subverted and devolved by the "Zionist Controlled Media" into degeneracy and genocide from within. Our society is being engineered to self-destruct by way of sexual perversion, illicit drugs, State sponsored gambling and pornography. Our lands are intentionally being flooded with millions of non-White insurgent alien peoples who are totally dedicated to our eventual displacement, exploitation, miscegenation and genetic mongrelization. Genocide is decimating our population by abortion and economics. We are being inundated with massive enslaving taxation. Subversive Politically Correct Liberalism (Jewish Communism) dominates and is rotting away our schools and colleges, our political parties, Law Enforcement and Religions. Our people stand on the precipice of immediate devolution and destruction. The time is NOW and the hour is extremely late.

So where is our leadership? Where is our sorely needed modern day deliverer, Beowulf? Where are those dynamic, honorable, selfless, dedicated and valiant aristocratic leaders who we need at this, our most desperate and darkest hour? This is a call to greatness and sacrifice for our Race to grasp the reins of survival, courage, valiance and vengeance. Where are our "V for Vendetta" patriot heroes when we so desperately need them? Time for us has completely run out and now it is almost past time for action. Who will stand above the common sheeple and be our glorious standard and example? Where are our Patrick Henrys and Thomas Jeffersons? Who will awaken our people? Who will train and lead us to fight and survive and guarantee our future eternal progression and victory? Who can we rely on to have the White courage to speak and proclaim the eternal truths, challenge the damnable Zionist Extremist System and fight the good battle to the end? This is your final call to glory and greatness. Do not fail your people in this our most desperate and darkest hour. The 5th of November, 2006.