Saturday April 15, 2006

By: Richard F. Masker, Conspiratologist

All seems quiet on the Western Front of the multicultural captured and occupied Israeli Imperial Territory once known as America. Whites are holding their breath and staring at each other in dismay and panic while doing absolutely nothing. The White population watches in fearful anticipation of what their White race hating and traitorous Congress will do in passing Zionist legislation to placate, legalize and reward millions of non-White criminal Mexican Mestizos, the moment they return from their precious Easter Vacation hideouts.

Now that the White Middle-Class have been left totally leaderless and brainwashed to self-destruct, a feeling of abject despair, fear, helplessness, and revolution has embraced the people. The feelings of most Race awakened Political Scientists (Conspiratologists) is that another federally fabricated 9-11 is expected at any moment to usher in Marshal Law, so that the Right and Left wings of the Generalissimo Bush led Neo-con Judeo-Anarchist Junta Party can bomb Iran and other arch Moslem enemies of the subversive gangster State of Israel.

On the Home Front, the White Atzland citizens have lost their Law Enforcement and local Politicians to massive ultra-PC Liberal Jewish media controlled propaganda brainwashing. The leadership of most U.S. communities has become willing enemies of local White People and their families, while each day more of the youth of America are being murdered as sacrificial Goyim on the sands of the Mid-East on demand by the Neo-con Trotskyite Stooges in Washington, D.C.

On May 1st the Jewish financed and orchestrated organizations like La Raza ("The Race") are marshalling their forces for a Communist, Neo-Marxist Cultural May-Day riotous celebration, but if Whites raise any voices of White defense or protest, they are immediately slandered and attacked from all media and Police sectors as filthy Neo-Nazi, Racist whiners.

Illicit drug trafficking, crime, disease and social/racial unrest continues to flow across the unprotected and unenforced boarders daily, while White Americans continue to do absolutely nothing to raise collectively their pathetic little voices to demand rights and protection for their White racial interests. The only action that most people take is to "pray about it". Americans are so religiously naive, stupid and gullible that they can't imagine that an International "Chosen" Jewish Race of psychopathic killers and pathological liars has totally dominated, occupied and now controls their society.

The Zionist stage is now set to plunge the genocidal dagger deep into the heart of White America. After the social anarchy, chaos, and revolution clears, then the Jewish Supremacist New World Order Government will be realized in all its criminal ugliness. Socialist Communism is and has always been Jewish and unless the people demand honest and devoted White Racial Loyalty and leadership, there is no hope for the future. Our civilization will be consumed in bloody revolution, a racial and social Jewish genocide.

Are you among the majority of the White masses who continue doing absolutely nothing to determine our destiny and survival? Wake up America and restore our cultural society based on truth, compassion, honesty, tradition, love, kindness, discipline, racial purity, sensitivity, valiance, order and sanity. Go see "V for Vendetta" at the movie theatres now. Only this generation can determine the future of White Civilization on this planet.