By: Richard F. Masker, Conspiratologist

Now that Saddam Hussein and his "evil mob" have been sentenced to hang for the murders of a paltry 150 or so of his countrymen, where can we find some lukewarm Liberal U.S. Congressional Stooges with enough latent courage, honor and loyalty to start lawful "War Crimes" proceedings against our U.S. Dictator, George W. Bush and Dick Chaney and their Neo-Bolshevik "Neo-Con" controlled, "War Party" gang of criminals?

Remember, they have butchered and tortured untold thousands of innocent men women and children, not only in Pakistan and Iraq, but also the 911 victims and our many military personnel murdered in their fabricated and senseless "War on Moslem Terrorism". Plus Iran is next in line.

Will true and honorable justice ever be realized against these genuine traitorous American ultra-subversive "Occupational War Criminals"??