By: Edgar J. Steele

February 1, 2006. Last night, President Bush delivered the State of the Union Address, a speech that had to be written for him by our masters (though, in all fairness, Bush did pretty much keep his crayons within the lines).

Incredibly enough, Bush claimed that "we are winning" in Iraq.

Even though it has become plain that America never will escape from Iraq with her dignity, Bush ruled out a withdrawal by saying, "If we were to leave these vicious attackers alone, they would not leave us alone. They would simply move the battlefield to our own shores." Via all those Iraqi and Palestinian aircraft carriers, no doubt. Words. Just words. Spoken only as a man who ran from war when it was his turn could speak them.

Bush called for all of us to "stand behind the American military." I agree. We should show our total support of our sons and daughters in uniform by bringing them home tomorrow. Then we can get busy court martialing the generals and impeaching the sickening excuse for a man now occupying the Oval Office.

   As expected, Bush repeatedly set up the coming invasion of Iran. "And we do not forget...Syria, Burma, Zimbabwe, North Korea and Iran because the demands of justice, and the peace of this world, require their freedom as well."

Bush did settle the question as to who gets to start the festivities in Iran when he claimed that "Iran...sponsors terrorists in the Palestinian territories and in Lebanon, and that must come to an end. The Iranian government is defying the world with its nuclear ambitions, and the nations of the world must not permit the Iranian regime to gain nuclear weapons." Did you just hear him invite Israel to bomb the hell out of Iran? I did. Guess who gets to go in afterward and do the dirty work? Right. Your kids and mine. Have you picked out your son's burial plot yet?

At least Bush honestly drew the battle line when he said, "And one of the main sources of reaction and opposition is radical Islam." I've said it before and I'll say it again: This is not a war on "terrorism," it is a war on Islam, blood enemy of Israel and its bullyboy, the United States of America.

Bush's true allegiance became clear when, later in the speech, he demanded that "the leaders of (Palestine's ruling party) Hamas must recognize Israel, disarm, reject terrorism and work for lasting peace." Remember that Palestinian children are the ones lobbing rocks at the Israeli tanks rolling through their neighborhoods and who are getting shot in the head by Israeli snipers as punishment for their meager efforts to protect their sisters and brothers. Remember that it was Rachel Corrie, peace activist, who was run down and brutally murdered by an Israeli tank on Palestinian soil where she stood up for the right of Palestinians simply to exist.

And, what's this about Zimbabwe (nee Rhodesia)? We're going to invade Zimbabwe? Yeah, right. That'll be the day when we do anything to support the rights of downtrodden Whites anywhere in the world.

Once a year, at about this time, the President delivers the State of the Union address. Tomorrow is Groundhog Day. Many people have gotten these two events mixed up in their minds, which is understandable. As someone over at Air America Radio once pointed out: "It is an ironic juxtaposition of events: one involves a meaningless ritual in which we look to a creature of little intelligence for prognostication while the other involves a groundhog."

   Twins separated at birth? Coincidence? You be the judge.

More important than anything Bush had to say was the fact that Samuel Alito was confirmed and sworn in yesterday as America's newest Supreme Court Justice. Alito was on hand last night to pay homage to his Fuhrer, along with the other new shill in black robes, Chief Justice Roberts, who demonstrated admirable restraint by eschewing those ridiculous stripes that Rehnquist affected near the end of his tenure.

The staged diversion this past week with Alito's confirmation hearings was the abortion "issue." (I call it a diversion because, at the Federal level, it shouldn't even be an issue, since the now-discarded US Constitution reserves such questions for States to decide). What got neglected in the Alito hearings was the vitally significant point that his is the fifth vote to be added to the Supreme Court which can be counted upon always to support the most expansive view of Presidential power possible.

Already irrelevant, the US Supreme Court has gone beyond merely rubber stamping the Administration and now will be its direct extension. Long ago, our congressmen got bought off by the same Neocons who pick all the presidential candidates. That was before Zionists acquired the designation of Neocon, which itself also is a diversion, incidentally. Therefore, we now have a single branch of government, operating unhindered by a Constitution or, even, its own laws. A branch run exclusively by the same old gang: Zionist world bankers.

Of course, America shifted to a single-party system (with Democrat and Republican wings) quite a while ago - that's why so few vote anymore. Not that voting matters, anyway, since it conclusively has been proven that rampant voter fraud occurs even with the hand-picked candidates who are allowed to run for office at every level in America.

   All that was missing from Bush's speech last night was a rousing chorus of "Ein volk! Ein reich! Ein Fuhrer!"

Here is something that should send a chill down the spines of all who consider themselves to be either liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican: I regularly see satisfaction expressed on many hard-core, Nazi skinhead Internet forums with the progression of America ever deeper into fascism. Why should this bother you? Because they say, "Good. Now, when we come to power, the mechanisms already will be there to implement our agenda." Think about that for a moment.

Bush actually thinks he is doing good, believe it or not - God's work, actually. That's how he can justify the means he erects to accomplish his ends. The problem with means is that they tend to outlast the ends.

Let me repeat that last phrase for you Bush supporters. It is the reality upon which the Nazi wannabes hang their hopes, you know. Even ignoring all concern for fairness or justice, it is key to understanding just why one must never allow ends to justify means. The problem with means is that they tend to outlast the ends. And you can quote me on that.

One could argue quite convincingly that Abraham Lincoln was the first real tyrant to expand Presidential powers and that it was he who left the means lying around to be abused today. If so, then Franklin Roosevelt deserves a healthy dose of credit for expanding them well beyond Lincoln. Bush, however, has shown both Lincoln and Roosevelt to have been pikers.

Only insiders dared think of Roosevelt as vindictive and only Southerners viewed Lincoln as evil, while neither were viewed as being intellectually deficient. The vast majority of Americans today, however, agree that George W. Bush is both venal and stupid.

Perhaps the most telling moment of the President's speech came before it began, when antiwar activist Cindy Sheehan, the officially invited and legitimate guest of a Democrat congressman, was arrested in the entryway and hauled away in cuffs. Why? Because she has been a steadfast Bush critic, a thorn in his side. She officially is a "dissenter," which now is a crime in America. Very good, boys and girls. Yes, that is right. It is a pure thought crime!

Ms. Sheehan's treatment was explained during Bush's speech when he said, "there is a difference between responsible criticism that aims for success, and defeatism...second-guessing is not a strategy." At least, not a strategy designed to keep you out of jail in America. How odd that, a few minutes later, Bush added, "liberty is the right and hope of all humanity." Remember the last Attorney General's caution that we all "watch what (we) say?" Still think we have free speech? Think again...but, keep it to yourself if you expect to keep your "right" to liberty.

And you can bet that Cindy Sheehan had to take the bus to Washington, DC, because all who publicly disagree with this Administration are being placed on the TSA "No-Fly" List and thus turned away at all of America's airline departure gates. The "No-Fly" List was started after 9-11 with a few hundred names, but has since swelled to over 80,000 Americans. No, they won't tell you if your name is on the list. You find out only if you show up, luggage in hand and plans made. Guess whether I am on that list.

Bush demanded that Congress "reauthorize the Patriot Act," without even mentioning the dictatorial powers contained within Patriot Act II, then he admitted that he had authorized all those illegal NSA wiretaps since first he was sworn in. Then came the most blatant lie of the evening: Bush said that "appropriate members of Congress" had been notified of those wiretaps in advance. This, of course, already has been denied by members of Congress.

   Not a mention of the secret prisons, the torture, the many violations of both the Constitution (that "damned piece of paper") and statutory law or so much else that has been wrong with this Presidency, of course.

Then Bush turned to the domestic front. The lies and misrepresentations came so fast and furious that I was unable to take comprehensive notes, but they all boiled down to: We're going to cut taxes and increase spending, all while we cut the deficit in half during the balance of Bush's term in office. The only thing missing was a miracle involving fishes and loaves.

The Democrats' response was given by Virginia's new governor, who amiably trotted out a host of platitudes, all of which added up to one thing: increase spending even more than Bush has promised.

Clearly, a new day is dawning. The Beginning of the End of America is over. So is the Middle. Now comes the End of the End. Make no mistake. This is the Crack of Doom.

Homeland Security just let another of those massive, no-bid contracts to Halliburton, the company that still pays a salary to Dick Cheney, believe it or not - this time to upgrade and maintain those nonexistent detention camps scattered throughout the rural areas of America. Thus, another urban myth becomes reality.

And it has been leaked that, very soon now, Homeland Security will be going through all bank safety deposit boxes and inventorying their contents. Tomorrow is when you should go empty yours. Not the next day. Tomorrow!

As watchers of this space know full well, gold and other precious metals suddenly are doing their classic pre-World-War runup. When we go into Iran, which both Russia and China deem to be within their strategic spheres of influence, truly World War III will start. But, what choice do we have? Otherwise, in March the dollar crashes due to establishment of the independent Iranian oil bourse (marketplace) where all the world's oil will, for the first time, be obtainable by presenting something other than dollar bills. If all those overseas dollars then come marching home, you know what happens and our masters, ever conscious of their personal wealth and indifferent to our lot, simply cannot allow that to happen. So what if your son dies in the process? No skin off their noses.

   Finally, Bush also stated last night that "the United States of America supports democratic reform across the broader Middle East." Unlike so many, I actually think that is terrific news. If we can make democracy work elsewhere, then there is a chance, however slim, that someday we might actually give it a try here in America!