Richard F. Masker, Conspiratologist

Time has run out for our police. You are the local survival salvation for your precious community. Besides our armed citizens, you are our first and final line of defense against unspeakable political and racial tyranny. You are SWORN to protect and to serve as well as support and defend the Constitutional Contract (The Laws) of the united States against all enemies both Foreign and Domestic.

The question is: will you serve the original dejur, legal, Constitutional united States of America, or continue to labor for the (March 9th 1933) subversive, "lawful," defacto, fictional, treasonous, FEDERAL UNITED STATES Public Corporation that is now the secret insurgent alien occupational and dictatorial Zionist Supremacist Government in Washington, D.C.? What say ye?

Are you aware that you are presently aiding and abetting the Bush War Party gang's New World Order Police State? You are being made party to the corruption and criminal enforcement actions of "The NWO System," but be advised that Americans are rapidly discovering the truth of this enormous deception and treason. The Great Awakening is now well under way and the enemies of our people are being exposed. This is your dangerous moment of decision. You are at the crossroads to decide "for whom ye will serve". Will you serve with honesty, dedication, loyalty, and patriotic courage OR blatant continued subversive obedient treason?

"Ignorance of the law and the truth is no excuse or justification." It's time you question the authority that dominates our courts, Law Enforcement, media, education and elected government leaders and police supervisors that preside over you.

Politically Correct (PC) Corporate Admiralty Maritime and Commercial Communist policies and "Laws" are our collective enemies. Remember that the enemies of your enemies are your friends. Do you know who your real friends are? They are the millions of American White Middle Class who are willing to stand and fight to the death to protect and preserve their families, beliefs, property and sacred homeland of America. These are the voices of the American Patriots who are opposed to the continued federal administration "Police State Tactics" like:

* Forming a treasonous North American Union (NAU)

* Encouraging massive illegal Non-White immigration

* Unlawful wire-taping and spying techniques

* Outlawing free expression and free speech on the Internet

* Controlling and extorting religions with IRS tax exemptions

* Nullifying the Geneva Convention liability threat to Neo-Cons

* Legalization of intimidation and torture of prisoners

* Secret detention without trial and no family notification

* Use of multiculturalism and diversity racist fear legislation

* Continued restrictions on firearms ownership

* Covert operations like the big false-flag 911 cover-up lie

* Enforced disappearance, "liquidations" and entrapments

* Unlawful State and IRS taxation and confiscation of property

* Imprisonment and trial for questioning the "Holocaust" myth

* Unfair trial procedures with subversive defacto laws

* Rigged and manipulated voter elections systems

* Continued and calculated subversive phony "War on Drugs"

* Relocation of Black Katrina victims to mostly White cities

* Outrageous, conditioned attack against all White Patriots

* Rampant Militarism under false Police guise

* Legalizing the abortion of unborn children

* Appointed Liberals and Jews to top government positions

* Zionist ADL subversive "training" of Law Enforcement

* Fabricated and phony genocidal war on "Arab Terrorism"

* Use of gross deception like the "Patriot Act" against America

* Denial of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 to attack citizens

* Bio-Terrorism pandemics against citizens of the World

* Attempt to make all Americans "Enemy Combatants"

* Lenient laws and amnesty towards criminals and illegal aliens

* Prolonged incommunicado imprisonment enforcement

* Intentional, genocidal racist laws against global Whites

* Fabrication of phony Terrorist Security regulations

* Create Mid-East wars to protect the "Jewish State of Israel"

* Denial of Habeas Corpus protection for "Political Prisoners"

* Massive Marxist deficit and illegal welfare spending policy

* Massive construction of "Internment Prison Camps"

How much "Probable Cause" is required for our people to face the truth and wakeup? This list could be endless to prove that the "Zionist Police State" is a real and present danger to you and your families and your RIGHT to future self determination and absolute freedom. How much FEDERAL security will it take to completely destroy this America that we cherish so deeply? Simply try to compile a GENUINE list of anything our defacto Congress has done to favor, protect or strengthen America's White Middle-Class during the last few years. Go ahead and try. See how far you get. Next, try to list the insane liberal policies and "statutes" that exist within your department organization. Example: Female armed officers, Prosecutorial Discretion, Miranda Laws, search and seizure policy, etc., etc.

The voice of the awakened population is crying aloud for the support of our valiant and courageous Law Enforcement. Please answer the call to duty and responsibility and stop yielding to the subversive Zionist propaganda by our deadly "Enemies Within" that control our subversive Neo-Con Jewish Extremist PC Media and Government. Is our America today really the "Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave?" Remember that America's rapid decline is by the Jewish Supremacist deadly design. It's just that simple. No other success in life can compensate for your failure to discover the truth and do your sacred duty to your community.