By: Edgar J. Steele

I haven't spoken of this to many but, for the past several months, I have been depressed and in self-denial about the impending death of my father.

Beyond Self-Denial

Only recently have I realized just how similar my feelings for my father have been to those I possess about America.

My father died two days ago. I am traveling with my family to bury him on Friday. His death followed a lingering illness and came hard on the heels of an extended period of near-invalid, then true invalid status, which themselves followed a series of medical procedures designed to prolong his life.

Before surgery, he was alert, active and full of life, but the doctor insisted that he would die much more quickly without it. What the doctor did not say is that my father's quality of life might be so diminished that the extra time likely would not be worth living. We all encouraged him to go under the knife. Now I understand all too well his reluctance at the time to do so.

Just as the War on Terror now rips America apart, did the surgical cure kill my father sooner than if he had refused treatment? Did it make pointless any extension thereby procured? Who knows? Over the past couple of years, he repeatedly told me he never would allow medical intervention again, all while his quality of life obviously and inexorably spiraled downward.

Let Me Tell You How He - and America - Lived

On the other hand, my father was nearly 90 years old. He lived a full life. As Tom Cruise so poignantly replied to Japan's Emperor in the closing scenes of "The Last Samurai," when the Emperor asked to be told how his own childhood teacher had died in battle alongside Cruise's character: "No, Excellency ... but I will tell you how he lived."

In a very real sense, my father's life is a metaphor for America, spanning almost exactly the period of America's fall from greatness: 1917 - 2007. He saw it all. He was there.

My father wasn't old enough to be aware of Woodrow Wilson's treason in establishing the Federal Reserve Bank in 1919 (which is private, not federal, has no reserves and is no bank) and then by involving America in "The Great War," now called WWI, which itself made WWII inevitable because of the war-reparations yoke placed upon Germany.

The Value of a Penny

For two hundred years prior to establishment of the (not) Federal (no) Reserve (non) Bank, the American dollar, with little and only temporary exception, was rock solid: A dollar in 1918 bought you pretty much what it had bought throughout the prior two centuries. Ironically, the Federal Reserve Bank was established with a single charter: Ensure stability of the dollar. Since the FRB's inception in 1919, the dollar intentionally has been watered to the point where it is worth precisely one 1919 penny today. When's the last time you bothered to stoop to pick up a penny?

As a young man, my father witnessed first hand the disastrous consequences of Wilson's actions by enduring two world wars and "The Great Depression" (soon to be known as Depression I because of the financial pit into which America now has been flung).

As an old man, my father witnessed the closing chapters to Wilson's treachery coupled with FDR's duplicity as he saw his social security checks meet less and less of his monthly living requirements.

Social Insecurity

On a side note, I recently applied for Social Security myself and was stunned to be denied benefits altogether because, despite providing my tax returns, and on no evidence whatsoever, they essentially have accused me of committing tax fraud by not reporting income - income sufficient to place me beyond the level that allows Social Security payments at age 62.

Imagine my situation well, because this is your not-so-distant future treatment, too. A denial of my paid-in-full retirement money based upon no evidence whatsoever (because there is none, of course - my income really is as nonexistent as my tax returns disclose).

Note well, however, that the Social Security Administration is the same agency that our government has instructed provide for hordes of illegals swarming across America's southern border. No money for my father or me (or you, don't forget), though we paid all our lives to fund our retirements, because it now is being given to the third world's undeserving offal.

My Father - My America

My father was a good man and strong, in so many senses of those words - born of the old American school and work ethic: stoic, unflinching, dedicated, loyal, unemotional and with a strong moral compass. He experienced Depression I up close and personal (see Defensive Racism for a scary description of Depression II and the upcoming WWIII, both of which are unfolding today exactly as I foresaw when first I wrote the book).

My father knew the value of a dollar. He knew how bad things could be. He knew the value of commitment, accountability and responsibility. He was never phony, never pretentious and never responded in anger without more-than-adequate provocation. In short, he was America - my America, the America of my youth - the America that lives on now in but a few of us, but fast fading from our memories.

Growing Old vs. Growing Up

I used to remark that, while I felt older, I never quite reached the point of feeling "grown up." That time is over. When you lose your second parent, something happens inside and, emotionally, you step to the head of the line.

Now it is my turn. Now I am a grown up. Now is the time to put aside childish things and expectations. Now is the time to prepare my children's future. Now is the time to prepare to step aside, myself.

What We Have Wrought

I look around and I do not like what we have prepared for our children's legacy.

We have offered up their lives on the altar of political correctness.

We have sacrificed their children in the name of racial equality that never can be attained.

We have mortgaged their future for big-screen TVs, temporary comfort and to finance unattainable world conquest for the unspeakable evil that has subsumed the American voice.

I am fed up with what has come of my beloved America:

Police state ...

Anchor baby paradise ...

Welfare wonderland ...

Festering third world morass ...

Economy on life support, with the power now failing ...

Warmongering Neocons spending billions, soon to be trillions, on the "war against terror," which really is a war against us ...

Going from first among equals in the world to last in respect, integrity and honor in the six long years of the Bush Administration ...

Apologizing for being White, while embracing diversity (which, oddly enough, requires a complete lack of diversity in our thinking) ...

Killing Arabs for Jesus ...

Stupid, cud-chewing electorate ...

"Partial-birth" (meaning born alive, then murdered) abortions ...

Enforced busing of our children to schools where English is a second language and learning takes a back seat to a perverted sense of equality...

Say the "N" word and go to jail ...

Say the "J" word and go to jail ... tomorrow, say the "J" word and die ...

The coming conscription of our children to fight and die for big oil and little Israel in what I now consider to be inevitable: WWIII, coming to America in various shades of nuclear explosions and fallout ...

Ruining the value of the dollar simply by printing as many as the government wishes to spend and the (not) Federal (no) Reserve (non) Bank deems necessary to keep itself in charge of America's banking system. This, of course, impoverishes most of my father's generation who still are alive, not to mention far too many of my own generation - good, honest people who played by the rules, sacrificed for our children and worked all our lives to construct a comfortable retirement, yet now finding every day a little less comfortable as prices skyrocket in every direction.

Politicians who sneer at us yet, somehow, get reelected.

Dead Country Walking

"Dead Man Walking" is a phrase popularized by Stephen King's novel and movie, The Green Mile, and refers to the final walk taken by a condemned man - into the execution chamber.

That's the way I see America today: Dead Country Walking. What's more, there is no hope for a last-minute call from the Governor's office, telling of a reprieve. In reality, the Governor himself awaits America in the execution chamber, his hand already on the lever.

America has been wrecked. Bush didn't do it all by himself. He had help. Lots of help, beginning with the Israeli-orchestrated assassination of John F. Kennedy, not to mention our indulgence and feigned ignorance. Now, over forty years later, I scarcely recognize the country that has resulted from the slow-rolling coup that has taken place. Dead Country Walking.

The Real America

America is not her current regime. She is not to be found in the bureaucracies so abundant at all levels of government throughout the country.

The real America is found in her people: open, generous, overly fair and too trusting. America is in her broad plains and great mountains, her crystal-clear lakes and superb ocean shoreline. America is a thought, a concept, a way of thinking. America's greatness lay in the fundamental nature of her founding culture, which is European - not Negroid, not Mexican, not Jewish - European and White to the bone.

Some say that patriotism is old fashioned.

Some think that love of country is out of date.

Some consider the slightest show of sentiment toward one's homeland to be naive.

But, God help us and God help our country if the cynics, the one worlders, the Zionist Neoconservative intellectual dilettantes ever persuade us that these things have passed us by.

Because, fellow Americans, patriotism, loyalty, sentiment...THESE THINGS ARE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

In my lifetime, I have seen America grow and change. I have seen her stand tall and I have seen her brought low.

I have seen the best that America can be and, now, I have seen the worst that America can be.

But always, she has been my America ... our America ... and she always will be our America, come what may ... for better or for worse.

Yes, my father's generation has much for which to answer in having allowed America to be overtaken by the forces of darkness, but we, too, have to be accountable for allowing it to continue and, even, to grow during our watch.

Ok, So What Can We Do About It?

Even if we can do nothing, we must do something. We must show our children that, in the final analysis, defeat really is just another word for giving up. Never give up and never will you experience defeat.

What to do when everything we try has failed?

It is illegal to advocate violence if, by doing so, you present a "clear and present danger" to the public peace. It is illegal to threaten certain officeholders (Bush and Cheney, among others). It is illegal to say the "N" right out loud. It is illegal to criticize Jews publicly (if you don't think so, just try it and see what happens to you and yours).

In fact, so many things are illegal today that every single American alive is subject to arrest at any time for a variety of daily transgressions. And that does not even take recognition of the pandemic misapplication of justice and discriminate choice of legal victims that is the true hallmark of the nation of men into which America has evolved, from what began as a nation of laws.

I abhor violence in any form, but a recent event has given me reason to consider changing my mind. Remember how the "guest worker" (i.e., the millions of criminals known as illegal immigrants) Amnesty bill was set to clear Congress recently, despite opposition by over 80% of America? One day, a bunch of senators pledged to vote for it and, when the day arrived, suddenly they voted against it. The media reported that the Senators changed in response to the stated wishes of their constituencies. Well, I suppose that is sort of true, but let me tell you what really happened.

Now, Listen Closely...

No, on second thought, I'll let Senator Dianne Feinstein tell you in her own words. The morning of the slated vote, she took to the floor of the Senate and in quaking voice and fearful manner, said, "We've all heard about the phone calls and the threats." She referred to the many threats she and her fellow senators had been receiving from rank-and-file Americans over the upcoming Amnesty bill vote, of course.

You see, a handful of Internet firebrands made public the Senators' access information, including home addresses and phone numbers. One went so far as to advocate assassinating any Senator who voted for the bill, not the first time he had gone public with something that I know would have gotten me jailed.

The campaign got results where months of legal protesting, lobbying and marching had not, because the Senate went on to vote down the bill when 18 of their number switched and voted against Bush's pet Amnesty bill. For a detailed and radical exploration of the logical extension to this strategy, read the exceptionally well-written and entertaining novel Unintended Consequences.

So, there is something that gets them to listen to us, after all, isn't there? Getting the message, folks?

I will not advocate the infliction of violence against others - just one of the many reasons I so steadfastly have been opposed to the Bush regime's wars of Middle East conquest. But I seriously am considering advocating that we all begin to threaten violence against our erstwhile elected and bureaucratic leaders.

I wonder - is it legal to advocate the threat of violence against elected officials if, at the same time, one advocates that those threats not be carried out? Hmmmmmmm....


Nothing else has worked, yet the recent flurry of threats got through to 18 Senators, with the result that the "inevitable" Amnesty bill was killed. Are you listening closely, folks?

Some things, of course, simply are too much to hope for...

We threw the Republicans out in the mid-term elections and helplessly have been forced to watch as their Democrat replacements simply stepped up and continued their treasonous work, all the while refusing even to consider impeaching Bush and Cheney.

An Interesting Proposition

You must admit that violence, or even the simple threat of violence, is an inviting notion, based upon recent results. In the words of my buddy Al, "Mind you, I agree to nothing, but it is an interesting proposition!"

Of course, they will figure this out and eventually decline to knuckle under to the mere threat of violence. Whatever will we do then, do you suppose? Again - please read Unintended Consequences.

New America. An idea whose time has come.

My name is Edgar J. Steele. Thanks for listening. Please visit my web site,, for other messages just like this one.

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