By: Richard F. Masker, Conspiratologist

Well, Mr. White Idaho Politician, at this very moment outside OUR windows, millions of Non-White "Wretched Refuse from teaming shores" are rioting and demanding that YOU give them OUR jobs, OUR Cities, OUR White Women, OUR wealth. These, Non-White Mexican Illegal Insurgent Mestizos are "DEMANDING" that we give them OUR entire National Sovereignty!! What say you? Are you going to continue to be a Toady and Political Party Stooge of the Zionist Master Minds that are really calling the NWO shots behind the Treasonous Neo-Con Bush Trotskyite Jewish Supremacist regime and our "Controlled Media" and Corporate Commerce? What are you going to do? Who are you going to serve?

Our desperate White Middle-Class (do you remember them?) is screaming and demanding that their elected officials (That's You!) show some modicum of leadership ability and backbone in this, our most dangerous hour, of this, OUR ZIONIST CREATED NATIONAL EMERGENCY.

May I suggest that you notify OUR PEOPLE that you are really on their side after all, by suggesting that Zionist Congress establish a White History and Heritage Month, say in May for instance. (Just make sure it doesn't clash with Jewish History and Heritage Month or any of the other numerous Non-White Holidays.) Establishing it would demonstrate that YOU think that Whites do in fact have real meaning and significance in this mongrelized, manipulated, diversified and strictly "Multicultural" Zionist engineered Anti-White society. Man, what a devoted and dynamic leader you could become.

Then expose the treason in our "Israel West", a.k.a. Washington, D.C., and in your home state (Idaho) Government. Our people need a real hero image they can finally TRUST in government. Again, what say you?

Stop wallowing at the treasonous trough of wealth, prestige and fame. Do you remember the meaning of Dynamic Leadership, Devotion to duty, Sacrifice, Honesty, Racial Loyalty, Trust and American National hope and survival? Well, our racial community still remembers those precious words and demands that you start to immediately honor them. Beware of thyself!

The hour is late and the time is now! No other success in this life can possibly compensate for your failure to perform your sacred stewardship. Stand up and be accountable to OUR PEOPLE. Honor your Constitutional Oath to support, protect and defend OUR Racial Nation against ALL ENEMIES, BOTH FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC! Do it NOW because the deadly blade of judgment of our awakening people is heavy and its fall will be sharp, sure and swift. The Neo-Bolshevik Revolution is as near as a lover's warm breath against one's neck. What say you?