Intro by: Richard F. Masker, Conspiratologist

For the past 30 years our America has been very carefully and quietly overrun with non-Whites from every nation on Earth, especially Mexico. In the recorded presentation listed below, you will discover WHY this is the case and who did it.

Conspiratologists from around the world have tried continually to warn our people that Jewish Supremacists have always been the criminals hard at work to bring this about. The idea is that they always function better in a multicultural and weakened social climate. After they conspired and gained control of our money and our communications media, then the rest was a piece of cake.

If they are to bring about their New World Order, they must destroy the White Race that could smash their designs for world domination.

The outstanding presentation that Dr. David Duke recently broadcast via the internet exposes the enormous control the Jews have over our U.S. Congress and its law-making functions.

Dr. Duke has made huge contributions to our White Nationalist Movement in attempting to awaken Americans and Europeans alike to the dangers of Jewish global Racial Supremacism. This is a presentation that must be circulated to all your fellow workers, church members, friends and relatives.

Just click on the DOWNLOAD link below to listen.

Thanks for visiting this (and Dr. Duke's) website today. I know you won't be disappointed.