(A primer for the beginner.)

By: Richard F. Masker, Conspiratologist

Our lives are measured in time and results. Does the time that you spend living your life result in positive or truly meaningful results? Is your life squandered working on countless varieties of worthless trivial pursuits and hobbies that make no real long term and lasting grand impact or improvement to society? What will be your final contribution to the glory of humanity? A life of labor, selling autos or computer widgets, etc? What is the most important service you can perform during your very short, but extremely valuable lifetime? What are you going to do with the rest of your life? Please consider the following very carefully.

About four thousand years ago in the Middle-East, along the banks of the rivers of the Mesopotamian Valley, a very primitive ancient racial nomadic tribe of “thieves, Brigands, Highwaymen and criminal barbarians” developed and perfected what was later described by Douglas Reed as “The Great Destructive Idea (GDI).” Those criminal tribal people still exist within societies today and are known as The International Jews. Their major objective today is to establish a One World Government called the New World Order and rule over our entire planet with a cruel iron fist. The only problem they have is dealing with those many portions of the population that keep wanting to resist the enslavement of their societies. The most stubborn resisters to their criminal efforts have always been the White populations of the world. This is the situation we find ourselves in today. So again, what are you doing with the rest of your life? Want to get involved in the most significant labor that any human being can possibly be involved with -- stopping the New World Order Communistic Jews in their tracks and safeguarding the future for your next generation of Whites around the world? Think about it. This is real fun stuff.

Warfare usually falls into two different categories, Conventional Warfare and Unconventional Warfare.

The conventional style is where you simply go out on the field of battle and face your enemy with tanks, planes, spears, rocks, or whatever. That is the historical Gentile direct approach. The unconventional style is when you use subversion, lies, tyranny, stealth and cunning to carefully undermine and destroy your enemy’s civilization “leaving it neither root nor branch.” This is “utter destruction” by a subversive means. All the time your enemy is kept mentally occupied, never knowing they are being murdered right at home in their easy chairs. This paints a very clear and accurate picture of Anti-White Jewish Genocide and where America and all the White Western World is today as you read these lines. Again, what are you doing with the rest of your life?

Today these ancient criminals use a form of warfare called: International, Unconventional, Ancient Asiatic, Subversive, Gradualistic Warfare. This is the modern finalized and perfected form of the ancient Great Destructive Idea, GDI. This is why your society with all its old European White heritage, morals and value systems are quickly collapsing all around you. This is why our children are dying in the drug alleys of America and by the thousands on the sands of the Mid-East only for the protection and glory of Israel, the International Jews and their New World Order. It’s time to wake up, Young People, and discover what is of value to occupy your labors for the rest of your lives!

The greatest subversive weapon in the hands of our enemies is their effective use of their Great Destructive Idea, (GDI). This is also known as Communism, Liberalism, Marxist Socialism, Spiritualism, etc., but it is simply the “Big Lie” propaganda technique. The following are essential elements of how it works, but be sure that you understand that the elements of GDI can work both ways. It can work for or against you. All things have their opposites. A good creative organization can utilize the GDI principals to provide a Great Creative Idea, GCI, just as well. The National Alliance is a prime example. Only you can decide and determine if the cause is good or bad. Take a good close look at your church or religious philosophy to determine which side of the scale it stands.

The next thirteen examples given are the negative form used by the Zionist Global Jewish subversives for their GDI. To be effective and make this thing work for them, the Jews had to manipulate complete control of the nations Media, Money and Political Systems. The GDI is their delivery system to the masses. “By way of our Purse, Press and Politics, we can subdue the most rebellious consciousness” and they have done just exactly that!

1. REPETITION: The object is to weaken your hated racial enemies. Always repeat the Big Lie perversion over and over again. Never let up of driving the Big Lie propaganda home to the sub-consciousness of your enemy. Example: “Abortion is good” over and over again. After awhile the masses will believe and cherish even the most insane, asinine socially and racially destructive lie. Any salesman knows that he must say the magic words at least seven times to drive the finished sale to the contract agreement.

2. ALL PERVASIVE: Make sure the subversive message comes in from every direction, Movies, Magazines, Television, Radio, Churches, Internet, Billboards, Schools, Colleges, Candy Wrappers and Universities, anywhere and everywhere. The Jews create thousands of organizations to drive their subversive politically correct propaganda deep into the minds of the masses. They create cult societies, religions, Bible Studies groups, Masonic Orders, political parties, Boy/Girl Scouts Associations, etc. The list is endless. Remember that the very first law of propaganda is to say absolutely nothing. Only tell the cattle what you want them to hear and know and nothing else. But, what you want them to know you must scream it at them day and night over and over again, just like training a chimp.

3. IMAGE: Their carriers image must be high quality to maintain credibility of the big lie. They must brainwash “Liberalize” police, clergymen, firemen, politicians, Scientists, Hollywood actors, school teachers, etc. Even beautiful churches, Planetariums, statues, art and music should be used to distribute the big lie message of interracial sex and love of “God’s Chosen Tribe” to the unsuspecting Goyim Cattle. All Gentiles are fair game.

4. ABSENCE OF OPPOSITION: Make every effort to silence any and all opposition. Never allow your detractors any position of credibility or legitimate forum. The Steamship called “The Big Lie Lines” is immediately sunk in its wake by Absolute Truth” torpedoes. OK, what are you doing with your life right now?

5. PHANTOM ENEMY: It is always easy to justify your insane subversive actions by creating a phantom enemy. World War II was blamed on Pearl Harbor, WWI on the sinking of the Lusitania, the Mid-East War on 911, Fluoridation on tooth decay, etc. It is always the best policy to get the masses inflamed with violent events or icons so that they will support legislation that their enemies could use against them. Good scapegoats like Guns, Moslems, Terrorists or “Hate Groups” can be used. When possible make sure that Jews are used as “fictitious innocent scapegoats.” The Gentiles always fall for that really big lie.

6. PEER PRESSURE: Remember that if the propaganda is all pervasive and accepted by the masses then within their own social fabric will exist a self reinforcing resistance to change from the path your propaganda has sent them on. Once Marxist “Political Correctness” has saturated their mentalities, they then are easily maintained in that direction.

7. FEAR- INTIMIDATION FACTOR: The Big Lie usually needs something to drive the masses into fear if they don’t “comply” or “Go along” with the GDI. Everyone is familiar with “It’s the Law” technique. The Jews love to use their control of Law Enforcement and the Courts over the heads of the people. “Anti-Semitism is a VIOLATION of the Hate Crime Laws.” Communism has always ruled by fear, extortion, Hate, intimidation and terror. Ask any Iraqi Mother.

8. FINANCIAL DEMANDS: The Big Lie could not maintain control over the masses without its Big Extortion principle. The IRS says, “Pay up and comply or we will take everything you have and destroy your life forever.” Your Minister says: “Pay God’s Tenth to Me or burn in hell forever.” You get the idea. The extortionists always make the victim pay for his own victimization. The GDI Banking Industry has now become the primary backbreaking element of commerce and trade in the World today. Do you thinks it’s time to get involved?

9. HISTORICITY: It is always nice if the GDI, Big Lie can be cloaked with or tied in with historical folktales or national heritage. Like, “ Well, Homosexuality has been practiced for thousands of year” or “Prostitution, Alcohol and drugs have been around forever” and “If they’re good enough for God and Grandma, then their OK with me.” You know the age-old pitch.

10. SUPERNATURALISM: If the big lie has a religious or righteous, supernatural flavor then that gives it some kind of credible foundation kick. “Look, it’s right here in the scriptures” or “Yes, but, Pastor Dershowitz told our Sunday School Class that” an unverifiable empty “fact” is a wonderful tool to prove your point. Always play on the emotions of the masses especially in preparation for an election. Most people would rather work at hard labor than think for more than 16 seconds.

11. INVISIBILITY: The plotters always attempt to remain in the shadows and invisible. They always use a Timothy McVey or Harvey Lee Oswald front man. They must always operate in secret and never allow the masses to make the 911-Zionist style connection. They know that if the stupid “cattle” ever discover their genocidal global plot then they will have to resort to unimaginable measures of recovery. I am not at liberty here to mention what those measures might be and how they can be used on our White Society.

12. CORRUPT THE WORDING: Never allow the crown to understand the true meaning of the GDI lie you are peddling. The words in law must be manipulated and corrupted. When promoting Abortion on Demand always use the words, “Freedom of Choice” rather than ‘Freedom and License to Murder.” Only the “Pro-Life, Anti-Abortion factions can use “Right to Life” slogans, but you simply can’t use “Pro-Death” banners in your campaign; it isn’t PC-Kosher.

13. UNDERMINE THE LAW: Finally we need to examine how the GDI has perverted and undermined our Constitution. The Plotters needed to change the Status of the Sovereign Citizen to a Straw Man Subject of the Federal Government so that they had absolute and total jurisdiction over each and every person. In this way the individual rights and freedoms of society have been manipulated and controlled by Government. The Jewish dominated government now owns everything under defacto fictional Corporate Federal control.

The above has simply been a brief primer to the techniques for the use of the Great Destructive idea, GDI. Every adult mature human who reads these principals of the GDI should be challenged to determine if this diabolical program is true and valid. If so, what are you willing to do to smash it before it destroys your future in the only nation that has sheltered your family for generations.

Now for the last time. What are you doing with the rest of your life? Keep this as a reminder:


We have heard the Horn of Battle,
And are summoned to its call.
Our Brethren stand in anguish,
As our cities start to fall.
The Battle Clouds are gathering,
Morning skies turn red to blues.
This evenings final bloodshed,
Is our triumph over Jews.
With our losses in the millions,
Our hearts and cause is just.
Our course is forged in Racial Blood,
By loyalty, love and trust.
For the remnant of our tribal tree,
It is these that we must save.
Then on to Eternal Perfection,
With our household of the brave.

By Richard F. Masker
Born January 30, 1942


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