By: Richard F. Masker, Conspiratologist

I become absolutely outraged as I listen to the endless and massive barrage of pro-amnesty and free ticket to citizenship propaganda for millions of illegal Mestizos and other Non-Whites into our Nation. The mountain of fraudulent distortions and obscene lies by our Zionist enemies and their "Controlled Media" is absolutely insane. Does the White Middle-Class ever wonder why the Jewish Supremacist controlled media never mentions the most important, valued, helpless and vulnerable and least considered group in American Society?

All the mentally challenged Christian do-gooders and ultra-Liberal bleeding heart Marxists hate-programmed politicians only consider their voting constituents and being afraid of hurting the sensitive feelings of the Neo-Bolshevik supported citizen Mestizo Insurgents from Mexico. All the newscasters, politicians and special interest group organizers on both sides of the two party enemy forces never seem to want to consider the needs of the most important group, the precious future generations of our innocent, beautiful and creative White European American CHILDREN!

If this country is eventually overwhelmed with non-Whites, where will our children go? If there are no future jobs for them and the schools are full of non-Whites and the economy collapses, as it will, how will they survive? What is to be their fate amidst violent approaching massive race rioting, internal civil wars, crime, and continued Zionist Anti-White genocidal propaganda? How can White European Americans finally counter their deadly Zionist Occupied genocidal Government and be able to directly confront their subversive enemies from deep within their corporate and subversive society? When will Law Enforcement start to violate the present laws and start to defend and support their own future White Generations?

Who is preparing and caring for our children's futures? Who will fight for their absolute rights? Who will have the courage to speak non-Political correct truths (Conspiratologists) and fight the good fight to save our White Racial posterity? How can we start to TAKE AMERICA BACK? The hour of sacrifice and valiance has arrived!