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Are we willing to stand up to the Jewish/Zionist anti-White genocidal hate propaganda? We’d better start soon because time is rapidly running out for our global White "village." Remember that White extinction is forever.

There are 44 years in one generation and when our White children breed outside of our race, they have condemned their offspring to mongrelized misery and shame for many generations to come.

Every member of our White family should be constantly reminded of the threat of the Jewish, artificially induced White Racial destruction. Our young children must be raised to be proud of their White racial heritage and destiny. They should be reminded each and every day, even into adulthood. This is our White parents’ sacred responsibility. Our beautifully framed 6-inch Lady Liberty Logo can be a simple in-home instrument to help us accomplish this most important goal.

As seen in accompanying photo here, our Lady Liberty "White Pride World Wide" logo is printed on heavy white pellon, is mounted in a rich Walnut hardwood stained, finished circular frame and includes a glass cover. It has that gold trimmed, age-old, honest heirloom style look to it.

Family members and their children will retain this positive memory and message all the days of their lives and for many generations to come when this White Pride World Wide message is displayed right along with their family photos.

Our 6 inch framed Logo, which includes postage in US/Canada, is $58.00. An unframed 6" Logo is $14.00 and a 9" Logo is $18.00, postage paid in US/Canada and can be framed at customers discretion. For shipping prices to other countries, please contact us at or 208-818-1251.

Certified Bank Checks or Money Orders only with
payment made to the order of Deon Masker.

Example of the Wall Logo