By: Richard F. Masker, Conspiratologist

The top 20 Conspiratology Questions that you will never see on your favorite "Controlled Media" television game show.

1. 93% of the original 1917 Soviet Bolshevik government was:
A. Russian
B. Hungarian
C. Jewish
D. Cuban

2. The present neo-Conservative US Government is controlled by which of the following:
A. Democrats
B. Republicans
C. Libertarians
D. Hebrews

3. Franklin, Jefferson and Washington were only a few out of many who warned against the influence of:
A. The French
B. The Jews
C. The Irish
D. The Mexicans

4. The 10 Class A stockholder banks that control the Federal Reserve are themselves owned and controlled by:
A. The Rolling Stones
B. The Jews
C. The Bush War Party
D. Wolf Blitzer

5. Approximately 96% of all communication, news and entertainment media around the world is dominated by:
A. The Jews
B. Hollywood
C. John Birch Society
D. Sony International

6. The organization most effective in stiffling all forms of free speech is:
A. Communist Party
B. Southern Poverty Law Center
C. Jewish Anti-Defamation League
D. Mormon Church

7. The constant promotion for hate crimes legislation and minority civil rights is championed by:
A. Jewish Anti-Defamation League
B. Democratic Party
D. General Motors

8. The primary congressional lobbyist organization in Washington is:
A. Hewlett-Packard
D. American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)

9. The only people to benefit from 9/11 and the Iraq war is:
A. CNN News Network
B. The Drudge Report
C. The 'Jewish' State of Israel
D. The Mexican Government

10. America's medical schools are totally dominated by:
A. The AMA
B. Jewish Physicians
C. The Heart Association
D. None of the above

11. The most powerful of America's minority groups is:
A. Friends of Dracula
B. Used Car Dealers Association
C. James Dean Fan Club
D. The Jews

12. The vast majority of decision-making officers of the IRS are:
A. Jews
B. Mormons
C. Union Members
D. Catholics

13. The chairman of the Federal Reserve Board has always been:
A. A Peanut Farmer
B. A Federal Executioner
C. An Israel-Firster
D. A Hollwood movie director

14. The food purity extortion racket has always been dominated by:
A. Butchers
B. Jewish Rabbis
C. Betty Crocker
D. Pet Food Industry

15. Most religous doctrines taught in churches were established by:
A. Al Sharpton
B. Merlin The Magician
C. Jewish Propagandists
D. Jesse Jackson

16. America's total breakdown in immigration laws and lack of boarder security is the result of legislation by:
A. Zionist control of Congress
B. Mexican government subversion
C. American-Hispanic lobby
D. Cuban Foreign Aid Society

17. What minority group most dominates American society through fear, hate, extortion and intimidation:
A. American Indians
B. Jewish Supremacists
C. Eskimos
D. Midgets and Dwarves

18. Douglas Reed, the editor-in-chief of the London Times, declared these people the practicioners of the 'Great Distructive Idea':
A. Halliburton Group
B. Betsy Ross Society
C. Mel Gibson Fan Club
D. Talmudist Jews

19. In 1933 our Constitutional government was changed by a secret society into a fictional, de facto corporation, by which of the following conspirators:
A. Moderate Republican Legislators
B. Knights of Columbus
C. Jewish 'New Deal' Plotters
D. Subversive Democrats

20. Which of the following ethnic groups declare themselves to be the direct descents of God, and believe all other people are created to serve them:
A. International Jewry
B. Chinese
C. Negros
D. East Indians


1. C. Jewish
2. D. Hebrews
3. B. The Jews
4. B. The Jews
5. A. The Jews
6. C. Jewish Anti-Defamation League
7. A. Jewish Anti-Defamation League
8. D. American/Isaeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC.
9. C. The 'Jewish' State of Israel
10. B. Jewish Physicians
11. D. The Jews
12. A. Jews
13. C. An Israel-Firster
14. B. Jewish Rabbis
15. C. Jewish Propagandists
16. A. Zionist control of Congress
17. B. Jewish Supremacists
18. D. Talmudist Jews
19. C. Jewish 'New Deal' Plotters
20. A. International Jewry