By: Edgar J. Steele

No person...shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself...
- Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution (1791)

I like to...get small.
- Steve Martin, comedian

The woefully-misnamed Patriot Act just got renewed and toughened. Their ultimate objective: total lockdown, total control and total awareness of every transaction, every act and every thought, even, of every single American. Next stop - the world. Forever.

AIPAC and its quisling US congressmen are on the verge of enacting the next stage in the evolution of what they disingenuously call their "Hate Crime" legislation. Their ultimate objective: total and complete subjugation of all Americans to the Zionist agenda. Next stop: Hate a Jew - die. Already, of course, we are going to prison in record numbers, simply for speaking the truth about Jews throughout the world and down through history. Ask Matt Hale...or Ernst Zundel...or Germar Rudolf...or...so many these days that their number quite literally is countless. More fundamentally honest countries, like England, Germany and Canada, actually prosecute simply for the utterance of words which offend Jews. Not Poles. Not South Africans. Not Egyptians. Jews. American authorities, firmly in the grip of Zionist Jews, would like to be able to do that, too, but for now must cloak their prosecutions in the pretense of "hate crimes" or other trumped-up charges. Soon, however, they will be able to drop the pretense. In the future: death for anti-Semitism, a law which still is on the books in ex-communist Russia, though no longer enforced because Jews have been thrown from power there.

LA's police chief, Lee Baca, recently demanded enactment of a law that would mandate the arrest of political dissidents like myself, so that we might be registered, catalogued and tracked just like child molesters. Baca, of course, was backed (pushed?) in this demand by the ADL, because we political dissidents keep pointing to the real source of the world's problems today: Jews. And people are starting to listen. To us dissidents, that is. The proof is everywhere, after all, not just in Palestine and Iraq, which is why people are starting to listen. The authorities keep hinting of a Bird Flu epidemic, due here in a month or two. I get the idea they know something we don't. You know, we are just one biological agent, just one terrorist bomb, just one hijacked plane away from the imposition of martial law throughout America. Already, in England, the police are demanding the equivalent of martial law powers in response to the most recent "event." I call it that because, clearly, it was staged and perpetrated by others than those blamed at the outset. More likely by far: the recent London bombing was an Israeli Mossad "false flag" event, designed to bring the British people into line behind Tony Blair's support of the Western War against Israel's Enemies, just as seems to be happening. Oh, and to ratchet up England's already-impressive police-state powers, as well. And to rescue Blair's deplorable poll ratings, of course. You know the drill by now.

The best way to see what you want in life is to see what you have, yet most would deny the simple truth of that statement. The same is true of our government, of course. The very same disconnect which is at work for people who claim to want things other than those they possess also is at work when they view their own government. Why should we expect people to hold government accountable for the power it is gathering into its own hands? Do we get the government we deserve? No. We get the government we want. Of course, how we come to want that type of government...well, that is another story, involving the controlled media. With the coming collapse of the dollar will come enactment of the one-world currency, largely electronic, so that it might be tracked, controlled and taxed at every turn. A machine-readable method of identity verification will be necessary, of course. The Biblically-paranoid among us refer to it as the "Mark of the Beast," just as foretold in the Book of Revelations. Take out your MasterCard and look at it. That's the forerunner. Turn it over. There's the Mark. Grandfather of the Beast, if you will. Close on the heels of the one-world currency will come the one-world government. While we complain about NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT and various other alphabet-soup macroeconomic Ponzi schemes, what we really should be concerned about is WFTA. You haven't heard of WFTA? You will: The World Free Trade Agreement. (Somebody should copyright that name so that the one-worlders can't use it.) Do you still think it coincidental that America's Libertarian Party has been overrun by Zionist collectivists? Really? You still believe in coincidence, eh? How cute.

Already, it is all but impossible to stay out of the system. To do so would require never entering cities, never driving, never dealing with government, never complaining out loud. To be invisible, in other words. A few hermits are off the grid, way back in the woods, living on wild game and their vegetable garden, but they are the very last of the breed that originally founded America. Soon, they will be extinct. Though it may be impossible to achieve invisibility these days, it is possible to be less visible and thereby be less inviting a target. Not people like me, of course. It's way too late for us. We realize that our time draws ever nearer, yet we also realize that we have nothing more to lose by continuing to speak out. In for a penny, in for a pound... and I am way past the pennies. Yet, even I can employ the strategy I am about to recommend to you, in order to continue to raise the alarm as long as possible: Let's get small. In other words, lower your profile and let the government concentrate on those too foolish to heed my warning. The Japanese have an old proverb which amounts to "the nail which sticks up is the one that gets pounded flat." Let's get small.

Increasingly, our government is becoming militarized at all levels. The military mind is very different from the police mind, which is why our police increasingly treat us the way our military treats Iraqi civilians -- the way that LA police chief Baca wants to treat us. The military mind focuses on eliminating opposition. Simple. The police mind focuses on maintaining order. Not so simple. Nor flashy. Another old saying concerning nails and hammers comes to mind: When the only tool you have is a hammer, all your problems begin to look like nails. An increasingly-militarized American government at every level wields only a hammer. Should it come as a surprise that so many of us look like nails to it? Let's get small. What's that? Leave, you say? And go where, exactly? There is precisely one country in the world today which isn't following in the West's footsteps, which might let you in and which can stand up to America: Russia. Picture yourself standing in Red Square and announcing, "I defect." Ready to move to Russia? That's what it will take. "Back in the USSR -- you don't know how lucky you are..." (Beatles - way ahead of their time.)

Let's get small, as Steve Martin once said. Maybe if we blend in long enough, we can hold out until America collapses under her own rotting weight. And, if America doesn't implode, then I have no doubt but what a somewhat-unified world will put a stop to this rampage of death and destruction in which Frankenstein's monster is engaged. The monster being America, of course and... you knew that Frankenstein is a Jewish name, didn't you? The hope is that we make it through to the other side of America's coming upheaval relatively intact. Otherwise, leaving right now really would be the best idea. Things aren't getting better and they're going to get a whole lot worse, rest assured. There's no place to hide and moving to Russia is a much better idea than trying to move in next door to some off-the-grid hermit in the wilds of the Rocky Mountains. Staying here and gutting it out means that the more contentious among us need to be a lot more careful in picking our fights. Pick only fights you can win. Yes, a couple of guys have gotten lucky lately in taking the IRS before juries. That won't last. You don't want to count on getting lucky, too. Now, this will take real guts for some of us: Dare to be normal. Blend in. Get small, in other words. That doesn't mean you have to be normal. Character comes from within. Character isn't worn, driven, grown or tattooed onto our bodies. Have enough character to have character without being a character. Read the chapter entitled, "Treading Water" in my book, Defensive Racism, for an extended treatment of this concept.

File tax returns.

Get a driver's license.

Give your Social Security number to anybody who asks.

Obey the law.

Watch what you say and to whom you say it.

Don't engage in meaningless diatribes against others about Constitutional this and Constitutional that...unless you are a Constitutional or Civil Rights lawyer, that is, which is the only reason I can get away with it. The US Constitution is a dead letter. Get over it. Don't encode your emails with PGP. Don't surf the web or send emails using anonymous services and public library computers. You know, if I ran things and wanted to have an easy directory of those most likely to be doing things I didn't want them doing, I would organize and offer free encryption software and free anonymous email and web surfing services. I would install free Internet access terminals in public locations. Think about that for a moment. Get used to and own the following concept: There is nothing that it is illegal to do that is worth doing, simply because of the price you might pay, quite aside from any issues involving fair play or morality.

I live my life right out in the open. I refuse to do anything illegal. I refuse to discuss doing anything illegal with anybody. I refuse to act like I have anything to hide (convincing only when you quite literally have nothing to hide). I get a normal haircut once a month. I have no tattoos. I own suits and ties and wear them. Incidentally, I notice that people in the Patriot Movement, just like everybody else, accord me greater respect and credibility when I wear a suit. People are people, after all. Don't abandon your friends, however. You will need them as time goes on. I have no problem with standing next to the weirdest-looking people, skinheads and Republicans alike. Stay out of the legal system as much as possible. Once you are in the legal system, play by the rules and head for the nearest exit. Fight the system and you will regret it.

For example, if CPS (Child Protective Services) employees show up at your front door, demanding to be let in and to speak with your child, refuse to let them in without a search warrant. Have them stand on the porch and then bring your child to the front window to show that he or she is well and healthy, then ask them to leave. That night, gather everything you can into your car(s), especially your children, and leave the state forever. Move far away. Get a new job and a new house. Have a real estate agent sell your house for you. Have a moving company go in and pack up everything you left behind and ship it to you. Quit your job by phone the next morning from far, far away. That's how you protect your children from the organized child theft/molestation racket that CPS in America has become. That is how you stay out of the Family Court legal system, simply because no court filings yet have been made prior to their first invasion of your home and you are not going to give them anything about which to file. That is attaining smallness by distance. If you didn't follow my advice in the paragraph directly above and now are dealing with a lawyer or with court personnel in attempting to stave off CPS' attempts to take your children, then you have no choice but to cooperate and do whatever it takes to legally exit the system at the next opportunity. Do not attempt this without the aid of a lawyer, good or bad.

Stopped by a roadblock or for a traffic violation? Stay calm. Stay in your car. Keep your hands on top of the steering wheel and visible at all times, except when retrieving your license, etc. at the request of a policeman. Don't smart mouth the cop and don't start talking about your Constitutional rights. You have brushed up against the legal system and you want it to go away, not make a point. Making a point will get you in trouble every time. Get out of the car if asked to do so. Close the door behind yourself. Never consent to a search (make up a plausible reason: "My cousin the lawyer insists that we never consent to searches. I don't know why, but I follow his instructions.") Never volunteer anything. Answer only questions about identification (use the lawyer cousin excuse again in order to avoid answering any other questions). When a lapse occurs, ask politely, "May I go now?" Get small.

If arrested or indicted, keep your mouth shut, except only to answer questions concerning your identification. Say, "I want a lawyer," repeatedly until you get one. Let me say it again: Shut up! I cannot stress this enough. Most convictions rest upon admissions made by people too stupid to follow this simple rule. When dealing with police, be polite, even friendly if it feels natural -- never grovel. Groveling implies guilt. Begging and pleading are pointless if you have been arrested. If arrested or threatened with arrest, never rat out your friends, coworkers or, even, acquaintances. The police like to arrest groups of people, put each into a separate interrogation room, then make the rounds among them, lying about what the others are saying, in an attempt to get each talking about the others. Follow the basic rules (shut up and keep saying "I want a lawyer") and these sessions will be no problem. Never trust a cop... especially a Federal cop. Like Federal prosecutors, the dirtiest, most reprehensible, lying, scumbag law enforcement officials are the Feds themselves. They are not your friend. They don't want you as their friend. They want to put another notch on their gun handle and will do anything to get that notch, which represents fame, money and advancement. Never forget that you are a potential notch. Get small.

At the absolute worst, plead the Fifth Amendment. It has worked, time and again, for Federal judges, lawyers, Congressmen and, even, Presidential assistants. It worked for those Federal marshals who murdered Vickie and Sammy Weaver just up the road from where I live. It will work for you. Get small.

Now, don't get me wrong. Don't get so small that you no longer make a difference. Just small enough to stay out of harm's way. You won't do any good whatsoever if you end up in jail. Do something really stupid and you actually could be harming the effort to retrieve America from the troglodytes now in control. Rather than go out and beat up Blacks and Jews or spray swastikas on fences (Jews are the ones who spray them on their own synagogues, cars and homes, by the way, as amply demonstrated by all the Jews caught in the act) or strutting down the sidewalk chanting "White Power," do the rest of us a favor: Stay home and watch cartoons, instead. Many simply cannot be activists or, even, do as little as writing emails to friends. I understand that you quite rightly are concerned for the loss of your job. But, you quite simply aren't being a friend if you aren't willing to risk your relationship with friends and family in order to shock them into the awareness you possess. Picture the look in your neighbor's eyes as you drive away with your family, mere minutes after a nuclear attack, headed for the safety of your prearranged retreat, knowing that he will never get his family out as you just have done. That look will haunt you the rest of your life if you didn't try to warn him, believe me. Government workers, in particular, cannot afford to criticize Bush and his cabal. Uniformed servicemen actually go to jail for doing so. Don't make yourself into a martyr. We have enough martyrs.

There is one thing that virtually anybody can do: Financially support an aspect of the growing American resistance movement that you think is being effective. Yes, send donations to support my efforts and/or buy my books, but that isn't the real point here. There are lots of people doing good work, lots of organizations needing funds to continue. In particular, since the Zionists in charge do everything they can to impoverish those who oppose them (which is why those of us in the movement are so financially in a bind, seemingly all the time), a few dollars here and there can make a very real difference. Nobody in the movement is like the mainstream opposition - the SPLC comes to mind, sitting on close to $200 million in banked donations. Listen to Internet talk radio and contribute to those web sites and the program hosts. Buy the few products that dare to advertise there. Subscribe to American Free Press, The Barnes Review or The Truth at Last or any of a number of other activist journals. Some people are too spooked, even, to have their name on this list, if you can believe it, and have my writings forwarded by others. Even they can make a difference, and many do, by financially supporting any of a number of movement people and/or organizations.

Just a side note: I'll announce this formally in a few days, but I finally have agreed to take on Matt Hale's appeal. Something like the third lawyer in a row took money from his parents, bad mouthed him and did nothing for him, so he was fired last week. Turns out the Federal Prosecutor lied to me and the Federal judge in Chicago when she told us that he didn't want me at his sentencing hearing, the very reason why the Judge made it clear he did not want me showing up and would not accept my filing a Notice of Appearance. (Remember, under the Special Administrative Measures by which Matt Hale is denied effective counsel and any sort of meaningful communication with anybody, the conditions of his access are dictated by the very people prosecuting him! And they have been lying.) His parents have gone into debt to pay his worthless excuses for lawyers, so I will have a very hard time, indeed, in justifying charging them to represent him. This almost certainly will be yet another near-hopeless pro bono case for me. Read the note about donations below and you will see why I won't be establishing a Matt Hale defense fund. Do you think that Hale got railroaded? Want to help make a difference? You know what to do. Let's get small, but let's still make a difference. If we all get as small as possible, then maybe we can make it through to a New America, an idea whose time has come.

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