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Or From: The International Conspiratological Association
6848 N. Government Way #114-22, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83815
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Our Conspiratology website is designed to educate our people about the deadly New World Order that has taken control of our once free Republic. Please help spread the word to educate our precious White race and any other persons who need to understand the threat of this predatorial organization.

These generic Greeting Cards as seen in accompanying photo are wonderful instruments to help educate friends and family. These positive cards are "All Occasion" cards and ready for your own personal message to be written inside. They can be used for special holidays such as WHITE HERITAGE WEEK, BIRTHDAYS, CHURCH BLESSINGS, THANK YOU’S, CHRISTMAS, NEW YEARS or just plain MISSING YOU TONITE! Our educational website, "conspiratolgy.com" is written across the back.

These handsome, highly colorful greeting cards are printed on heavy photographic card stock paper, include the envelopes and are sold in a package of 12 cards. Price is $28.00 post paid in U.S. and Canada. For shipping prices to other countries, please contact us at conspiratology@hotmail.com or 208-818-1251

Certified Bank Checks or Money Orders only with
payment made to the order of Deon Masker.