News/Comment; Posted on: 2004-08-14 06:04:33
By Kevin Alfred Strom and Richard Masker

American Dissident Voices broadcast of August 14, 2004
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While his administration's policies destroy the heritage and threaten even the physical existence of European-Americans, President Bush annually signs a proclamation celebrating 'Jewish Heritage Week.'   This week, Mr. Strom looks at the heritage of hate and destruction that truly characterizes the Jewish power structure.

EVERY YEAR, AMERICAN PRESIDENTS obediently shuffle onstage to sign a proclamation of "Jewish Heritage Week"; a proclamation of obeisance to their masters -- those whom they must never offend for fear of bad media coverage and an early end to their political careers.  George W. Bush has been particularly subservient to the most racially conscious of all minorities. In the 2003 and 2004 proclamations of Jewish Heritage Week, he stated:

...This year marks the 350th anniversary of the first permanent Jewish settlement in North America, in what is known today as New York. We honor the courage and perseverance of these Jewish immigrants and their descendants, and we celebrate their steadfast dedication to the ideals that make America strong...

...The Jewish people began their search for freedom more than 3,000 years ago. From the struggle of the Exodus, to the miracle of the Maccabees, to the horrors of the Holocaust, to the creation of the democratic State of Israel, Jews have faced and survived many challenges.

...Today, Jewish Americans play an important role in the success and growth of our country.   Their accomplishments in education, industry, science, art, literature, and dozens of other fields have strengthened our Nation and enriched our culture.   Throughout their history, Jewish Americans have demonstrated that goodness can overcome evil. Guided by moral principles, they bring to our Nation a rich heritage that recognizes the dignity of every citizen and the possibilities of every life.

...During this week, we also recognize the many Jewish Americans serving in our Armed Forces who are working to rid the world of terror and bring freedom and justice to the oppressed. Every generation of Americans must rise to meet its own challenges, and this generation of Jewish Americans is standing strong to defend our freedoms and help make America a land of opportunity for all.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, GEORGE W. BUSH, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim ...Jewish Heritage Week....

White House News Release #1
White House News Release #2

When considering the true meaning of "Jewish Heritage Week," we must objectively weigh in detail the significant contributions that Jews, as a cohesive world power, have made to the world and to our homeland of America.   Such a project would entail probably hundreds of American Dissident Voices programs, and the over 600 programs Dr. Pierce and I have done so far may, in part, be considered just such an effort.

But there is also value in listing some of these Jewish 'contributions' in one place, so that the magnitude of what the Jewish power structure has done may be seen -- just as one may need to step back to see a mountain, the true extent of which can never be appreciated when studying its formations close up with a pick and magnifying glass.

I have listed here only 25 Jewish contributions to the world that are not mentioned by the president in his Jewish Heritage Week proclamation. And -- in contrast to Bush's sugar-coated dreck -- they are destructive contributions. If I had continued the list, I would be pounding away at the computer keys until the list approximated the size of the Encyclopedia Britannica. My researcher sent me a list of over one hundred, and even he admitted the list just barely scratched the surface. These examples listed will, however, give the reader a taste and feeling for the nature and goals of the Jewish power structure. They will help set the record straight. Let us begin.

1. Promotion of world government schemes and the 'New World Order,' destroying national sovereignty so the world's oligarchs can crush strong national leadership wherever it emerges.   More

2. Jewish-led Communism, which began as a kind of revenge against, and means of destruction of, the Old Order in Europe which -- particularly in the case of Czarist Russia at the time -- the Jews felt was hostile to their activities and their widely-dispersed colonies in every European nation. Many millions of White people, particularly in Eastern Europe, but also in Spain and elsewhere, were killed by Communism.   More

3. Jewish organizations have been at the forefront of the promotion of homosexuality, with its concomitant disease, sterility, and death for our youth.   More

4. The Jewish corruption of our politicians, which has been made possible by the misinformation of the Jewish-controlled mass media which holds the stick of punishment by making anyone they oppose unelectable, combined with the carrot of Jewish money for those who toe the Jewish supremacist party line. Thus we have a presidential election in which both major candidates are outdoing themselves in their declarations of support for Israel. (And Bush and Kerry are the "major" candidates not only because of their party organizations, but also because of the fact that they are deemed "major" by the Jewish media, which usually ignore or attack independent third party efforts.)   More

5. Jewish corruption of law enforcement is probably best exemplified by the example of the ADL -- an organization linked directly to organized crime figures like Moe Dalitz and Meyer Lansky, which serves as an unregistered agent of a foreign power that murdered American soldiers in cold blood, an organization which has been caught in possession of stolen police files obtained by bribes and intimidation which it used in its efforts to smear and silence all opposition to Jewish goals, but which nevertheless has forced its way into the position of "training" (read: indoctrinating and corrupting) police officers across the nation.   More

6. Jewish leadership of "feminist" groups is an almost open secret, and no movement has been more destructive of the White family than misnamed "feminism," which takes the two essential ingredients in strong White families -- White men and White women -- and sets them at odds as enemies, while at the same time indoctrinating White women that their most precious right is the slaying of their own healthy White babies in the womb, a sickness almost beyond imagining -- though it is terrifyingly real.   More

7. For men, largely Jewish pornography takes our healthy appetite for sexual love and perverts it into an endless quest for irresponsible thrills, free of love, free of responsibility, and ultimately -- as with the "feminists" -- free of White children. Naturally, these Jewish perversions of a healthy drive just make the arguments of the "feminists" seem that much more cogent to White women, in a self-reinforcing cycle of death.   More   More

8. The fact that the NAACP was founded and originally led by Jews shows us that the issue of race in America has been crafted by the Jewish power structure into a weapon against Whites. Without Jewish guidance, it is extremely doubtful that Black grievances would have metastasized into such a virulent engine of destruction. And, minus Jewish feminism and Jewish 'open borders' immigration, the indigenous Blacks of pre-1965 America would still be a tiny minority, making the underclass proportionately smaller; and America would be a far richer country, making the grievances fewer. And without Jewish control over the politicians, making all of them bow down at the filthy temple of multiracialism, the possibilities for peaceful and amicable separation of the races would be much greater -- and the egregious anti-White behavior of some Blacks would be curbed by a racially healthier and more race-conscious White America.   More   More

9. Foreign aid to Israel, and support of the Zionist State with the blood of our own sons and daughters in their endless wars in the Middle East, has been -- next to our own racial destruction -- the most terrible legacy of Jewish supremacism in the United States. America has alienated the entire world -- not just the Arab world any longer -- in its single-minded crusade to make the world safe for the hyper-aggressive racial state of Israel. Armed with Weapons of Mass Destruction that Saddam Hussein and Josef Stalin could only dream of, invading and occupying the territory of neighboring countries for decades, engaging in policies of ethnic cleansing that make WWII expulsions look like a Sunday picnic, and killing anyone who gets in her way, Israel is a rotten and festering sore that has infected America with the disease of Zionism. The Jewish state has bled us of hundreds of billions of dollars that could have been used to help Americans and build up our own country, and our young men and even women are dying for Israel every day in Iraq and Afghanistan. And it is our support for Israel that has enraged much of the Arab and Muslim world against the West -- causing them to wage a war that bids fair to get larger and more dangerous for our people as time goes on, and a war that is totally needless, that wouldn't even exist if it weren't for our own people's ignorance of their enslavement and our politicians' immoral devotion to Jewish interests.   More

10. Non-White immigration is a direct threat to our racial and cultural survival. And all the major Jewish organizations support it. In fact, it was Jewish Congressman Emanuel Celler who, along with sellout Edward Kennedy, spearheaded the 1965 immigration act that made it all possible. Prior to the 1965 Act, our immigration laws -- though they could have been improved -- were crafted to preserve and enhance the White identity and heritage of the United States. America in 1965 -- within my memory -- was Whiter than she had ever been, well over 90 per cent. White. Our founding fathers had made it illegal for anyone but a White person to become a citizen. Jewish pressure changed all that, though they lied at the time and promised us that American's racial composition would not change significantly. Now they tell us that change was "inevitable" and even desirable -- and they gleefully crow about the day, which may also likely fall within my lifetime, when Whites will become just another minority submerged in the mass of a Brown America.   More   More

I could go on, for several programs. I could tell you of:

A. the destructive effects of the "nanny state" taking away parental authority;   More

B. the crushing of our independence by Morgenthau's withholding tax and the Marx-inspired and privacy-destroying "progressive" income tax (and yes, Virginia, Mr. Marx was Jewish);   More   More   More

C. the exposure of innocent women and children to the AIDS virus for fear that telling the truth about the disease would derail the multi-racialist agenda;   More   More

D. the corruption of the churches by Jewish-approved TV "evangelists" and "Christian Zionism;"   More

E. the killing of innocent White people in the Balkans to enforce multiculturalism and prevent the rise of ethnically- and racially-conscious pro-White governments;   More   More   More

F. the endless anti-White hate that passes for news and entertainment in Hollywood and on the networks;   More   More

G. the capture of the conservative movement and the Republican parties through Jewish-funded phonies like George Bush, Rush Limbaugh, and Rudy Giuliani;   More

H. Jewish foreknowledge of 9-11 and implication in the anthrax bio-terror attacks;   More   More   More

I. the smear job done on the one scientific hope for solving our social problems, Eugenics, because it didn't fit in to the destructive Jewish agenda which will terminate our people if it isn't stopped soon;   More   More

J. Jewish efforts to censor the one medium they haven't managed to control yet, the Internet;   More

K. Jewish involvement in the efforts to disarm law-abiding Americans and so make self-defense against criminals and/or tyrants impossible;   More

L. Jewish espionage against the United States;   More

M. Jewish sale of sensitive American technology to Communist China;   More

N. the multi-billion dollar rip-off of "reparations" to Jewish groups;   More

O. the corruption of 'human rights' groups so they won't stand up for the human rights of White people;   More

P. ...and of course the endless litany of White men and women whose lives have been destroyed by Jewish smear campaigns or by the crime and violence that go along with the Jewish multi-racialist agenda.   More

An analogy from science may be apt here. One of the most impressive truths that a microbiology student grasps when he looks through an electron microscope and sees a deadly pathogenic virus for the first time is that such an incredibly small living organism can be so enormously dangerous to all mankind on Earth, especially if left unchecked and out of control.

This is what all of humanity faces if what Douglas Reed called "The Great Destructive Idea" -- the idea of Jewish supremacism -- is allowed to continue its deadly course of action. Every human generation has had to deal with this challenge. Spain, Germany, Russia, Britain, and others have all faced it in the past.   But never before has the destructive virus of Jewish supremacism infected a nation so strongly as it has infected modern America.

Never before has it infected so powerful a nation -- the sole remaining superpower, unless Russia manages to get its act together soon. Never before have Jewish supremacists had such universal and mind-numbing media at their disposal, though the Internet is making a serious dent in their information monopoly. And never before has Jewish supremacism, through Bush and his fundamentalist and neo-con allies and handlers, held sway over such strong but tragically misled warriors as the American military machine who are smearing the world with their own blood and the blood of other innocents in the War for Jewish Supremacy in the Middle East.

Because of America's complicity in the crimes of the Jewish supremacists, it is especially the responsibility of Americans to undo the damage our country has done. Only by doing that can we save ourselves.

It is the responsibility of the men and women within the sound of my voice -- whether you are hearing me on the Internet in the privacy of your home or on the short-wave radio on a beach south of Baghdad -- it is the responsibility of those who know that following the path of Jewish supremacism is a death sentence for our people, our civilization, and our nation to build our strength, educate our family members, win their hearts and minds, give until it hurts, make sacrifices, and do whatever must be done to expose and to topple the alien puppeteers and traitors who have captured our nation.

Today's program was based on research by long-time patriot, educator, and activist Richard Masker -- the man perhaps best known for his recently-constructed "wake-up wagon," a truck-mounted mobile billboard, which gets a National Alliance message out to thousands every week as he drives the roads. Mr. Masker thus totally avoids the Jewish pressure on billboard companies which Alliance members have faced with their billboard projects in Florida, Nevada, and elsewhere. Mr. Masker is also the creator of the famous motto "White Pride World Wide," a pan-European call for honoring our precious genetic and cultural heritage.

Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you of the words of Richard Berkeley Cotten: "Freedom is not free; free men are not equal, and equal men are not free."

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