by Richard Masker

The time is 8:47pm on the evening of the 22nd day of March, 2036. The location is one mile inside the Eastern Rim of the Grand Canyon, which is still part of the White united States. At that moment in time, a global celebration is occurring in several other White foreign countries around the World. More than 23,800 highly talented, intelligent and devoted White persons are gathered on the high Kebab Plain to celebrate the 8th annual FESTIVAL OF CREATION.

In stark contrast to the barren level plain, there stands a 167 foot high magnificent diorite granite monument of a beautiful Aryan women who represents the "COSMOTHEAN MOTHER." Her arms are outstretched upward and she holds in her hands the polished brass representation of a Celestial Galaxy. The inscription across the polished marble bottom pedestal simply reads, in 3 foot high gold leaf letters, "MOTHER OF EVERYTHING THAT EXISTS."

A list of high level guest speakers will then conclude their daylong speeches after which the sun will slowly descend below the Western Horizon. The heat of the day will start to subside and the coolness of the night will begin to roll in like a cleansing mist from the atmospheric sea.

Three great American Symphonic Orchestras will then tune their instruments for a combined performance of 6 major symphonic masterpieces.

(1) "The Will of Matter" by: _____?
(2) "Our Heritage in Starlight" by:_____?
(3) The "Creation Sonata in E Major" By: _____?
(4) "Galactic Light" By:_____? >
(5) "The Glory of Life" By: _____? and the closing selection at Midnight will be
(6) "Seasons of Renewal" By: _____?

At the conclusion of #6, there will be a 10 minute meditation period in total, complete and reverent silence. All lights will be turned off and absolute darkness will prevail on this high desert plain. It will be a moonless night and a grand vault of velvet blackness will stretch from horizon to horizon in every direction. The black night sky will be shattered with brilliantly blazing stars and massive luminous star fields, galaxies, and nebular clusters. This majestic grandeur will then embrace the audience to create within them an overwhelming sense of reverence and spirit of unified gratitude. They will then be consumed by the Creating Force that brought them into existence.

The field of spectators will be lifted up to the elevation of galactic particles that have been given the miracle of life and now they will understand and appreciate their long history of evolutionary cosmic creation. All this will be witnessed within a starry background of unimaginable beauty and violent delicacy.

The masses will then kneel and humble themselves before the miraculous medium that gave them each breath, sustenance and existence. A universal spirit and mood of incomprehensible reverence will be the result of the many magnificent speeches delivered during the day by scientists, philosophers, social and genetic academics and by organizational leaders chosen by the Ceremonial Board.

The keynote speaker will be Dr. Jerome Hendricks who will move the assembly to laughter and tears with his powerful historical outline of "The Revolution of Mankind from Superstition to Naturalism." Herbert Johansson, PhD., from the Helsinki Eugenics Research Institute, will speak on "Designed Human Destiny in a Natural Organic Unsubverted Society." Dr. Kenneth Davenport, an Astronomer from the Eta Carinae Institute, will give a splendid talk on "The Creative Nature of the God Particles in the subatomic nature of the Universe." Many more highly educational and uplifting talks will be given to the totally spellbound mass assembly.

Next to the main monument grounds will be the celestial viewing area with more than 3,000 personal telescopes set-up for the three night "Sky-Watch" program. The music provided by the Symphonic Orchestras will be masterful and will produce a wonderful spiritual experience for all in attendance.

The real problem is.... will this kind of White Cultural Revolutionary event ever really happen?

With the rapid decline of our Northern European Community, will our future generations ever survive the massive Judeo/Marxist's "Now Generation" planned devolution and genetic death?

Will our precious youth ever survive the homosexual racial perversions and genocide that the Judeo/Marxists have planned for them?

Will our people ever learn and have the courage and Racial Loyalty to crush the deadly and massive elicit drug trade before they are consumed by it?

Will our youth every take a positive stand against the ultimate universal crime of "abortion on demand" against our unborn innocent next generation?

Will this generation of Whites ever develop the curiosity, enthusiasm, stamina and courage to investigate what criminal force is intentionally killing their culture, history and destiny?

If we sit back and only act as spectators and do nothing to smash the International Genocidal psychopathic killers and pathological liars, who will compose and who will conduct?

If our racial existence is artificially terminated and we are driven to extinction, what will be the eventual story of civilization on plant Earth?

The greatest crime in the known Universe will not be committed by our deadly enemies, but by ourselves, for allowing the enormity of this crime against all of global humanity to happen in the first place.

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