The Coming Change

By: William Kaliher

What is money? I can't define or fully explain it, but current events demand we think about money. A year ago, the Congress and many state governments were aglow, discussing plans for the(ir) surplus money. Since then, we've had the 9-11 terrorism and the discovery some people or companies made money from those attacks via the stock market. That has led to our war policy of attacking the country of "fill in the blank," but currently being waged in Afghanistan. Then we've had the Enron company collapse, leaving over 40 billion dollars of debt. Now Argentina teeters on the verge of defaulting on its 132 billion plus dollar foreign debt. The United States slides from being awash in wealth to being on the brink of depression within weeks. These and other financial events don't seem linked, but the citizen had better consider money and be concerned that these events aren't only linked, but are part of a plan.

Money is nothing, it is many things and it is important. Those three confusing thoughts will impact every idea expressed in this article. The concept of money is almost liquid. One must grasp each idea based on what the concept of money is being discussed. That's difficult as one concept can easily flow into another as perspectives change. Money's dependent on honorable people or power depending on one's perspective. Money, if left alone in a free market, is a medium that allows the fair exchange of labor for
produced goods. It's dependent on a honest strong king, or state, so all men know the worth of their labor relates to a specific amount of money. They don't have to trade the product of their labor directly, but can use money to exchange that labor for
goods as they see fit. Gold and silver remain fixed in relationship to land and produced goods, but money, or your labor, can be manipulated by the evil and unwise.

The 9-11 attack has prompted President Bush to lead us into a limitless war against a nebulous enemy. The
costliest requirements the nation must bear are: additional limits on our Constitutional freedoms, the acceptance of nationalizing state and local police forces, having foreign troops tread on our soil and allowing military forces to patrol our streets. The USA
going from flush to broke occurring in weeks isn't an accident. The nationalization of our police, another act the founders warned us of, isn't an accident, but part of the plan. We won't have it explained, but the implications are clear. When the depression is here, in effect, the super-rich reducing our worth and the value of our previous labor and savings by eighty percent, they'll have the police forces ready to control us. That is the next step as they've already placed us in serfdom via our tax policy. There's no difference in paying yearly taxes to be allowed to stay in your home and on your land than when the noble lord came and collected what he wanted of your wealth.

Today's money is nothing. It is valueless paper or the very thing the founding father's forbid. It's best to keep the working and/or real value of gold and silver in mind when trying to think about money. Money was originally based on gold and silver. Assume your great-great-great-grandfather in 1800 or even under Julius Caesar had enough gold to purchase a piece of land, but didn't. Instead he passed the gold along to you. With one caveat you could take that same amount of gold and purchase the same piece of land today. The relative value of the gold, land and the labor involved in gathering the gold would have
all held their value in the same relationship to one another. The gold could not be deflated or inflated in value against the worth of the land or labor, but with paper money the leaches, crooks and/or politicians among us can manipulate the value of your labor or land via money, or governments can change making people realize money and waste paper are equal. The single caveat concerning the same gold purchasing a selected piece of land over hundreds of years is if the land changes. The land
itself could change in worth if a house is built there, if a road or railroad track is built to it, or if it's location makes it more valuable for housing instead of farming. The point is, no group of men could manipulate the gold and land to make money off of your or your grandfather's sweat. They do that continually by playing with the paper money we use.

If this seems complex, then use the simpler example of when American's had real money less than fifty years ago. In 1950 one could plunk a single Mercury dime down and purchase two Coke-Colas. However, we've moved to unredeemable paper money and fake coinage. Now if one walks into a store they may need from forty cents to the better part of a dollar to purchase a Coke. Those Mercury dimes had silver in them. If one threw a 1950 dime into a drawer and took it out today, it could be exchanged for enough of today's script to purchase two Cokes. The silver kept it's relative value to labor and product over the years, while the
big boys manipulated our sweat and saving with paper money.

The founders warned us against national banking systems and international banking. They didn't want banking controlling the money, manipulating the money or any possibility of banking, (i.e., the super-rich) being able to control/pay our soldiers and police. If times get really tough and you're a policeman or American soldier, do you work for your masters who
manipulate money, so you can feed your family while others starve? Under such a choice can you stand against them as they further loot other citizens, rob the population of its Constitutional rights and reduce people to serfdom and slavery?

What have we as a nation done? We've allowed international bankers and corporations to control our money. We've allowed our government to borrow against the future without any controls. We've created a Federal reserve and allowed it to operate in secrecy and be headed by an unelected dictator within our democracy.

Let's look at what money (uncorrupted by the manipulators) really is. It's not the root of all evil. It is only evil when a thief or government official forces it from you through taxation backed up by the threat of police action. It's only evil when enough non-producers organize and are willing to steal the sweat and labor, via taxation, from those who produce things of value. Money left alone is a mechanism for exchange. It can't exist unless there are goods produced by men able to freely produce them. Money isn't necessary in the slave state. The principle behind money is that honest men can give value for value. However, when evil takes the government and corporation X is taxed at twenty-five percent and you at fifty percent, the leaches and
non-producers are slowly sucking your wealth, sweat and lifeblood from you.

How do our masters operate? They manipulate corporations and countries. Either the 9-11 terrorist
attack was organized by them or they waited for such an event before springing their plans. They've now
collapsed a giant corporation, Enron, tied to the Clinton's and Bush's, destroying many average peoples accumulated worth.
They have Argentina teetering on collapse. If that country defaults, it carries down the line collapsing other economies, and totally ruining the middle class everywhere. The Bush administration has taken steps to circumvent the American judicial system, nationalize the police and has foreign planes flying overhead. This could be the time of the crisis they want. Some seventy percent of Americans are now so afraid they are willing to surrender rights their ancestors won from the English Crown. Many elements are in place for a total loss of freedom and sovereignty but the super-rich may be testing us to see if now is the time to strike for what is termed the new world order.

The money we have left in our wallets, invested in our homes and possessions are tokens of honor. It is the mechanism of honor that says, I will work ten thousand hours to gain enough money to purchase the house you own or the hour I'll work to pay you for cutting my hair. It's our promise to one another so we can function in a civilized and fair manner. It allows us
and our children to escape serfdom or slavery. It is a mechanism so we don't have to bend a knee to any man or organization. It allows us to determine how we exchange items with one another.

Yet, the leeches say, "Oh, but you don't need all the value of your sweat. There are people less fortunate or less able than you. I'm a more noble person than you, so I'll decide to take some of your work and distribute it where I choose." These are the same
vampires that have made themselves wealthy stealing from Social Security and other government trusts while leaving IOUs. They're the same bloodsuckers that manipulated money so you paid a higher percentage of taxes than their friends. And now there's no money for your pension. It's time for them to move the troops into place in case you realize while I was honorable
with your money the masters weren't.

Money/wealth is made only by honest men who can think, produce or do both. It's not made by government. Products and wealth are only limited by government. While you and I deal honorably with money, the manipulators don't. The schemes of the moochers to take your wealth are many. Ask why the government would tax an honorable rich man a million dollars to
create ten jobs when leaving the money to him to invest would create a hundred jobs. Such poor choices aren't accidents. Our leaders aren't stupid. They now govern mainly by non or extra-Constitutional means. Such actions indicate they have plans they don't want us to know.

Money unmanipulated by bankers and government means every person is the owner of exactly what he or she produces. Money in this sense means no power can dictate the value of your labor, whether mental or physical. Money allows each of us to obtain what other people are willing to voluntarily exchange for our labor. Our labor has a real value and we can obtain the correct amount of goods for our labor and no more. If I produce tacky Christmas ornaments to sell this year and you make better quality ornaments, we'll each be rewarded through the exchange of money for our labor. Left alone money will allow each of us to be rewarded fairly. With ornaments you'll do better than I, unless I purchase some elected leeches and have a government manipulator tax you differently.

There's nothing accidental in the financial and political world. Over the years, I've visited many third world countries. Most were countries caught between a modern economy and feudalism. I've always noticed they had far more levels of police than the
United States. As I've gotten off the plane, I've taken note of the troops armed with M-16s throughout their airports. Before the 9-11 attacks, I worried our country was suddenly springing up with different levels of police that were never here before. Seen the transportation police along the interstates? Seen the police lights on the dog catcher and trash patrol cars and jeeps yet? How about their spiffy semi-military uniforms? It reminds me of the endless levels of police in Mexico. I'd guess they are strengthening their hands before bringing on the depression, but perhaps it's just a diversity idea to help make the illegals feel more at home.

Since the September attacks we have troops in our airports. The reality is flashing in neon if only the public would quit following the bin Laden saga to look. The only question is when do they act. When the public realizes our retirements aren't going to purchase fifty pounds of food a week as we'd planned and saved for, but ten pounds because the manipulators siphoned off our saved wealth it will be too late. Yet, there will be a reaction. But don't worry if you're a coward, for the police state is set up. If
you stay indoors, you won't get hurt when the few men that still have balls finally stand up and fight the looters, moochers and thieves.