By: Richard F. Masker, Conspiratologist

1. Declare the present government so perverse and subversive that a temporary White Nationalist deprogrammed aristocratic gentile Dictator is the only solution to solving the immediate problem. Constitutional Government can be restored later.

2. Deport all Jews anywhere out of America and eliminate their past liberal Marxist influence from Banking and money, communications media, "Law Enforcement," entertainment, military, advertising, education, and government service.

3. Conduct extreme "War Crimes Trial" proceedings against the present junta Zionist war party in Washington, D.C.

4. Conduct immediate private, Non-government involved investigations on the 911 escapade and the "War on Terror."

5. Abolish all the Neo-Bolshevik enacted laws now in force against White Middle-Class America. Example: The Military Commissions Act, The John Warner Defense act, The Patriot Act, HR (6166), NAFTA, GATT, and all the other multitudes of criminal acts of sedition against the White American People.

6. Abolish all Zionist sponsored civil rights and hate crimes laws aimed at eventually weakening and destroying the White European Middle Class in America. Justice must prevail.

7. Pass immediate legislation that would encourage the sanctity of marriage and encourage the birth of many bright, healthy and beautiful White children. Ensure that White responsible husbands and fathers could have up to three wives if their genetics and income is sufficient to properly support and educate the larger family unit.

8. Enact "Project Clean Sweep" that would flush out the past corrupt Zionist filth industries in America. Example: Gambling, Pornography, drugs, abortion, homosexuality, womenís lib, White Slavery, gang warfare, etc., etc.

9. Completely seal off all boarders and ports with troops having orders to "shoot to kill" all illegal immigrant violators and drug smugglers. Start an immediate program of deporting all Non-Whites back to their country of origin, especially Mexico.

10. Immediately stop the Zionist foreign "Wars for Israel" against the Moslems and bring the troops home and put them on boarder security as described in number 9 above.

11. Eliminate all restrictions against firearms ownership for White European Americans ONLY. Make gun training and ownership mandatory for all White families. (national security)

12. Pass immediate laws against miscegenation (Race Mixing) making it a federal felony. This must be enacted to preserve and protect the White Race against Zionist genocidal propaganda.

13. Abolish federal "Public Education" for children, but begin a strong adult program for public re-education of adults with emphasis on exposing the realities of the grand Jewish global conspiracy and the Jewish Holocaust wartime hoax, etc.

14. Abolish all Judeo/Marxist established religions that can be demonstrated to be dangerous to the eternal welfare and security of the White Race in America.

15. Make jury tampering, election fraud and political corruption by politicians a federal capital offense, punishable by death at public "live" and televised executions.

16. Enact legislation that would abolish the 1933 laws for the Corporatization of all State, Federal and local Governments along with their destructive criminal taxation policies.

17. Abolish the fraudulent and criminal Jewish Federal Reserve Banking Empire along with its Internal Revenue Service (IRS) collection agency. Confiscate and return Americas gold and silver to our vaults. Redistribute the confiscated FED wealth back to the White American families that it was stolen from.

18. Restore the Bill of Rights, the insurrection act, habeas corpus and strengthen the "Peoples State Militia."

19. Completely revamp our EPA environmental protection program to more suit reality and eliminate or more stringently control industrial pollution and global warming problems.

20. Re-educate our "New National Security Police Force" to be more in line with traditional social and racial values of "to protect and to serve" with a sense of honor, duty and loyalty.

21. Restore and amend our Constitution to seal up the holes that Jewish Communism has inflicted on our laws. Then repair and strengthened that document so that those destructive vulnerabilities can never happen again. Never.

22. Establish an "ensign" for the world that America is and always will be a predominately White Nation with laws that decree that "Whatever is good for the International White Race is the ultimate virtue and whatever is detrimental of the White Race is the ultimate crime against universal humanity."

23. Immediately abolish conspiracy plans for a Jewish designed New World Order and its North American Union conspiracy.

24. Organize a unified and genuine loyal, homeland security White intelligence Police Force with common sense guidelines for the enforcement of the above sweeping changes needed in State, local and Federal government.

25. Establish new positive regulations for the issuance of propaganda, entertainment and education that is more in line with the creative and positive goals of number 22 above.

26. Establish a workable, affordable and reasonable comprehensive National Health Care System for all citizens.

27. Ensure that a program for old age retirement and health along with affordable death and burial benefits be established to assist families in caring for their elderly parents.

28. Establish a scientific perfected program of eugenics to enable society to only produce the finest quality children.

29. Train our children from a very early age by education and example, the proper principles of social and sexual conduct, racial appreciation and survival techniques and how to think, work and behave from a White Nationalist unified perspective.

30. Ensure wholesome and fulfilling career training with full employment potentials for every White citizen. Make every effort to minimize the social need for subsistence and welfare.


These 30 goals are only a first priority framework to build upon. It will take generations of our people to correct the enormous damage inflicted on our society since the 1600ís when the first Jews with their "Great Destructive Idea" arrived in the "New World Colonies." We should have listened more closely to and acted positively on the admonitions of Benjamin Franklin, Jefferson, Washington and many others. We could have avoided all this enormous White genocide and unspeakable destruction to all peoples of the world. Let us learn from history and never repeat these mistakes in the future.