By: Richard F. Masker

For all those Men and Women Conspiratologists who are real sports lovers, may I suggest that you get ready for the rapidly approaching "Grand Hunting Open Season." I suggest that you prepare yourselves and your families by starting out slowly and perfecting your "Target Skills." I would recommend the following high quality equipment to get you started on a very rewarding "special sporting interest." This is only a starting point of reference. Target Shooting is a non-violent and safe sport that takes real practice and planning to do it right. So here we go.

"TARGET RIFLE" Sturm Ruger, bolt action Target Model M77 MARKII. in .308 WIN. (7.62 X 51mm NATO) Caliber. Cat. Number KM77VTMKII. This rifle has a 26" barrel length and is extremely accurate.

"TARGET RIFLE SCOPE" Choose the Leopold Vari-XII rifle scope with the 4 - 12 X 40mm variable power and Adjustable Objective and the Duplex Reticle. The catalog number is #51618. This is an excellent choice for "Target Shooting." Remember that high quality is the "Answer."

Ammunition Choice: The following is a super starting point for choosing the proper ammunition for proper or super target shooting. Use the following Ammo:

Good quality brass with CCI Large Rifle Primers.

The powder charge is Hodgdon rifle powder BL-C (2) with 3.05 grams or 47 grains of powder per load.

The bullet of choice with super ballistics is the Sierra Match King #2200 in the .308 WIN caliber @ 168 grain, Boattail Hollowpoint (BTHP).

You might also want to purchase the excellent U.S. government training manual for target shooting #TC 23-14. It is listed on the booklist at or at your friendly local military armory supply store.

With this winning combination and lots of practice your next "Open Season" target shooting outing should be a real success. "Happy Trails" and "Keep your powder dry."