By: Richard F. Masker, Conspiratologist

If your town is large enough to have an all-volunteer philharmonic orchestra, you might want to know how the Jews will attempt to gain control of it and then use it as a weapon of psychological warfare against White people by conditioning your community into embracing degenerate music. Just as children can be propagandized and conditioned to hate themselves and their race by acquired low self esteem and moral decay, so they can be conditioned in the same way by destroying their historically great heritage of Aryan music.

The process is gradual, subversive, and carefully conducted to gain and maintain maximum results without detection. While the details will vary from community to community, the following example will serve both as a warning and a working guideline for recognizing similar Jewish Supremacist devolution in other social circumstances as with our Neo-Bolshevik controlled Government, News Media, Entertainment, Banking, Education and the Courts etc.

The example I personally witnessed took place in an all-White, 80-member symphonic orchestra located in a northern state. The community is predominately wealthy and predominantly “born-again liberal.” I will describe what I saw as a planned social devolution in action, but in a way that lays out their plans of how it is done.

Step 1. Jews will infiltrate the controlling body of the orchestra. You’ll start to see more and more Jewish, Middle-Eastern-looking strangers frequently visiting the music department at the local college or university which may be sponsoring the orchestra. Depending upon the Jewish population in your city, these may be newcomers or long-established residents, but they will most often be doctors, lawyers, dentists, engineers, educators or members of other high-status occupations. Next you will notice that some of these “Community Leaders” will be appointed to positions on the local orchestra board of directors, etc. These are to replace the Gentile members of the board, who will (sometimes mysteriously) leave the board “for personal reasons.”

Step 2. At first, there will only be a few non-White musicians brought in, perhaps only a small number of convex-faced Jews wearing big smiles and announced as “talented performers” chosen to enhance and enrich the orchestra. There will likely be no outcry of protest or concern from the White musicians, untrained as most Whites are in recognizing their main historical opponents.

Step 3. The new board members may try to interpose another layer of control between the orchestra and the community; i.e. the old academic sponsor may suddenly declare that “because the orchestra has grown in numbers and complexity” they have decided to reorganize the orchestra as a corporation. In any case, the musical selections will begin to tilt heavily in favor of atonal or other experimental Jewish compositions, pastiches including Black Jazz, or other non-European works, diluting if not canceling out the orchestra’s task of passing the Western Classical tradition on to a new generation. Out of total disgust some orchestra members will leave at this point because they refuse to play the “new trend” works forced upon them. This is exactly what the controllers want.

Step 4. The new controllers now turn their attention to the existing conductor. Is he liberal or “progressive” enough? Does he protest against the jungle music (noise) they have been “recommending” that he have performed at concerts? Will he buckle under future demands that they impose on him? If not, then he must go. Soon he will be ousted (for any number of ostensible reasons) and replaced by a more willing stooge of their choosing. The new ultra-liberal conductor may well be a relative unknown, hungry to make a name for himself to enhance his musical career. Once hired, he will learn very quickly to be a “yes man” and he discovers who issues his marching orders.

Step 5. Now is the time to weed out the dissenters. By this time, many of the orchestra members are starting to smell a rat, but are still fearful to speak out. That is when the newer subversive “Hebrew” member/informers go to work and ask the right questions or complain out loud to see who agrees with them. Those old time Gentile members who voice “negative opinions” and who are up front in seniority and chair positions are gradually “moved to the back row,” only to find that the next step for them is out the back stage doors into the alley. No sensible Gentile performers or pesky troublemakers or hard core “patriots” need apply for those positions left open. If all else fails then all the orchestra members are required to undergo forced “evaluation” by audition. This method really cleans out the non-Politically Correct members.

Step 6. Now the denouement. The new Jewish controlled conductor begins to use the orchestra to transform the community. Blacks and other non-Whites are aggressively hired as musicians and “talented guest performers.” Non-White “ethnically enriching” selections are introduced. In fact, no performance is allowed to go on without at least one of them being performed. Formerly all-White choirs are now on stage jumping and ‘jiving’ to African drums or the equivalent. Blacks are bussed in to perform with their jungle drums and saxophones blaring the “New Age” jazz and the wretched “blues” of the junkie and the prostitute are presented to our children as “great art.” The works of the European masters, products of unquestioned geniuses and spiritually needed windows into our own souls, are shunted aside or replaced with obnoxious “updated” (ruined) versions straight out of Weimar’s vice pits. Traditional Christmas and Easter music is dumbed down or eliminated altogether. The acknowledged masterpieces of White composed music are sometimes replaced by very obscure works, perhaps to give the impression that European classical music is monotonous and boring. There will always be a ‘pro-diversity’ and multicultural agenda to be filled and any non-White guest performers will be glorified and praised beyond reason.

Complaints are met with silence or rebuked as being ‘old fashioned, racist or intolerant.’ It is at this point that the community has lost its orchestra and the Jews have gained a powerful weapon of social devolution and propaganda. Our children’s lives will be that much emptier, a tragedy made even sadder by the fact that many will not even have an inkling of what they have lost. The White sheeple (Goyim) will remain stupid and never realize how they have been deceived.

Taking back our community orchestra - and our community as a whole - requires that we Whites start thinking racially all the time by making racial and cultural survival high priorities in our lives. We have to organize.

How about starting a local National Vanguard Unit? Go to or Flood the “letters” section of local newspapers with ongoing protest letters. At concerts, picket the main entrance with this Conspiratology and National Vanguard literature explaining what has happened. You might even consider attending the performances and letting your combined and coordinated voices be heard. Applause and its opposite are long-standing traditions of free expression, are they not? At the same time you could make your voice heard with a billboard.

The Jewish “great destructive idea” does not change. Their goal of White racial genocide and perversion will not change, but to fight our dispossession and devolution, we must change. It’s time we stop being fearful of and so ‘civil’ toward those who are destroying our children and us. It’s time we started acting and speaking out racially, culturally, and morally. It’s time to TAKE WHITE AMERICA BACK.

The Jewish board monitors their success by counting tickets sold (as they raise the prices to maximize their corporate profits.) They will watch the letters to the editor. Their spies inside the body of the orchestra keep close tabs on the attitudes and opinions of the members and the public. The Jews always worry about killing their golden goose, so when their degeneracy reaches a danger point, they simply back off until ‘community acceptance’ returns to safe levels. Never back off. NEVER!

We need to have constant in-depth strategic thinking and high levels of commitment for our positive goals, just as they do for their negative goals. Read “The Controversy of Zion” by Douglas Reed to enhance your commitment.

For those naive, gullible, uneducated souls, especially White, ultra-liberal Christians who have never studied the Global Supremacism of the Jews, these “Goyim” will scoff and belittle my statements presented here. Just remember the warnings of Benjamin Franklin when, at the 1789 Constitutional Convention he said, “There is a great danger for the United States of America. That great danger is the Jew. Gentlemen, in whichever lands the Jews have settled they have depressed the moral level and lowered the degree of commercial honesty. They have created a State within a State, and when they are apposed they attempted to strangle that State financially as they have done in Portugal and Spain.” (...And around the world.)

The same process continues today in Global Nations and their governments. The process of Jewish, anti-White, racial and social devolution never changes. In every community and their Gentile, Symphonic Orchestras around the globe, the Jews will begin to move in for the kill. Communism is Jewish and the Jews have a One World Government called the New World Order. Zionist Control is the name and subversive overthrow is their game.

Today Whites live in a strictly Communist controlled Nation and Zionist Treason Governs America. Your local White community is no exception. Beware of the Jews and make ready for battle against their influence of evil and destruction.

I have a list of over 120 dates and places of Jewish national expulsions around the world. If you think the world hates the Jews simply because of their religious, financial and social beliefs and unconventional warfare techniques against you, then you are right!

Any members of the orchestra who discovers this plot and demonstrate their knowledge of such will find themselves expelled from the orchestra and they could even be blackballed from the industry by the (ADL) Jewish Anti-Defamation League.

The “Jewish problem” will not go away. This orchestra example is only one of many examples of Jewish takeover across America and other White homelands. Remember, you and I have only one life to live for our sacred White race and Nation. There is no more worthwhile use of our time, talents, and energy than for reclaiming our people’s future. We must fight daily to secure the existence and security of future White generations.


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