By: Richard F. Masker, Conspiratologist

Recognizing a problem in the search for knowledge and wisdom, then being able to ask the correct questions is solving half of the problem. I present the "Gentile" reader with a simple question: what is the greatest single good any person can perform in their lifetime? Those of you who watch the many Jewish Zionist supremacist "Hate" controlled media networks know that White Americans and the world populations in general are in serious stages of devolution, depression and decay and are made to feel extremely vulnerable to global genocide through natural disasters, genocidal deceptions and outright fraudulent propaganda filth attack.

In some sectors, the subversive Fifth Column "Enemy Within", with their big lie propaganda machine, has driven our people to panic, abject terror, paranoia and desperation with the endless reporting of killer Katrina-type Hurricanes, New World Order pandemic designer Ebola style diseases, massive Mega-Tsunami's and Yellowstone type Super Volcanic eruptions, etc. The obvious fact is that many of these dangers, such as Global Warming, designer diseases, political subversion and the like are very real and present which demands immediate research and preparatory solutions. But these news items are being sinisterly used to perform more elevated destructive mind control purposes.

A global survey system of Astronomical Telescopes is now in place around the world to locate potential near Earth orbiting Killer asteroids and comets. Enormous manpower and predominately advanced White Man technologies are now set up to monitor and predict massive Earthquakes and other Krakatoa type volcanic eruptions. Many of our finest Aryan economic experts are warning us of the enormous money and banking catastrophes we are about to experience. It seems our White technologies and experts are out to warn all of humanity of the dangers from nature and man made folly, but should we renounce or praise their efforts to save us? Are these people expressing a strong sense of selflessness, compassion and moral responsibility?

Every day the endless streams of Jewish controlled media History, Discovery and Science Channel presentations of how the Dinosaurs were driven to extinction by the mindless inorganic genocide of asteroids and comets rain down on our children and the elderly. Now the really big push is to bury deep in our gray matter the looming next "Extinction Period" being created by the man made Global Warming phenomenon. Our Nation is being flooded with Non-White insurgent Mestizo Mexicans and millions of other enemies of our White Middle Class America. These seemingly millions of negative distractions are occupying our interests while the kind and loving "Godís Chosen" Jewish State of Israel is raining down genuine death, terror and destructive genocide on numerous freedom loving nations of the world with the assistance and support of our Jewish Marxist occupied and Anti-American controlled U.S. Congress and Defacto Corporate president. Their object is simply to kill as many of Israelís Arab and White Gentile enemies as possible, regardless of the cost of American lives and debt to the global Jewish Banksters. Any who survive are inundated with apathy, complacency, fear and liberal nurtured hopelessness. Americans have been so indoctrinated by years of religious and political pro-Jewish Zionist controlled propaganda that it is almost impossible for them to even contemplate that Communism is Jewish or that the Jews are the genocidal global arm of "Murder Incorporated", the Illuminati and authors of global secret societal conspiracies like the New World Order. None are so ignorant as those who refuse to discover and believe the absolute truth before them. None are easer to enslave than those who truly believe they are free. This is the great miracle of intentional and careful subversive Zionist created propaganda conditioning and training.

But wait a minute, what does all this gore and guts have to do with putting Conspiratology in its proper Perspective? I have tried to demonstrate how our creative White sector of society is always trying to WARN and AWAKEN the peoples of the Earth to natural and man-made destructive forces. It seems it is always our people who are trying to save the millions of endangered species and provide water, food and medicine to the starving Blacks and Browns in war torn foreign third world lands while our own society and culture crumbles into degeneracy by Jewish Supremacist design within our own national boundaries. The fact remains that regardless of how depressed and negative our social factors are, our White genetic establishment always seems to strive toward the goal of encouraging the perfection and upward progression of the worldís multicultural peoples, regardless of the effort of the Zionist striving to degenerate and destroy them.

Then what is Conspiratology really trying to do? What is its true and proper goals and perspective in society?

The answer is very simple indeed. Conspiratology is attempting to WARN and AWAKEN the multi-ethnic global populations to the world genocidal "Great Destructive Idea" that has been perpetrated against international humanity by way of unconventional and subversive Jewish generated warfare for the last three thousand years.

As mentioned in other sections of this website, Criminology is the scientific study of crime and its method and detection. One aspect of crime is deadly criminal conspiracies. Conspiratology is that discipline of criminology that studies the most vicious and enormous categories of crime known to international human societies. We act like international criminal investigators.

Itís just that simple. The Conspiratologist acts exactly like the many Geologists and Seismologists that are now working at Yellowstone to determine and predict the signs of a super Volcanic eruption and then WARN our people of its dreadful future consequences.

It is our devoted, selfless and honorable objective to serve humanity the very same way, to determine social and cultural behind the scenes pandemic political conspiracies to destroy, exploit, manipulate and control the innocent peoples of the Earth. Thatís it boys and girls. That is our simple answer to our first question presented, what is the greatest good that we can perform in our valuable, but short lifetimes. That is the "Evil, Terrorism, Hate, Bigotry, Anti-Semitism and Racism" that your local Jewish community says we are constantly committing. The true criminal always wants conceal their crimes and vilify their genuine accusers.

Remember, the true criminal social engineers are Jewish and they control the "mind science machine." They control the "Psy-Ops" (Psychological Operations) Warfare Mechanism. They control the subversive political and media brain washing industry. They control your government and its schools. They control all of your money, your communications media, your Congress, your Military and police, etc. When we wake up and start to warn our people, the Jews and their paid political stooges repeatedly want to go into high gear and "kill or vilify the messengers." Should you vilify the police officer that is trying to convict the criminal? Do you praise the government tax collector that is trying to defraud you out of your hard-earned property? Do you finally get the message folks? Do you think you can ever finally wake up to this absolute reality of our modern society? Should you try to destroy the Conspiratologist that is trying to warn our people of the prime criminal mover?

Now you know what role Conspiratology SHOULD play in your life. Now stop and ask yourself these questions in a spirit of truth, honor, virtue and reality: Have I been totally brainwashed by our subversive, Jewish Supremacist enemies and their Shabbos Goyim Gentile servants to become enemy of my own White Race, Culture and genetic heritage? Have I been brainwashed to serve Jewish "LIBERALISM" against the best interests of truth, knowledge and wisdom? Have I been carefully conditioned to become a wolf in sheepís clothing and deadly "Enemy Within?" Am I laboring tirelessly trying to Wake-Up in the positive service for good for all of global humanity? Have I taken the time and effort to discover what is really going on in my world of race, genetics and politics, etc.? What say you, kind seeker of wisdom and knowledge?

Do you own the DVDís "V for Vendetta", "Equilibrium", and "They Live" and will you truly to understand NOW the hidden meanings of what these "anathema" movies are trying to tell ALL global peoples?

Sure, you may contribute to your favorite charities, worship every Sunday, love your family and friends and try to consistently be a good citizen and patriot, but do strive for wisdom and love the truth? Do you love your White racial heritage and traditions? Are you willing to die for the survival of your future White generations of innocent White children? What say you?

Sure, itís important to marry within your gene pool, produce many beautiful intelligent White children, stay healthy, educate and work hard in a positive career, but to be a Conspiratologist and expose the genocidal enemies of your people is the greatest single service you can possibly devote to future generations of not only your people, but all the peoples of the civilized world.

I sincerely hope this has put Conspiratology in its proper perspective for you. Remember that you are already many years behind in starting your investigative research. The time is now and the hour is late. Happy Trails to you and thank you for visiting this website. Please help us to help you in deprogramming your friends, associates and relatives. Remember to stay in touch with us for the rest of your lives.

Very sincerely, RFM. Coeur díAlene, Idaho uSA, Inc. July 2006.