By: Richard F. Masker, Conspiratologist

Every Police Officer is required to take an oath of service before he is allowed to perform his duties. His duties consist of responsibilities and tasks that are contained within the slogan "To Protect and to Serve." I wish you and I could be together and look each other in the eye and discuss the extreme nature of this concept of "To Protect and to Serve," especially the part about Protecting. In my approach here, I will be talking about this virtually sacred and honorable calling within the mental image of it being a TWO EDGED SWORD that cuts both ways.

From childhood, you and I have had a fascination with self protection. As children we held close to our mothers. She and Father were our incomprehensibly important protectors against the mysterious, frightening and sometimes dangerous outside world.

How many times have we seen animals on the Discovery Channel or at the Zoo exhibit that "Clinging to Mother" behavior, especially the monkeys and other intelligent primates. The fact is that protection is so important to all members of global humanity, that they never outgrow the socio-mental need for Security and personal Protection.

Ask any family that has survived a devastating war how they feel about "protection and Security." Nations build armies and weapons of mass destruction only to protect them from the dangers of attack from other nations.

Each community hires professional police to do the same for them. Consider how you feel right now about the moral, spiritual, physical and economical safety, security and protection of your wife, children, brother, husband, father and other members of your immediate family. Yes indeed, you have been called to a position of supreme public TRUST and selfless RESPONSIBILITY in your position of "The People's Police Force."

In the crime, social decay and filth that you are exposed to on a daily basis, it is easy to lose sight of your true responsibilities. As we can read from the daily controlled news media, many of our officers even begin to lose touch with their "Code of Honor" and fall away from their avowed oath of allegiance and service. Crime among police departments nation-wide is rampant and devastating. When was the last time you dug out your "Police Oath" and read it. Might I suggest you copy it and put it in your wallet behind your "Miranda Card."

Here is a point I want to bring home with image and import. History indicates to us with many incidents in literature, that in ancient times and even to the present, when "The Watchman on the Wall" was found sleeping at his post he was arrested, tried by a military tribunal and if found guilty of dereliction of duty, was then beheaded or executed before the assembly of his garrison. He had violated the ultimate sacred trust of his people and the honor of stewardship of duties entrusted to him by his superiors. There is no greater criminal action that can be committed by a sworn protector (Watchman and Protector) of society than to flagrantly disregard their duties and allow their people (Nation Family) to perish in harms way.

Here we come to the concept of the TWO EDGED SWORD by going back to our story of the Watchman on the Wall. Let us say that the same Watchman was confronted with the following dilemma. The King and his Court have sided >with a subversive and cunning enemy within the walls. This enemy has used bribery, financial blackmail and media (oops) rumor mongering to control the King and his "Stooges." The subversives now act as enemies against the people of the kingdom for their own "Secret" and subversive means of total control and remember that these miserable strangers are not of your racial family, but are indeed secret imposters posing as "Friendly Folk."

The Garrison discovers this deadly deception and notifies our Watchman. What should he do? Does he face a two edged sword? If the people for whom he has taken a sacred oath to "protect and to serve" discovers his treason, they will kill him for sure. If he blows the whistle to the people about the criminality of the King and his gang, the King will have him executed immediately. There lies our TWO EDGED SWORD dilemma that our Watchman faces and the sword is exceedingly sharp and cuts true and deep both ways.

Now back to your Oath of Service. Does your oath have contained within its text the following words: "I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies both foreign and domestic?" If your oath does not say those words, then you had better start smelling a rat in your local woodpile. The following is a Constitutional Oath that is required to be taken by all Federal Government Officials and Law Enforcement including the FBI. In fact I received this official oath from the FBI office in D.C.:


I, ________________, Do solemnly swear (or avow) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same, that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter, so help me God.


I remember this oath very well, because I had to take it when I served in the United States Navy during the Viet Nam era.

Would you expect our corrupt and treasonous King to take the above oath? Of course not. Well, our US presidents today do not take the same oath as the rest of the Protectors and Servants of our People, either.

That little part about "enemies foreign and domestic" have been quietly removed. Hummm. What's up Doc?? Could it be that the King refuses to take the oath that could come back and condemn him to death. Yes, and that is why our Billerys and Bushs don't take the oath because they have taken "Other Oaths of Allegiance" to their Judeo/Marxist mentor masters of the subversive (NWO) New World Order.

You are the Watchman on the Wall and this is your enormous dilemma. Which power will you serve, the corrupt king and his bandits or your people? It is just as simple as that.

This Investigative Association can prove without doubt of the corruptness of the King and his band of subversives, and if ever brought into his court, we are highly prepared to present our conclusive evidence as public record before the torch and pitchfork yielding patriotic mob. Now you can understand why you never hear the word "Conspiratolgy" in the Jewish controlled "Kings Royal News and entertainment Media."

There is one other item to mention here. In our fair kingdom. the people have set up a police garrison (authorized by the King) of which our Watchman is an avowed member. This police force must be dominated and controlled by the corrupt King or they could become a very "Real and Present Danger" to him and his gang of treasonous sleaze bags. It is required of the King to infiltrate, dominate and control every aspect of the "People's Police Force" He wouldn't want any of his people spilling the beans to "The Masses" now would he? The King could also face beheading and history shows that the "People's Revolutions" did exactly that after the smoke had cleared.

Today the Republicans and Democrats are running scared for the horizon with their asses on fire for the very same reasons. The "Masses" are waking up and the politicians know it! My point here is that in every country that the Judeo/Marxist Communist Parasites have invaded, they first infiltrated and subdued the local Police Force.

In Germany when the people were fighting Communism and the Red's controlled the municipal police, the National Socialist resistance forces ("haters, bigots and anti-Semitic White Racist" as they are called by the Marxist press today) issued this directory to the anti-Communist forces. This was called the "Ten Commandments" and the following was from article ten:

"Resistance to police and state authority today is always stupid, because you will always come off worse... The state will take revenge on you and on us with prison sentences and steep fines. So, if there is no other way, comply with state authority but console yourself: we shall square accounts later!" And they did!

When Police Chief Gates of Los Angeles was asked who's interest he would serve first, he simply replied, "We (the Police Department) will serve whoever is in authority over us. If the Communists take power tomorrow, then we would come to work like any other day and serve them."

Is that the response you would expect from an honest, honorable and courageous trusted public servant in a position of authority? Is he honoring and shouldering his "Oath" by protecting the people from "All enemies, both Foreign and domestic?"

As a "Peace Officer" and not a NWO "Law Enforcement Officer," I present you with this TWO EDGED SWORD.

There is an honorable solution to this dilemma without you and your family suffering any depravations or reprisals from your department. I would invite you to contact me and I will share these solutions with you.

For now, though, you should ponder and consider your dilemma and maybe sometime we can talk honestly about it face to face. Until then, consider who you will serve. As for me and my family, we will serve the truth and use the two edged sword against all our "enemies both foreign and domestic." We know with certainty who our deadly enemies are, and we know just as certain who to "Protect and to Serve." Do You?

The honorable and courageous warrior protector of his people dies only one glorious death, but the treasonous coward who aids & abets his people's enemies, dies a thousand miserable and devastating deaths. No other success in life can compensate for failure to protect and to serve your own community.


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