By: Richard F. Masker, ICA Conspiratologist
June 8, 2006

Our original Constitution very clearly forbid involuntary servitude or slavery of White Free American Citizens. Simply stated, slavery is unlawful. Itís for that reason our countryís founders forbid enslaving property taxation. Free and clear property ownership was paramount in the very spirit of our Constitution. They escaped the Monarchies of Europe to free themselves of this slavery. They said forcefully that "the power to Tax is the power to destroy." On the other hand, from the very beginning this was simply unacceptable to the Jewish Supremacist enemies who conspired to destroy our Nation and our White European People. Here is how the Jews and their paid traitorous Shabbos Goyim liberal politicians worked to eliminate that troublesome obstacle to effectively obtain their eventual deadly New World Order, global, One World Government which, in reality, our people face today.

The answer was subversively simple: just silently and gradually change the form of government from a "lawful" Constitutional, de jure, Federal Republic, into a "legal," defacto, totalitarian Federal Corporation. Changing the citizensí "Status" would automatically change their "Jurisdiction" and that is exactly what the Jews did with the "War Powers Act" of 1933-38. This was the greatest U.S. Government criminal fraud ever to be unleashed on the innocent White American People. The second greatest fraud was, of course, the Federal Reserve Banking Conspiracy. Then there was the Jewish Media Conspiracy, but those are horror stories for another time.

With our Government newly changed to a Corporation by the War Powers Act, we could be taxed to our utter destruction under secret "Corporate Law" instead of Constitutional Law. In this way not one citizen in a million would ever figure out the crime (called the "New Deal" under F.D.R.) and America was well on its way towards total domination, slavery and involuntary servitude by the Jewish Bankers under the "House of Rothschild" of Europe. The license to spend more and tax more was now in place. You should also know that the ten other master banks that hold the class A stocks in the Federal Reserve System are all owned and controlled by the Jews.

At that time America owed the Jews a tremendous amount of "War Debt" and they threatened to foreclose on our Treasury, but instead agreed to a secret deal to take ownership of all American property and its revenue producing people who are you and me and our children for ever and ever. All this was accomplished in totally secret conspiratorial treachery within our Government. Here the plot thickens.

There was only one problem. Under corporate law, all contracts and agreements had to be voluntary. Knowing the stupidity, ignorance and gullibility of the White Gentile Masses, the Jews (Communists) secretly instituted the predatory UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) "Law of Presumption." If they could persuade (entice) you and me by providing us with "Social Security," welfare handouts, medical benefits, etc., and then getting us to sign-up and put our signatures on one of their Corporate Government application forms, they could then "Presume Jurisdiction" over you and me and all of our property. Our working bodies would become their property (commercial assets) and that is what they consider you and me to be to this present day - "Corporate Government Property." Itís just that treacherous, sinister and criminally simple. At that point in time (1933-38) you and I lost our Constitutional Rights and became fictional Corporate defacto Citizens, but the government had to do all this in total secrecy without us, the Goyim, ("Gentile Cattle") ever discovering a thing, just like with the FED money/banking and "Income Taxation" (IRS) Conspiracy. They also had to have complete control of the news and information media, so the truth of their crimes would never become public knowledge and so it is to this day - except for the glorious Internet.

Under Corporate Law, they use what is referred to as "tacit procuration." They use subversive, skillful deception and TACTICS to PROCURE our agreement with their hidden subversive contracts of jurisdiction without our knowledge or willful consent. This has been the Jewish expertise (fraud) in other countries from the beginning of recorded history.

This is just one of thousands of examples of government fraud against its citizens under the Zionist Occupational Government (ZOG) system. Other examples are when you sign an IRS 1040 form or sign up for Social Security or a Driverís License, Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate, Fishing License, Firearms permits, Bank Loan, etc., then you are volunteering!! You are simply conditioned to follow the pack of Lemmings.

Just as a side note, we continue to hear stories of court judges barking at defendants in trials, "If I hear one more word from you about the Constitution, I will hold you in contempt of court." Then if you look carefully, just behind him stands a disguised version of "Old Glory" with its end chopped off and the whole flag trimmed in gold fringe. This subverted, substitute flag represents the Corporate fictional Admiralty Maritime military ceremonial flag for the imperial court jurisdiction. Plain and simple. Remember that these judges and attorneys are officers of the court who, by oath, are sworn to uphold the (color of law) dictates of Corporate Law, not Constitutional Law.

Now for "Property Taxes" --- The hidden contract.

Notice that when you receive your "Property Tax Notice," your name is in all capital letters. What is important here is that this is NOT YOU. As a certified Corporate "fictional asset," the government has made another you, a "Fictional Straw Man," to conform to their corporate fictional system. Living, breathing humans canít be corporate beings. They must be by law, fictional corporate "Straw Men."

Look at the signature line on the bottom right of your corporate check book paper check. Get a magnifying glass and read the thin black line of deception. It reads "authorized signature, authorized signature, authorized signature" (in micro print) because the real breathing, red blooded human (which is you) must sign off (volunteer) and give permission for YOUR corporate FED member bank to transfer the funds to your corporate (ALL CAPITAL LETTER) "Straw Man" fictional corporate instrument as printed in the upper left corner of your check. This is another secret slight of hand, so you wonít wise up to that which is happening in reality. The deception continues with vigor. When will we as a highly creative, cultured and Racial people ever learn from the past treachery of our eternal deadly Jewish enemies?

Now, when you are told to "Register" or "Record" the new purchase of your home and property with the County Assessors office, that is where the fraud really goes into high gear. Here the County charges you a "Registration Fee" or a "Recordation Fee", which they deceptively call an annual Property Tax. Since you and I stupidly volunteered, this fee goes on year after year and gets bigger and bigger. Remember, where there is no voluntary registration, there can be no fraudulent corporate taxation. So, what do you receive in return for this "registering service?" Absolutely nothing but enormous tax bills each year. "Such a deal you never saw!" Remember that we fought a bloody Revolutionary War against predatorial Government taxation.

Now most people I know, including myself, would have no objection to paying a reasonable and fare annual "Community Improvement Fee (tax)" but the totally out of control present property tax system is outrageous. Tax more. Spend more. That is the pattern of destruction by taxation as warned against by our Founding Fathers and it is an obvious reality today. Politicians love this kind of ("revenue enhancing") treason.

Most of those (Corporate renters) who think they own their own homes are paying from $158 to over $680+ PER MONTH in registration fees. The Jews have been at this treachery and extortion racket for over 3 thousand years and know exactly what they are doing, but now they commit their horrible crimes against humanity under the color of "Constitutional Law." The Zionist Jews operating behind our government need our extorted financial booty to care for all those millions of Non-Whites they are flooding into our country each year. We are paying for our own total genetic and financial destruction, even at the county level. Wake up before itís too late!!

At this point I wonít even go into how they claim corporate ownership of all "our property" in the first place. Just be assured that by fraud, deception, and presumption, they have taken away our original Constitutional rights without telling us the FACTS. They also know that if and when we discover this truth instead of their "Big Lie" propaganda, then we have the right to rescind or cancel all those hidden subversive contracts we made with them and thereby regain or "Redeem" our original Constitutional Sovereignty, Rights and Freedoms once more. Also, remember that only when we donít receive any government "gifts" can they not claim jurisdiction and control over us. They also know that "under the law there is no excuse for ignorance," so they are under absolutely no obligation to tell you or me about their deception, fraud and extortion or even where we can find redemption or "The Remedy" from their multitude of criminal and treasonous acts against us. Once they have you and me under their judicial control, they will resort to every illegal and anti-American unlawful tactic possible to hold onto our property and us. This is one of the greatest secrets of government, but now you know the truth!!

Many of the Politicians and government employees who work for Federal, State and County Governments know about this massive treachery against their own White American racial family, but are paid off by the ZOG and willfully chose to continue their treason for wages, salaries, benefits and job security. They could always display truth, honesty and patriotism by exposing the crime and change their careers you may say, but they have found an easy Government sugar daddy home job and think that stupid you and I will never discover their crimes against our White Racial humanity. Abject treason comes in many shades.

The really evil side to this Property Tax scam is how State Governments train their State and County employees to be as harsh and treacherous as any hard line Jewish, IRS henchman, supervisor tax collector. Your local County Commissioners, Treasurer, or Assessor will confiscate ALL the property and evict the elderly, handicapped and mentally ill or poverty veteran citizen with a straight face and without any concern or sympathy. These local LIBERAL politicians are without conscience or the slightest twinge of guilt. Remember that even the damnable IRS refuses to require those on Social Security Disability, without any other form of income, to even file a 1040-tax form. Not so with our county Phalanx of "State Code" protected property tax enforcers. They will take your last penny and property and then drive you and your family from their jurisdiction if possible. If a citizen "Goyim" discovers the conspiracy of the Jews and is a local Patriot dissident, then the local Jews of the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) will target him for destruction. They will leave no stone unturned to put pressure on the County Commissioners to destroy him. These Jewish parasites are absolutely merciless in destroying our people and taking our last desolate nickel and property. Beware of the enemy from within our White Christian social community. Liberalism is the Jewish cultural and social mind toxin creation used to promote White genocide.

The International Jews have been relentless at dehumanizing our people and especially our government employees. To my knowledge there are no Government records or statistics showing how many White Gentile suicides, divorced families, broken homes, nervous breakdowns, coronary deaths, husband and father desertions or drug addicts there have been as the result of the predatorial Zionist created Taxation at all levels of our subversive, liberalized, perverted corporate Defacto fictional governments.

So, what is the bottom line with the "Property Tax" Racket? Letís make it simple for you. Here is an example to compare it with. During the 40ís and 50ís there existed an international Jewish established and dominated criminal syndicate called "Murder Incorporated." It specialized in cold-blooded murder, intimidation and extortion. It operated on the Mob principle of "Pay up or die." It was just that simple. Now with Jewish organized and dominated "Property Taxes," the very same principle exists. Your Corporate County receives its authority to tax from the Corporate State, who receives its authority to tax from the Jewish Corporate Federal Reserve System. Your County "Presumes" ownership and jurisdiction authority to itself from the seemingly innocent forms they con you into signing. Remember that you are a corporate slave, but they still need your voluntary involvement just like with Federal Income Taxes that are supposedly "voluntary," although they are forced on you with intimidation, fear and extortion.

After you have registered the purchase of your property and then perhaps fall three years behind in paying, itís "Pay Up or Die" time. This is where the intimidation, fear and extortion come into play. The County Treasurer sends their paid police guns to collect ALL your property and they sell it to the highest bidder at public auction (Sheriff Sale) on the steps of the County Courthouse. If they claim you owe them $5,400.00 and they sell your treasured family home for $218,000.00, by law they can keep the whole damn thing and not return you one single penny. They take all your equity above the $5,400.00 they said you owed. Then they move your family out into oblivion and put some new ignorant purchaser (asset) into your home who will sign up (register) and pay the outrageously high taxes they demand by Corporate, not Constitutional Law. This is totally insane, but absolutely true. If you can find that I am wrong on this subject, please go to and email me at and set me straight. Please, I want to be wrong!!

I know for most of you reading this reality for the first time, it all seems totally preposterous to insane, especially the charges against the international Zionist Jews, but with only a minimum amount of research on your part you will discover the truth for yourself. With the advent of computers and the internet a tremendous amount of detailed research has been unearthed and exposed to the public by reputable Historical Revisionists, rebel dissident attorneys, politicians and even retired federal judges. etc. Most importantly, you will discover what even the arrogant, boastful and pompous Jews say about their continuing victories over their submissive and gullible Gentile Christian Goyim enemies. For the past 26 hundred years, these Jewish Mattoidís have been highly skilled in using their propaganda and deceit to disguise themselves and their motives in committing their high crimes against universal humanity. Remember that the Motto of the Israeli Mossad (Israeli Secret Service) has always been "By way of deception thou shalt do war." As White Sons and Daughters of our racial family and our Republic, you and I have the moral obligation to perform this awakening labor for out future generations. Do not fail them.

This is a general outline of the property tax scam. It is only a small fraction of the overall taxation conspiracy. If you are motivated to further investigate this subject and its "Lawful Remedy," the subject is "Commercial (Sovereign) Redemption in Law" and the starting book is the 390 page "Cracking the Code" by the "Authors Group." Many other books and websites can be found by checking the Search Engines. This type of research provides the Conspiratologist with what we call the "world of Nirvana" in high discovery conspiracy research. Try it, youíll like it.

Our National White Racial Awakening is now underway at light speed and there will be no place for these "Public Servants" to hide once "The Great Awakening" is realized. There is no verification of "Godís Judgment," but our people will eventually guarantee final justice for those local traitorous fiends who labor for our deadly enemies from deep within our ZOG, Zionist Occupational Government.

Start today to do everything you can to research and discover the absolute truth about the Jewish destruction ("The Great Destructive idea" as Douglas Reed called it) of our people. Become a "Sovereign Citizen" and then spread the information far and wide. Prepare yourself and your family for the coming bloody racial and government revolution. Do everything you can to save what is left of our White Northern European People and their heritage, freedom, renewal and survival. Fight the deadly Jewish "hate" propaganda lies.

Presently your "liberal" ZOG government is attempting to form a North American Union (NAU) by dissolving our Canadian and Mexican borders and forming a multicultural, mongrelized, easily controlled, industrial work force of Zionist controlled SLAVES. This Zionist treasonous act will never be allowed to come to realization, but the plan is to eventually merge it with the European, Middle Eastern and Asian Unions to form the Jewish Supremacist controlled "New World Order" global Government.

It is important to discover the deadly threat of massive Non-White immigration into our country by millions of Mestizo Insurgent Mexicans, Moslems, East Indians and Pakistanis, just like what we see the Jews are doing to our White European nations, but first we must deport the fundamental cause of this entire nightmare which is the Jews themselves. We must start now to "Armor-Up" and clean house here at home by purging the eternal Asiatic alien infestation and Take America Back.

Our people must wake up to the absolute fact that ZIONIST TREASON GOVERNS AMERICA and that the Jewish program of White genocide is well underway. We as a people must stop our naivety, gullibility and religious suicide beliefs and face the absolute realities and horrors of real life existence. Only the strong survive and survival of the fittest is Natureís eternal law. Wake up people or perish eternally.

I sincerely love my country and my people, but hate and despise my present corrupt and criminal Jewish controlled government. Please become a Conspiratologist and join with us and exhibit the courage to finally do what is right. No success in this life can possibly compensate for our failure to act courageously with honor.