By: Richard F. Masker, ICA Conspiratologist
September 9, 2006

After many inquiries for further clarification, let us continue with part two on the great Zionist "income" and "property tax" conspiracy. These taxes are damnable "Federal Reserve" fraud, extortion, intimidation and total genocide against our beloved White European humanity of America. No amount of apologies can excuse this.

To understand the magnitude of the criminality of "income" taxation and especially "Property Taxes," we must first continue our investigation on the foundational structure of the Federal Reserve and its Internal Revenue Service collection agency. From part one, remember that the several States receive their unlawful, immoral and "unconstitutional" property taxing authority from the Federal Reserve System. The main point to understand here is that if the Corporate FED is a criminal fraud, then the Corporate States are without standing before the Law and their taxing authority is null and void under our Constitutional "Lawful Contract."

"Thatís a fact, Jack!"

It should also be here noted that at the time of the establishment of "The New Deal" taxing conspiracy, a State Governorís Conference was called into a secret session in the state of Maryland.

After the scheme for a new method of allowing Governors to raise vast amounts of revenue from the labors of their people, several members were highly fearful that if this fraudulent Taxing Scheme became public knowledge, the State Governors could be tried for high treason.

At that time they were assured by President Franklin D. Rooseveltís Administration that elements of citizen redemption would exist and be liberally scattered among the vast documentation of the "Act," so that the individual "Tax Payer" could redeem himself from the dreadful effects of the system at any time.

Of course, it wasnít the obligation or duty of the newly constructed phony corporate government to notify the "Taxpayer" victims of the Federal Reserve fraud of the existence of any such elements or where they could be found "in the law." The idea was that the public Goyim had so much trust, faith and confidence in the 1933 government that they would never suspect or discover the fraud and that the thought of escape from its destructive taxing effects would never enter their minds.

If you never discover that you are a victim, then you will fail to even think there is a crime. That is exactly what has happened up until the present time. The governors were pacified and their consent was made "legal," not lawful, as is the case to this very day, but hopefully not for long.

The slaves have figured out the scam and the elements of redemption and deception have been discovered. The problem is that now "our government" has become so advanced in its arrogant tyranny by the Communist Zionists Jews that they may not recognize or honor any protest or lawful remedies in law that are presented.

Sometimes to assure the health and survival of the tree of liberty, it must be watered with the blood of patriotic Racial Nationalists and Valiant Revolutionaries.

First of all, repeated Supreme Court decisions have proclaimed repeatedly that the 16th Amendment gave no further taxing authority to the Corporate FED and its IRS. The FED is not a Federal agency of government and it has no reserve. This private criminal syndicate "Banking" network is only supported and sustained by physical threats, confiscation, violence, outrageous lies, deception, intimidation and Zionist propaganda fear.

Chew on that thought for a few moments.

The insanity is just beginning, however. Wait until you discover what purpose your tax money is actually being used for. Got any ideas?

Answer: Simply to pay billions to the global, Jewish Banksters in the form of interest (criminal profits) against our congressional deficit spending "National Debt."

Are you outraged and surprised by this?

The "Federal Reserve Act" and its enormous banking and "money" monopoly are no more ĎFederal" than the "Federal Express" parcel shipping service. It is a syndicate-banking scheme, which is totally unlawful, unconstitutional, private, fictional, Defacto, corporate, and a complete criminal confidence racket. Period.

This enormous empire machine for the absolute control of and production of our fake paper currency is so important to the invisible and global Jewish, extortionist tyrants that they always demand that THEIR Gentile (?) pro-Zionist stooge President appoints only a Jewish chairmen to head it; Jews such as Harold Brown, Paul Volker, Allen Greenspan and Benjamin Benaki, etc.

In part one I mentioned that all 10 FED banks were exclusively Jewish owned and controlled. Several readers were shocked at this remark and wanted me to list the class A stockholder Federal Reserve affiliate banks, so here they are:

(1) The primary bank is the BIS, The Bank of International Settlements, headquartered in Brussels, Belgium.

(2) The Rothschild International Bank of Berlin and Amsterdam. (Remember what I told you in part one?)

(3) Goldman & Sachs, Stockbrokers and International Bankers of New York City, NY.

(4) Lehman Brothers, Stockbrokers and International Bankers of New York City, NY.

(5) Kuhn Loeb & Co., Stock Brokers and International Bankers of New York City, NY.

(6) Israel Moses Scheif, International Banking House of Italy.

(7) The La Zard Brothers, International Brokerage and Banking of Paris, France.

(8) The Warburg International Bankers of Hamburg, Germany.

(9) Rockefellers of Chase Manhattan International Banks of New York City, NY. (Yes, the Rockefellers are Jews.)

(10) The World International (CFR controlled) Foreign Investment Bankers of New York, London and Tokyo. This is generally referred to as "The World Bank."

Remember that these are the Jewish Banksters of the World who totally control all your money and have now confiscated (stolen) ALL the gold and silver in Fort Knox that our forefathers accumulated as solid, precious metal security and backing for our American Constitutional "Lawful Money." Remember the words of the Jew, Lord Rothschild, from the "House of the Red Shield" who said, "Give me control of a Nationís Currency and I care not who makes its laws." He knew that who ever controls the Worldís currency, controls the "New World Order."

Our kind, gentle and grossly naive reader would be shocked to discover the percentage of Jews in top supervisory positions in the Infernal Revenue Service, (IRS).

Red Beckman, the valiant American Patriot from Montana, began to smell a rat, so he traveled across this country and visited the records of every state capitol. He finally determined the absolute fact that the conspiratorial 16th Amendment that supposedly authorized the "Federal Reserve Act" taxation of on our "labor" was NEVER lawfully ratified by the several States. It was a bold faced lie. These facts are revealed in his two-volume book, "The Law That Never Was."

At the time of the non-ratification, the Secretary of State under Roosevelt was Philander Knox and he was instructed by "the hidden hand" to intentionally lie about the vote of the State governments and announce to the American People that the states had voted the 16th Amendment into law, which they DID NOT DO. This was only one of the multitudes of lies the Roosevelt Administration committed against our Racial Nation. Remember the Pearl Harbor "surprise" attack?

This shows how desperate the conspirators were to gain control of the working peopleís property, so they could finance their plans for a One-World Government (NWO) and also to finance the war against Hitler and the "terrible Nazis." This massive treason and treachery by the Jewish Supremacists was accomplished through Communist (Kabbalah) subversive propaganda and money control. If you own and control the money and the media, then you own and control the politicians and dictate the subversive manufacturing of "The Laws." The Jewish controlled, liberal and Marxist mass media will go to any length to suppress this factual research and to keep it from the conscience and gullible Gentile minds of all global humanity. I sincerely hope you can see why.

The original and "lawful" Constitution absolutely forbids "Direct Taxation" on "income and salaries" of working Americans. Income taxes and property taxes are totally forbidden by law. The only indirect tax that can be authorized is on the profits, gains or interest from investments and corporate earnings, etc., not from your individual labors, because your labor IS YOUR PROPERTY. Your Church "Tithing" is also based on this massive fraudulent scheme. The clergy figures that if the FED can get away with this "Big Lie," then they can, too.

I will say that again, so you can understand it more fully: The law provides that you cannot be taxed on your property, capital or labors; just only on the gains derived from them (indirect Tax). Remember that all this fraudulent taxation is being operated under the color of law. A "legal" corporation cannot enact or enforce any "lawful" taxation on its Straw Men "fictional assets." That is why the corporate shysters donít want you to know about the Corporatization of America in 1933-38. This is why they are not about to produce any law requiring you to pay "income" or "property taxes." This is why they have never and will not ever define "Income." All this has to be done by unlawful fraud, treachery, intimidation and fear. He who has the Gun, the Gold and the Badge makes the laws.

The reader is encouraged to view the current DVD movie by the Jew, Aaron Russo, which is entitled, "AMERICA FROM FREEDOM TO FASCISM." Now stop and think why a Jew would want to spill the beans about what he calls, "The Banking Conspiracy." He never mentions a single word in the film about "The Jews" and vilifies Fascism. Get It?

Like many Jews, he envisions the abject horror that is about to visit his deadly Tribe and wants to divert the wrath of humanity away from the true and the globally genocidal criminals. He is another Jewish obstructionist.

This is not a new tactic by the panic stricken "Sacred House of Israel." Benjamin Friedman, Alfred Lielienthal, Morice Samuels, Jack Bernstein, Israel Shahak, Myron Phagan, Aurthur Koestler, Samuel Roth, Marcus Ravage, Rabbi Elmer Berger, Henry Klein, Gary Allen, Noam Chomsky, etc., etc., are only a few among many Jews who have tried to save their RACE from the eventual and sure mother of all Gentile "Ethnic Cleansing" pogroms rapidly roaring down the pike. Even hard core Judaism groups like "Neturei Karta" have attacked Jewish Zionism with the fraudulent hopes of distancing themselves from the ancient Jewish genocidal conspiracy. All one needs do is ask any Jew if he believes in the traditions of their tribe and the Talmud, because the Talmud and its Zohar tells you for sure where they stand.

Within the Talmud is the "Great Destructive Idea" called the Kabbalah. This is the magic bullet formula for world control and domination through gentile genocide or in other words, Global Mass Murder.

At this point the kind liberal reader should read the next article in the "Special Articles" section entitled, "The Jewish Kabbalah," by Rev. Ted Pike. Then go down the list and read "25 basic Methods" and "Who Rules America." Then listen to "Jewish Heritage of Hate."

After you catch your breath, then ask yourself this simple question, "who is it in society that I am absolutely forbidden to criticize?" Therein lies your answer to exactly who the fabricators of a bloody World Revolution are.

From the Protocols of Zion: "With the power of the press and politics in our hands and with our mastery of gold, we can silence even the most rebellious consciousness."

You must come to the understanding that your life is filled with hundreds of benign things to occupy your intellect and activities, of which some examples are: school, career, taxes, children, health, porno, religion, drugs, alcohol, finances, recreation, etc., but for the average global Jew, it is a solidly instilled 3,000 year old racial and cultural instinct and "Tradition" to triumph over their eternal enemies, the "Strangers" or the Goyim Cattle Gentiles. That is their dedication, enthusiasm and prime social, passion and interests for their "racial ascendancy" objective bottom line. Period. End of story!!

Again, the reader is encouraged to read the book, "THE CONROVERSY OF ZION," by Douglas Reed, published by Dolphin Book Publishers of Durbin, South Africa. They should also rent and view the DVD movie "V for Vendetta."

It should be obvious from the above that the IRS and Congress have never issued a single "lawful" law authorizing Income or Federal/State income and property taxes. If you doubt it, simply ask them to show you the "Federal Law" (not the Corporate State Code or Statutes). Just say, "please show me the ĎLawí that requires me to file a 1040 and pay taxes on my personal income." They canít show you the law because there is no such law.

They think of us as just simpleton, stupid beasts, whoíve been bred in herds to be harvested, but they fear that we arenít that dumb in the long run. That is why "Income" and "Property" taxes are hidden in a lie, in deception, fraud and in an extortion con game called "Federal" and in "State corporate Codes and Statutes."

The IRS has never defined "Income" and continues to say that it is all "Voluntary Compliance," not required compliance. Now do you, as a government created corporate Straw Man fictional asset, understand why?

Now do you understand how you have been deceived and tricked into being controlled by a secret UNLAWFUL HIDDEN CONTRACT that you supposedly entered into without "Full Disclosure" and your honest knowledge or lawful consent?

Check Blackís Law Dictionary under "Legal Contracts." Remember that a crucial article of the "Federal Reserve Act" is that it MUST be audited each and every year by the GAO, the General Accounting Office. The fact is that it has NEVER been audited since its unlawful Non-enactment in 1913, the real year of the "Act" of infamy.

Our Nation is saturated with multitudes of Anti-Taxation research organizations and they all can explain all this insanity to the average naive and gullible Gentile "Goyim." Thatís you and me and itís time to Wake Up!!

For too long our people TRUSTED our government. They became conditioned and propagandized that all this treason was really "The Law" without ever questioning its authenticity and "Lawful Status," but finally we have awakened from our stupor. Now there will be abject hell to pay to the forces of subversion that have caused all this genocide for our many generations of innocent children and families. We have endured great world wars with one main primary purpose, that purpose being to unknowingly destroy ourselves, the Gentile enemies of the International Jewish Supremacists.

The more you research the Jews own writings, the more you will be forced to accept that fact. Now you can understand why I started Conspiratology back in 1982 in Corvallis, Oregon.

I could save myself untold pain and suffering by refusing to tell my readers about the fundamental cause which is the Jews and the Liberals, but I have only one life to live and I have a moral obligation and responsibility to be totally honest and tell the "the whole truth and nothing but the truth," regardless of the consequences for myself and my family.

Today our society is locked in a never-ending cycle of wars, fear, anxiety, genocide destruction and racially social devolution. I try to be a small voice of truth in the darkness of the ocean of Jewish Supremacist propaganda and government conspiratorial insanity. If I am wrong, then prove me wrong, but donít piss and moan and keep on doing absolutely nothing to solve the problem! You deserve what you allow.

Now you have been presented with just a few absolute facts with respect to the International Jewish Genocidal conspiracy against your European White Gentiles and ALL Non-White global populations. Hundreds of millions of innocent lives have been destroyed and countless wars have been fought simply in the name of Jewish racial ascendancy and global control.

Why do you think we are now fighting in Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon with Iran and Syria next on the "Jewish Neo-Con Bolshevik" hit list?

Answer: for the protection, security and prosperity of Israel and the International world Jews. Itís just that simple, Folks.

This is September of 2006 and close to 3,000 American soldiers have died (ritual sacrifice) and it is estimated that over 100,000 innocent Iraqiís alone have been butchered by our Zionist Occupational Government since 911 was orchestrated by the Bush "Zionist War Party" and the Israeli Mossad.

The next time you look in the mirror, take your family to church, pay taxes, rent a smut/porno DVD, think of God, Family and Country or watch an American Flag waving in the breeze, be sure to ask yourself, "what am I doing at this very moment to save my precious White Race, culture, heritage and people and future generations of our children from Jewish planned NWO extinction, genocide and total social devolution?"

The primary enemies are not the Bankers, the Corporations or the media. These are only the tools and the Secondary enemies. The head movers and shakers of all this hell and genocide are strictly the Kabbalah armed Jews. One of their major weapons is taxation.

Remember this: "The power to tax is the power to destroy." --Thomas Jefferson.

Now do your homework; then face your responsibility.