By: Richard F. Masker, Conspiratologist

To understand the real invisible causes of the now enormous flood of Non-White immigration into our once Northern European ALL White Nation, one must first learn the primary objectives of the Jewish Supremacist New World Order Governmental offensive against naive White Gentile America.

International Zionist “Neo-Conservative” Jewry can never accomplish its planned One World total enslavements until it has its primary enemy (Global Whites) totally controlled and destroyed beyond renewal. To accomplish this they use their many tools of genocide. One of their primary tools is silent, Non-White alien invasion into traditionally all White Nations like, England, Sweden, France, Australia, Germany, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Canada and America, etc., etc. Get the picture?

Non-White immigration always leads to accelerated rates of interracial dating, sex, AIDS, murder and marriage. This mixed racial, mongrelized, White devolutionary racial suicide always leads toward eventual White racial extinction. World Jewry has always known that a mongrelized, docile, welfare dependent people are easy to propagandize and manipulate. Whites represent the most creative, intelligent, principled, honest and assertive warlike people on Earth. They are also highly superstitious, Judeo/religious, naïve and gullible.

Whites present the greatest threat against the Ancient, Asiatic, Subversive and Gradualistic Warfare of the global Zionist Jews, but are not the easiest to propagandize and manipulate.

This ZOG (Zionist Occupational Government) has perverted our citizenship and immigration laws and with our controlled politicians and media they have enflamed all Non-Whites (Mestizos) to riot and organize against us. We are NOW in our final last phases of our Jewish global genocidal takeover.

If White, Gentile America doesn’t soon abandon their Judeo/Christian “love your enemies” fantasy and stand and fight, then our Race, Culture, Blood, Heritage and Life Destiny is forever doomed to eternal extinction. The hour to awaken is NOW and the Time to act is almost too late. Do it now or die!!

Remember what just happened to the once great White South Africa before the Jews brought in the ANC with its sanctioned massive hoards of Blacks to overthrow and destroy the naive Whites and take their Nation. Whites must look long term to the eventual eternal consequences. Miracles don’t just happen; they have to be made to happen.

Wake Up America!!