The following is simply a sample lecture outline to be perfected and given 
to civic groups, families, church groups and to Law Enforcement 
organizations. Use your own technique but this is simply an example that 
works very well-----

page one ==========================================================


1. Crime Classification:_______________________Rank( )

2. Location and time of Crime:________________________

3. Scope and Magnitude of Crime:_____________________

4. Primary perpetrators of the crime:___________________

5. Accomplices to the Crime:_________________________

6. Victims of the Crime:_____________________________

7. Evidence of the Crime:___________________________

8. Motive for the Crime:_____________________________

9. Weapons of choice:_____________________________

10. Opportunity for the Crime:_________________________

11. Historical Background:___________________________

12. Method of operation (MO)_________________________

(a) M: _____________________________

(b) U: _____________________________

(c) R:_____________________________

(d) D:_____________________________

(e) E:_____________________________

(f) R:_____________________________

13. Criminal Organizational Structure:___________________

14. Justice or the Solution to the Crime:________________

NOTES:_________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________


The above should be downloaded to print and copied to give to each member of your audience. The next sheet contains the answers that they will write into the blanks as you give your deprogramming lecture. Your trainees will then have the format and material to study so they can continue on giving this same lecture to their friends and relatives and the police etc....The following are the suggested answers for the fill-in's.

page two ========================================

1. Premeditated MURDER (White Mass Genocide) rank 1

2. Global, starting around 458 BC or before??

3. Highest form and degree of crime imaginable.

4. The International Race of psychopathic killers (Jews)

5. Jewish Trained and purchased Shabees Goyim Gentiles.

6. Universal Humanity of International Goyim (Non-Jews).

7. World History, Jewish Writings, Wars and Body Counts.

8. Racial Ascendancy for World Domination and control.

9. Ancient Asiatic Subversive Gradualistic Warfare.

10. Create by calculated organization and propaganda.

11. You should provide a short history of the Jewish Crime

12. The M.O. is: M.U.R.D.E.R.

M: Media control of the masses

U: Unity destruction and control

R: Racial Genocide-Kill the best first.

D: Democratization, Political and Police control.

E: Economic total domination and control.

R: Religion for super-saturation behavior control.

13. New World Order Organization:
Jewish World Congress
CFR-Builderbergers-Com. of 300-TC-COR-Masonry etc.
Nato - United Nations
Mossad - ADL - KGB - FBI - ATF - Interpol - Local Police

14. This will eventually result in the Zionist attack against the humanity of the World by every means possible, but most likely by mass biological and chemical warfare. The "Internationalist Liberals" will "Cull" the global population of the Goyim in bloody political revolution and by military and Police enforced starvation and disease. At the present time only education with the awakening of the masses will save us. Why do you think the Federali's are building so many Federal Prison's (Reeducation Centers)? The Non-Whites will not possess the ability to fight the "Hands that feeds them." Only the Whites will have the intelligence, financial resources ,courage, loyalty, technology, creative ability and aggressive nature to oppose the Jewish global bloody revolution. If we don't start NOW to fight the good fight then the White Race will become totally extinct and the world will fall into enslaved historical Jewish domination and control. What a glorious future that would make for little planet Earth.

This lecture should take about one hour and forty five minutes and then you will provide a Q/A session that will knock their socks off and last for the next three hours???? Good luck and have a really wonderful and fun time. (It is really fun)

Richard F. Masker
Conspiratologist, ICA