By: Richard F. Masker, Conspiratologist

Please be advised that Americans are highly disturbed with regards to the high treason operating within their country and especially deep within their government. More directly, the people are outraged with the present Zionist Supremacist New World Order treason operating in “The Global Village” as the Neo-Treason brainwashed Liberals like to call it.

One very important aspect of this subversive treason is what is generally referred to as “The Sly Fox Laws.” These proposed secret subversive laws are being sponsored and promoted by the Jewish Anti-Defamation League (ADL) lobby in Washington, D.C. They are frantically trying to sneak these laws through Congress. The subversives are calling this “Anti-Hate Legislation.” It sounds simple and innocent enough, but when it comes to deceptive conspiracy behind government, nothing is as simple as it appears on the surface. Remember, the motto of the Mossad, the Israeli Secret Service, “By way of deception, thou shalt do war.”

Existing behind the Zionist lies, deception and fraud, is a simple explanation of how our first amendment rights of free speech and gun ownership is being threatened by our Judeo/Marxist deadly subversive enemies.

The “Sly Fox Laws” can best be depicted as follows:


For months the sly (RED) Fox has been stealing, killing and eating Farmer SAM’s prize chickens. One day the Sly Fox discovers that “simple-minded SAM” has gotten wise to the crimes of the Fox and has purchased a double-barreled shotgun. The Sly RED Fox then pressures his foxy (tribal) brethren in Washington, D.C., to secretly pass “Hate Crimes legislation” that will make it a “Hate Crime” to report foxes that steal, kill and eat other people’s chickens. At the same time he gets firearms outlawed and that would prevent anyone from owning a shotgun. After all, Farmer SAM obviously “Hates” foxes and “Loves” guns, so he must be punished for this new category of discriminatory crimes. On top of all this, our foxy criminal gets control of the World-Wide Internet so that his subversive legislative manipulations can’t be proclaimed around the world to those dangerous patriotic farmer type “Neo-Nazi” people who also “Hate” sly RED foxes. After all, this Fox isn’t called “Sly Red” for nothing. Right?

In one clean swoop the Sly RED Fox has solved all his problems. He has made it a criminal offense punishable with long prison terms and heavy fines for anyone who has the audacity to report his criminal activities against society. What a super CON JOB! He has now disarmed the people and stifled their freedom of speech. Any fool knows that it is common knowledge that for hundreds of years poor little innocent RED foxes have been oppressed and persecuted by hatemongering racists, anti-foxites and bigots simply for doing what comes natural to them and their posterity.


Any political scientist worth his salt knows that the first priority of Judeo/Marxist Communism is to silence all opposition to their many subversive causes.

Any American politician that helps our enemies and Aids & Abets in the passage of these so-called “Hate Crimes Laws” is committing high treason against our precious Constitution and it’s freedom-loving people. The American people, especially the European Americans are rapidly awakening from their Politically Correct (PC) subversive foxy controlled media slumber. Soon a new and violent Non-Politically Correct (NPC) social revolution will sweep across our land and the sword of true justice will be made manifest and it will fall hard, swift and sure.

The Political Servants of our people had better be highly cautious of themselves, the causes they promote and the company they keep.


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