By: Richard F. Masker, ICA Conspiratologist

I am proud to be a Republicrat American Communist Slave. Many trained "American Taxpayers" say George W. Bush and his War Administration is out of touch with our people. They say he is insane, ignorant and naive. Not so, I think he is highly intelligent and wise for a subversive hardcore Communist leader. I believe he knows exactly what he is doing to America and its Constitution. I love George W. Bush and his many Jewish Zionist dominated Co-conspirators in Washington, D.C. Yes, I LOVE him dearly, so let me count the many Liberal, Illuminati, Jewish Supremacist ways:

1. He has become masterful at embroiling America in foreign and domestic wars of aggression. Example: The Israeli-CIA 9/11 attack.

2. He can cause division, hate and fear all across the world and especially here at home by establishing his NWO "Police State."

3. He has learned the art of murdering thousands of Moslems and any other enemies of the "Jewish State of Israel," like you and I.

4. He has been masterful at killing thousands of our own White American youth in the process of killing those nasty "Terrorists."

5. He has sent millions of our jobs and industries to foreign third world countries to support global Pro-Zionist Communist goals.

6. He has succeeded in flooding America with millions of Non-White illegal insurgent Mestizo and pro-Communists terrorists.

7. He has made sure that our National Boarders are open and unprotected. This is his "Zionist Hate War against Whites."

8. He has totally subverted our White Public Education System.

9. He has ensured that our Jewish Communist AIPAC "Neo-Con" Congressional stooges enact NO effective immigration policy.

10. He has allowed only Jews to control our FED money supply, Banking and Communications Media Propaganda industries.

11. He has totally destroyed our economy by massive pro-Communist style deficit spending by the Trillions of dollars.

12. He has supported all Zionist programs of Genocide against Whites with Abortion, Multiculturalism, Drugs and Diversity lies.

13. His Jewish "Homeland Security" Chief, Michael Chertoff has relocated most Black Katrina victims to mostly all White Cities.

14. His subversive Zionist propaganda has brainwashed and liberalized our many layers of loyal Law Enforcement Agencies.

15. He has demanded that all White Americans be taxed to the Max to support all Non-Whites with many massive welfare programs.

16. He has created the phony "War on Terrorism" simply to allow the Global Jews to wage war against universal "Goyim" Gentiles.

17. He has made America and our White European People a totally pitiable, shameful disgrace here at home and around the World.

18. He has created a deadly enemy against us in all Arab Moslem nations simply to further the survival of the "kind loving Jews."

19. He has built a national industry for the promotion of attacking, silencing and vilifying Conspiratologists and Patriots in America.

20. He has established internal wiretaps and spying hate networks to promote his "Big Brother," subversive tactics here at home.

21. He has helped further the objectives of Jewish Zionist created organizations like the NWO "Council on Foreign Relations," etc.

22. He has used every subversive Communist tactic to use the Jewish "Great Destructive Idea" against our White Middle Class.

23. He is using every means to cover-up what really happened at 911 and make sure he wonít be prosecuted for high "War Crimes."

24. He is doing everything possible to subvert the Constitution to silence Holocaust Revisionists and Free Speech on the Internet.

25. He is using all means of chemical, radiological and biological warfare techniques against the enemies of Israel. Thatís all of us.

Yes, these are only a few reasons (25) why I love George W. Bush and his deadly Fifth Column Zionist Occupational, Subversive, Illuminati, War Party Government in Washington, D.C.