By: Richard F. Masker, Conspiratologist

This is a psychological profile test to determine if you are a typical White Liberal Neo-Communist traitor or a truly genuine White Nationalist American Patriot.


You are a typical non-Constitutional White Middle Class American Corporate fictional Defacto citizen husband walking down a city street in Washington, D.C. You are just across from the White House with your White wife, son and daughter. You are all very tense and nervous.

Suddenly, three "Neo-Con" Presidential Jewish hate "Advisors" jump the iron fence and lock eyes on your family. One of them is holding a cheap Chinese made AK-47. He screams loudly at your family, "Death to America, all power to the Jews and Israel and their New World Order. Die you damnable Goyim." He then aims his gun at your family and pulls the trigger, but it jams hard. Drawing their handguns, the THREE Jewish Supremacist "Terrorists" government officials charge toward you and your family. Oh, by the way, since you are on a family vacation to D.C., you happen to be carrying your Colt Delta Elite10mm Automatic. What is the first thing you immediately do?

If you are of the typical Liberal Jewish propagandized brainwashed stripe, you would do any of the following:

"Hmmm, I donít have enough information to decide."

"Itís ok; they are just doing what nature dictates."

"Letís see, do I have my "Carry Permit" on me?"

"Should I use my wife and kids as a shield?"

"These Jews probably had a violent abusive childhood."

"What would Jesus do in this strange situation?"

"Do these guys look persecuted, poor or oppressed?"

"I should call my minister and get her opinion on this."

"I wonder if we should try to run away and hide?"

"Could I convince them to pray to the Lord about this?"

"What do my wife and children think we should do?"

"Would I break the law if I shot these Zionist Jews?"

"Should I use my pistol as a club or a shield?"

"Hmm, why would they kill us for Israel and the NWO?"

"Should I call my mother, doctor or 911?"

"I will convince them that we are their White friends."

"Where can I find a Negro D.C. Policeman to help us?"

"Maybe we should just lay down and play dead."

"I know we should simply raise taxes to make this a happier, healthier and safer intercity street...."

Well, you get the idea folks!!!

Now this is what the deprogrammed, responsible White Nationalist Patriot would do in this real and present danger to his precious White family.

Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang... 9 times before a click.

Husband says, "There, three out of three isnít bad."

Wife says, "Super good groupings, Honey!"

Daughter says, "Way to go Dad! Were you using XTP Hollow Points or Winchester Silver Tips?"

Son says, "Hurry up and reload, Pop, so I can get off a few rounds before we stop at McDonalds for lunch."


The moral of this story: "The White patriotic family that always plays together, always stays together."


Our Country is now at war with an ancient and deadly Fifth Column enemy from within. Where do you stand on this battleground called America? What are you prepared to do to save your family and your precious racial heritage and White cultural survival in America?