Ah, the joys of black rule! Consider our nation's capital, the District of Columbia, now ruled by a convicted felon and crack user, De Honubble Marion Barry. Washington, D.C. (aside from the sanitized, self-enclosed and virtually fortified areas where the politicians and senior government bureaucrats hang out during the daytime) now resembles your average country anywhere in Black Africa.

The police have no gasoline for their cruisers. Health clinics and hospitals have run out of medicines. Six blocks from the White House, firefighters ride trucks with no ladders and must buy their own boots. The streets are crumbling, buckling, filled with potholes and broken glass. The decrepit water treatment plant spews raw sewage into the Potomac. Earlier this year prison inmates set fire to their cells when the jail ran out of food.

The city is so broke that it could not hold its legally required presidential primary election, not that the congoid inhabitants are capable of voting intelligently in any case. The city government is literally out of money---the monkoids have spent or stolen it all, and no one will lend them any more. City workers are paid only sporadically or not at all; in compensation they steal office supplies and equipment or other city property and sell it on the black market to pay their bills and buy their dope. During the heavy snowfalls of January the main thoroughfares of the District were not plowed for a week (and then only with plows borrowed from the Virginia and Maryland suburbs whose communities could pay the drivers.) Back streets were never cleared at all.

School children had to keep their coats on all winter in class because there was no heat, nor could they flush toilets when the pipes froze, which led to hygenic conditions better imagined than described. The school system has been under court order for over five years in a lawsuit brought by parents to repair over SEVENTEEN THOUSAND specific fire, health, safety, and building code violations; the court order has been more or less ignored and being black and Democratic the city administrators guilty of this contempt of court have not been disciplined or sanctioned in any way.

Except for the upper-class Georgetown politicians' enclave, Whites have now fled the nation's capital completely, and things have gotten so bad that the "black middle class" which has been artificially created by affirmative action is pulling out now, mostly fleeing to Prince George's County, Maryland which is now developing all the problems of crime and squalor and disorder customarily associated with negroid populations.

Washington, D.C. has the potential to become the most beautiful city in the world, as anyone who has ever been there can attest, if only the city can be cleansed from top to bottom of the jungle savages who now inhabit it, as well as the scum-sucking liberal and conservative politicians who refuse to acknowledge the realities of race and who perpetuate this country's unspeakably hideous racial situation in order to hold on to their personal power. Of all the events in the White Revolution to come, this is one of the most necessary, worthwile, and aesthetically pleasing projects on our agenda.

Periodically I get letters and e-mails from pale-skinned mopes who whine, "You have some good ideas and I like reading your stuff, but I am not a White supremacist". Why on earth NOT, I always wonder?

Well, the answer is simple. If you are White, and you genuinely are NOT a White supremacist, then you are a sickening and contemptible coward afraid to face the truth because you don't want to know, or else because you are afraid acknowledging the truth might cost you financially or socially. Or else you are an idiot of subnormal intelligence incapable of grasping the most elementary facts of life. Think about it. Explains a hell of a lot, doesn't it?

If there are any two glaring obvious, inescapable, salient facts about the entire twentieth century experience, they are the following two truths, chiseled in cosmic granite:

A) Marxism and Marxist socialism DOES NOT WORK; and
B) The White (Aryan) race is superior in every mental, physical, moral, creative, and spiritual way to every other race on the face of the earth, MOST ESPECIALLY to the negroid or congoid or black race, which is in every way INFERIOR to every other race on the face of the earth.

How many Washington D.C.'s are necessary to prove this point? How many Detroits? How much corruption in Nigeria? How much disease in Zimbabwe? How much mass murder in Rwanda? How much collapse and return to the jungle in Zaire? How much AIDS in Haiti? How many black faces on Cops and America's Most Wanted? How many attacks by cannibals in American inner cities, some with living babies ripped from the wombs of their White slut mothers as happened less than a year ago? How many O. J. Simpsons, how many Michael Irvins, how many Crips and Bloods, how many raped and murdered White women---holy Mother of God, what will it take to convince some of you imbeciles out there that these creatures are not men in the sense that we are, but animals on a lower level of development who have acquired the ability to mimic human speech but not human souls? Will it be necessary for you or for someone you love to be butchered by niggers before you become a "White supremacist"? Unfortunately, some even undergo that experience and don't learn.

Sorry. I suppose I am raving, but I get so sick of White people who are stupid, cowardly, or both that I have a tendency to do that sometimes. "Luther Williams" is right. There are certain kinds of mind-numbing idiocy that I don't have the patience to deal with. And you know something? I don't particularly care to learn to deal with it, either.

The problem is US, people. The problem is US. I know there's a lot of people who are uncomfortable and unhappy with me saying that all the time. Tough. The evidence is before you, White man. We are men. Niggers are beasts of the field and the wild waste. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE.

For Aryan Victory,

6848 N. Government Way #114-22, Coeur d'Alene, Republic of Idaho 83815 or