By: Richard F. Masker, Conspiratology

Next year be sure to vacation in THE GREAT HATE STATE OF IDAHO because Idaho is one of the few places where White Americans can safely visit their own Racial Family. As America continues to be over-run with Judeo/Marxist Political Correctness Propaganda and millions of hostile non-whites flood into our land, ("The Retched Refuse from Teaming Shores") White Northern European Americans demand a place in this Republic where they can call their own and attempt to regain, preserve and protect their Race, Culture and Heritage. Idaho is still a land of clean, honest, moral, courageous and cultured White people who are determined to keep it that way. Those more responsible White People in Idaho are disgusted with the Zionist Conspiracy to form a One-World Government, called "The New World Order" with its Ultra-Liberal Jewish controlled "Anti-White Massive Hate Propaganda Growth Industry".

Many Whites in Idaho are standing united as honorable and courageous Racial Patriots and are denouncing the phony Media Propaganda charges of Hate, Fascist, Racism, Bigotry, Hatemongering, Nazism, White Supremacist and "Anti-Semitism" leveled against them by the Neo-Bolshevik Jewish Shadow Government. Remember that TREASON GOVERNS AMERICA and that Jewish World Government will never be realized until the White Race is completely and totally destroyed. Another reason why the Global Jewish Community hates us is because we expelled them from every country in Europe for doing exactly what they are doing to us today. The White Race with its intelligence, technology, resources, wealth and aggressive nature stands in the way of the Zionist 3000-year-old objective of total global control. The people of Idaho are determined to Wake Up America to this enormous gradualistic genocidal threat and expose the truth to our Racial Family worldwide. "White Pride, World Wide" is our proclamation to the nations and we believe that the tree of liberty is about to be heavily watered with the blood of Pro-NWO Marxist tyrants and their minions of Jewish World Congress secret societies and subversive groups.

The emotion of HATE is a natural biological response and is only one of several self-defense mechanisms used by all advanced primates to protect and defend themselves and their Racial Community against deadly aggressors, Idahoans being no exception. Idaho is not THE GREAT HATE STATE simply because the anti-White Zionist Controlled Media says it is, but because "We the People" of Idaho admit that we HATE. Lets take a closer look at WHY we are extremely proud to be called THE GREAT HATE STATE.

1. Idaho HATES wealthy influential developers, exploiters, con-men contractors, police and politicians who promote gambling, prostitution, drugs, the Lottery and hundreds of other "entertainment" moneymakers to corrupt our youth and despoil our people. We despise the devolutionists who criminalize Idaho for enormous greed and profit. Our people have lost compassion for their own people.

2. Idaho HATES Drug Dealers, Pimps, Prostitutes, Liberal Preachers, Born-Again Liberals, Non-White "Resort Owners" and other Race Traitors who enter Idaho then after raping its natural resources and its people move on leaving maximum devolution, filth, corruption, disease, drug abuse and impoverishment in their wake. The very concept of "Multiculturalism" is a genocidal Jewish concept.

3. Idaho HATES Real Estate Brokers who intentionally sell our state to Non-Whites to satisfy the demands of Liberal/Marxist controllers in our communities.

4. Idaho HATES Ministers, Pastors, Rabbi's and other "Men of the Cloth" who perniciously preach the Judeo/Marist Anti-White Hate religious propaganda straight from the pulpit while living off the hard earned wealth their victims "contribute" in the name of love, charity, tolerance, Racial Diversity and "Global Village Multiculturalism". When will our Racial Family ever mature (Wake Up)?

5. Idaho HATES the genocidal "Human Rights Industry". These are the deadly Humanitarian Blushing Liberals who dedicate their time to every "Hate" Judeo/Marxist cause imaginable. They are the Homosexual Lesbian/Gay rights promoters. They are the Master Manipulators in society who embrace and promote "Multiculturalism, Pluralism, Racial and Cultural Diversity" along with massive Race Mixing Miscegenation. These are the "Human Rights Task Forces and Jewish/Communist promoted ADL Coalitions all across Our Nation including Idaho. They know that if you kill the White Gene Pool, you kill the White Race. White extermination has always been the first priority in their conquest of the World by the Neo-Bolsheviks of World Communism. Remember, "Communism is Jewish" and always has been, but that's never taught in our "Marxist controlled" PC schools. Communism is still alive and well and hiding behind "Democracy".

6. Idaho HATES those who try to destroy the Idaho State Citizen's Militia and those who are the subversive legislators and "Gun Grabbers" who try to disarm Idahoans in the face of a deadly Anti-White New World Order deadly and bloody revolution. Palestinians use rocks to fight Israeli Jets, Ground Artillery and Tanks.

7. Idaho HATES the many Leftist organizations that continually infiltrate, bribe and subversively weaken Idaho's Law Enforcement Agencies. In every country that the Jewish Communists have attacked, they have always taken total control of the Police and turned our sons and daughters against their own Families.

8. Idaho HATES the apathy, complacency, and deracination of all our White citizens as a result of the Anti-White brainwashing propaganda filth that continually spews from the Judeo/Marxist Controlled Media and our "State Tax" financed "Education System". "The News and Entertainment" is totally Jewish.

9. Idaho HATES corrupt Liberal politicians and Race Traitors who continually pervert our laws not only to subvert our Republic but to force our White State and County Government Employees to mindlessly act as enforcers of "The Law" to criminalize their own White Racial Community. By way of employment and perks, our own White people are forced to enforce unjust and unconstitutional State "Income" and outrageous "County Property" Taxes. Each year the lives of the handicapped, the sick, the elderly, the veterans and those on Social Security Disability and the "Mentally Challenged" are forced into homelessness, impoverishment and suicide by "the power of the Law" at the hands of Socialist Trained Race Traitor enforcers. "The Power to Tax is the power to destroy" and the NWO Shadow Government understands completely how to use our White people to destroy, impoverish, and confiscate ALL the wealth of any White family through "creative" and manipulative Taxation and the Law.

10. Idaho HATES poisoning of its drinking water by Fluoridation. Ranchers, farmers and cattle breeders have used this fatal ingredient for years to lower aggressiveness in their animals while at the same time increasing passive obedience and servitude. The same results are found in humans. This is one reason why Jews refer to all Non-Jews as "Goyim" or Human Cattle and attempt to medicate all fight out of us by using Fluoridation and "additives" in junk food and in some prescription drugs. Americans had better Wake-Up to the enormity of these crimes.

11. Idaho HATES the systematic killing of its White unborn children by the use of "legal" drugs and "Abortion on Demand". It's done because "The Law Allows It". America, do you really believe all this White genocide is by accident?

12. Idaho HATES any subversive enemy conspiracy that works unceasingly to deprive it of its very human racial existence and forbids our "Free" people from living, worshiping, working and educating its children with their own White Racial Community. These enemies are attempting to Displace our wonderful Racial Culture, Heritage and History with millions of ignorant, but hard working alien non-white "useless eaters". We despise any and all perversion that actively tries to defile the memory of our racial accomplishments or attempts to slander and defile the character and honor of our Racial Hero's. Remember that Idaho is not its government or its boarders, but is in fact "WE THE PEOPLE".

Idahoans HATE many more things that the Damnable International Race of Psychopathic Killers have unleashed on our Great White Race, but we are also capable of enormous human compassion and sensitive personal LOVE.

We LOVE our beautiful majestic ranges of snow capped mountains. Our wonderfully clean air and pristine lakes and rivers, our prairies and woodlands. We LOVE our abundant fish and wildlife and our tremendous mineral and biological resources. All these natural wonders we are dedicated to protect and preserve for the use of future beautiful White Generations who live in Idaho. We LOVE our open clear blue skies and our coal black nights that are vaulted with billions of brilliant stars. We LOVE the sight of a newly born White healthy baby who is born into a beautiful White Healthy Family with all the freedoms and liberties of Religion, Assembly, Speech, Association and Education, etc., that our White Founding Fathers tried to establish for us and "Their Posterity". We believe in a White America First Policy. Idahoans despise treachery, tyrants and treason in government and we are collectively WAKING UP to the Jewish global White genocidal Conspiracy. We also recognize the Gentile traitors who Aid and Abet them.

We are proud of our White Race and our White State and invite you to visit us regardless of your ethnic or racial heritage. All ethnic peoples should be proud of their racial heritage but should not genetically embrace the disgusting war practices of the "Judeo-Hate Prostitutes" that degenerate their greatest possession of genetics. If you are White and think you would like to move to Idaho, please contact this Association for assistance. But, if you want to move here you better be willing to fight the good fight against our common deadly "Enemies, Both Foreign and Domestic". We do not "Hate" any non-white community except for those who have demonstrated their desire to destroy (kill) or displace our Race and confiscate our property and our hard-fought Constitutional Freedoms and Liberties.

We hope you will visit us on your VACATION next year. We will leave the light on for you and we'll have a smiling heart to welcome you in, but don't try to cross us because we are also those who "Never Forgive and Never Forget". We play hardball and we mean business in our struggle to TAKE IDAHO BACK!!!

If you question anything you have read here, then please contact this Association, because we serve the public as Educational Law Enforcement Consultants, Political Deprogrammers, Conspiratologists and Historical Revisionists. We recommend that you start your research by reading "MY AWAKENING" By David Duke and "THE CONTROVERSY OF ZION" by Douglas Reed. If you or your community government and Law Enforcement would like a public lecture describing the most enormous, hateful and destructive crime in history then send us an email request.

For White America the hour is late and the time is now to WAKE-UP OR DIE an ignoble, dishonorable and horrible death at the hands of our mortal ageless enemies.