Dear Fellow Patriots across America and abroad,

The following is the letter that I have presented to the Idaho Attorney General and his Deputy Attorneys General.

I am presenting this to the entire country/world by way of this email as a notice that I will not sit back and be threatened by the Zogite TREASON that GOVERNS AMERICA. It is my intention to incite State Officials to detail the TRUTH in writing to me determining just how far they are willing to push all citizens under the defacto color of law of the "Patriot Act."

Please feel free to use my letter as an example if you feel the same way about this as I do.

Richard Masker


6848 N. Government Way #114-22, Coeur d'Alene, Republic of Idaho 83815 or

Historical Revisionists - Conspiratologists and Political Deprogrammers


November 17, 2001

TO: Alan G. Lance, Idaho Attorney General

Attn: Bill VonTogen and Carl E. Olsson

Idaho State Attorney General's Office

800 Park Blvd. Plaza IV, Boise Idaho, 83712 208-818-1251

FROM: Richard F. and Deon Masker, Conspiratologists

Dear Attorney and Deputy Attorneys General,

I am sending you this inquiry as a matter of RECORD. The Internet and the "Controlled Media" is all abuzz about the possible DEGREE of vulnerability to the common citizen in being silenced, slandered, imprisoned and possibly executed for the Fed-fabricated crime of "Treason." This to be done on the phony grounds of being charged a "Terrorist" by the NEW, New World Order "Federal Law" called "The Patriot Act", sponsored by the NEW "Federal Office of Homeland Security" that is now supposed to be the NEW "Hate-Crime Law of the Land."

Just for your records, I am a third generation White Irish American veteran and a staunch Anti-Communist. I love my Country and my Race. I am an Anti-New World Order advocate and an America First Patriot in every "Constitutional" sense. I am not a wanted felon, drug user or baby rapist, nor am I unlawfully carrying any "weapons of mass destruction," etc. I am not a member of the KKK, Aryan Nations Church or the Militia. I do consider the Jewish Anti-Defamation League (ADL) a subversive enemy of this Country. At this time I do not promote or endorse any form of criminal violence unless the "NEW LAW" considers Free Speech as a NEW Federal crime against humanity, like many other Zionist controlled countries around the World.

I am the National Director of the ICA and I host a global short wave satellite radio program called "CONSPIRATOLOGY CONFERENCE ON THE AIR," sponsored by the Heritage Broadcasting Network. I lead a global group of Anti-Hate academics (Conspiratologists) and Police Consultants who research "Shadow Government" (Judeo/Marxist) activities and report it to the People and Liberal Law Enforcement authorities. My wonderful wife and I are severely hated by Ultra-Leftists, Communists and New World Order Jewish organizations because we only tell the truth in exposing the massive treason going on in government. TREASON GOVERNS AMERICA is our slogan.

My simple question is this. Will the Idaho State Governor and the State Attorney General of Idaho allow me (and other Idaho Patriots) to be arrested by authority of the NEW subversive Federal "Patriot Act" so that my wife and I will not pose a serious "Terrorist Threat" to the people of the Great State of Idaho?

Please respond to this inquiry in a mature and timely manner. Thank you so much.

Sincerely: Richard F. Masker