By: Richard F. Masker

For most of us there have been times in our lives when we have exercised our imagination and tried to visualize what it would have been like to have lived at some important and dynamic moment in history; say, to have been a farmer or a simple, humble shoemaker during the siege of Troy, or to have been a soldier or stage actor during the 1917 Jewish Bolshevik Revolution in Russia.

Those were certainly very highly challenging times in history to have lived. But, what about today at this very moment in time in downtown Seattle, Washington, Dublin, Ireland or in Venice, Italy?

Are we wise enough to recognize the signs of the death of global White Western Societies and their governments by the corrupt, deadly and devolutionary hands of International Jewish Supremacism?

Do our basic instincts and senses allow us to "smell a rat" in their rapidly developing trash heap of Zionist, Liberal, multicultural, diversified New World Order body politic?

Are we wise enough to rise up and smell the stench of subversive, deadly hate, and the deceptive and perpetual propaganda coming at us from every direction? Please be advised that we are NOW alive at a monumental and pivotal time in human history.

All this massively engineered deception depends upon us remaining ignorant to the very real and present danger at work all around us.

The rats of totalitarianism are right now gnawing away at our basic freedoms and liberties. Our White genetic history, our pride, our culture, heritage and social values are being rapidly subverted and undermined during every passing minute.

Wake up while there is still time to save our Nation and people.

White America’s rapid decline is strictly by Jewish Zionist design!

We must come to the eventual knowledge that our government has been silently and subversively conquered with NWO plans to drive White Gentiles into total genocide. That means racial extinction for us, their eternal enemies.

Remember, White racial extinction is FOREVER!