By: Frank Roman

Frankly Speaking broadcast for December 13, 2005
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THE PRESERVATION of the White race is your business. It's your business if you pay taxes. It's your business if you’ve ever served in the military. It's your business if you have children or wish to have children, who in turn may have grandchildren. It is your business if you vote or have an interest in the political process. It is your business if you work, or volunteer on behalf of the betterment of your community.

The preservation of White people in America is your business even if the churches say it does not matter -- even if the media say you are evil if you think that way -- even if the government enacts even more ADL-sponsored "hate speech" laws -- even if the universities become even more intolerant of dissident speech.

It is your business because you care about the world your children and grandchildren will inherit. Even if you don't have children of your own, the preservation of our people is your business because you care about the next generation. Whether they live in a place that's beautiful and clean and progressive and White -- or a place that's more like Somalia or Mexico -- depends on the racial makeup of that future society.

We know that instinctively, even when we can't put it into words.

When you've seen a White woman -- who, in a more healthy society, would be a Mom or a Mom-to-be for a White family -- on the arm of a Black or other non-White, your heart sinks.

Or when you've seen a strong White man -- who ought to be supporting and protecting a White family -- squiring around an Asian or other non-White female, your heart sinks too.

I know it does. I see it on your faces every day. Yet, usually, you say nothing. Your heart sinks because you know it is wrong. You know it is wrong. When you see these things, you see a man or woman who will not be raising up -- who will not be creating -- that next generation of White children. And a very deep part of you makes you feel that this is wrong. These feelings of yours are not bad or shameful, no matter what they tell you. Your feelings are right.

We are who we are because those who came before us created us -- another link in the timeless chain of our people, the people who built this nation and trusted that they would continue -- through us, their descendants -- into the infinite future. We are their descendants -- and it is the business of our generation also to become White ancestors. No one but us can carry on the race. It is our duty to do whatever is necessary to make that happen. As Kevin Alfred Strom once said:

“Our goal must be to return to the only sane path, the only path which holds any hope for our people -- the path of racial separation, which is just another way of saying the path of independence and self-determination. Thomas Jefferson wanted racial separation. So did Francis Scott Key. So did James Monroe and virtually all the founding fathers of America. So did Abraham Lincoln. Many of them wanted separation on a continental scale. Those who force multiracialism and all its horrors on our women, on our elderly, and on our innocent children not only have blood on their hands, but they stand squarely against the American tradition, despite all their phony flag-waving and claims to the contrary. ...We can have a clean, orderly, progressive, safe, and incomparably richer and more beautiful nation if it becomes a proud White nation again.”

This is your business.

Yes, I know that simply doing nothing would be far easier than getting involved. But you know in your heart that doing nothing would be morally wrong.

A growing number of people are making the preservation of the White race “their business.” They need your help. You are an important person, because you know what is right. For each of us, including you, there are sparks out there that only you can ignite. There are people who will never be reached if you do nothing. There are souls who will be inspired by what you say and do. Join your voice and your labors to ours. Change the world. Dedicate yourself to the most important cause the world has ever seen -- the freedom and survival of our people.

I’m Frank Roman. Thank you for listening and I will speak with you again.


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