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You know that TREASON GOVERNS AMERICA and that the Global Judeo/Marxist Program for the New World Order of Complete White Genocide is Advancing at a Light-speed rate. Whites are about 88 years behind in going on the offensive and showing their colors. While you are looking at this website, the Judeo/Marxists who run the visible governments are escalating non-White immigration, both legal and illegal, and are allowing and even encouraging our White Western civilization to be inundated with non-Whites. This is planned, programmed and intentional White genocide, plain and simple!

The time is NOW and the hour is LATE to counter the massive Judeo/Marxist anti-White Hate Propaganda. You can stand up and be counted and help the International Conspiratological Association in this “awakening the people” battle. Let’s get these T-Shirts into every church, law enforcement agency, high school, college and university campus in America.

These basic white WHITE PRIDE WORLD WIDE T-Shirts are top quality, heavy Hanes 50/50’s and are emblazoned on the front with a full 9 inch diameter logo with a side profile of the Europe's Great Lady Liberty, HELVETICA, or the White Siberian Tiger in the center and are very reasonably priced for major distribution and exposure.

(see pictures below)

As designed by Richard F. Masker in 1982, this logo has a Registered Copyright.

The adult T-shirts as pictured below, come in sizes Small, Medium, Large and X-Large and are $16 each. Upon special request, XX-Large & XXX-Large are available at $26 each, plus $7 shipping.

The Children's T-shirts are $14 and come in sizes X-Small, Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. They have the same logo as the adult t-shirts, but the logo is 6 inches in diameter rather than 9 inches.

Shipping and Handling for each T-Shirt is $5 in the US and Canada. Shipping charges outside the US/CAN depend upon the destination country. Before sending your order and payment, please contact us at conspiratology@hotmail.com for the shipping charges. FREE Shipping for all orders of 6 or more t-shirts in the US/Canada.

Certified Bank Checks or Money Orders only. Please make check or money order to Deon Masker. There is a "Cut and Paste" Order Form below for your convenience.




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Purchaser's Name: _______________________________________

Ship To: ______________________________________________ Address:________________________________________________ City:_____________________________________________
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Phone: ________________________________
Email: ___________________________________________
Ship To address if different than purchaser:

Total Number of shirts purchased: __________ Lady Liberty_________ White Tiger________

Type of shirt: Tee_________ Men's or Woman's __________

Adult T-shirt Lady Liberty___________________
Small:_______ Med:_______ Large:_______ XLarge:_______ XX Large:_________

Adult T-shirt White Tiger_________________
Small:_______ Med:_______ Large:_______ XLarge:_______ XX Large:_________

Child's T-shirt Lady Liberty _______________
XSmall:_______ Small:_______ Med:_______ Large:_______ X Large:_______

Child’s T-shirt White Tiger_________________
XSmall:_______ Small:_______ Med:_______ Large:_______ X Large:_______

Amount of purchase: $_______________________
Amount of shipping: $_______________________
Total amount of purchase: $_______________________________
Form of Payment: ___________________________________
Special Notes__________________________________________

The International Conspiratological Association
6848 N. Government Way #114-22
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 83815

208-818-1251 Pacific Time


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