My name is Richard F. Masker. I am a Political Science researcher and Criminal Investigator (conspiratologist). I recognize that my racial community is under subversive attack by a domestic enemy called International Jewish Zionism. This deadly enemy has taken control of our government, our money and all the propaganda media of America. I simply want to awaken my people to this enormous threat. These ADL Zionist enemies want to enact legislation that would make it a crime for any Gentile Goyim person to report the existence or activities of this deadly global conspiracy. To say anything against it would brand you as being an Anti-Semitic Hater, neo-Nazi, Holocaust Denier and vicious Racist Bigot, etc. They want to prosecute you as a criminal for doing so. I am none of these things. This is simply a vicious propaganda ploy by the Jewish ADL to silence their enemies by threat, duress, fear and gross intimidation using corporate “It’s the law.”

My websites, conspiratology.com, conspiratology.net and conspiratology.org are not “Hate Sites,” but rather are First Amendment “Free Speech” protected Internet educational Domains. These sites contain no pornography, obscenities, threats, profanities or terrorist intentions of any kind. They simply contain the absolute truth of the workings of a New World Order conspiracy to dominate the entire Earth and its people.

The ADL trying to enact this legislation is like the sly Fox trying to pass legislation to prohibit anyone from reporting his crime of stealing and eating Farmer Brown’s chickens. Any person or nation has the right to announce and protect itself from the threat of genocide and physical subversive conquest. I cherish that right and intend to use it to awaken my people to the threat from the Zionist fifth column that exists within my global freedom loving society.

It is my desire that all races and cultural ethnic groups have and exercise this same right. Remember that Zionist Treason Governs America and why “White Pride-World Wide” is so very important.


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